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GNG - Anime vs. Manga designs
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Author:  Troll Berserker [ Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:30 pm ]
Post subject:  GNG - Anime vs. Manga designs

Unlike GDW that people tend to complain about lot, GNG anime differs very much in character designs compared to the original manga. Which one do you prefer? would you like if anime kept more true to the manga in character desing? Or do you think aniem designs are fine or even better?
In character profiles on Ginga Source I tried to include all designs so you can take a peek.

Gin - Manga, though I prefer him with brown eyes he has in anime.
Riki- Mix. I like that he has paler legs, but I like his brown-cream anime color scheme instead of red and white.
Fuji - Manga. Her anime design is not bad, but kinda odd sometimes
Hakuro - Anime. Although I don't really like his silver nose, I prefer him with black eye matkings and brown fur, he looks much more unique that way instead or being only black&white.
Benizakura - Manga. He looks much better with lighter tones and marking parts.
Kai brothers - Mix. I don't like their underbellies being plain white, but manga shows they have tones so I prefer them with sligthly ligter secondary coat.

Author:  -WildFire- [ Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GNG - Anime vs. Manga designs

In general, I like both manga and anime designs, but some characters I do prefer in the anime. John, for example, in the mangas he and Jerome look pretty much alike, even they both have some differences in their designs.

Characters such as Gin, Riki and the kai brothers, I would have to prefer their anime designs. For Kai brothers I like that they have different colors to tell them apart, and I like Riki's fur color and markings, better than in the manga, also I think he looks a bit more realistic in the anime. I just wish they'd kept Gin's tiger stripes in the anime as he grew up.

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