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If The Aristocats Were...
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Author:  dumboknows [ Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  If The Aristocats Were...

I've come across a topic on a Thomas The Tank Engine forum named Sodor Island Forums in which a person posted the topic and asked to take another show, book or game and then say which Thomas characters would play the characters from the show, book and so on and I thought I could do so with this film such as:

If The Aristocats were Fireman Sam:

Thomas O'Malley - Fireman Sam
Duchess - Firefighter Penny Morris
Marie and Berlioz - Sarah and James
Toulouse - Norman Price
Roquefort - Trevor Evans
Abigail and Amelia - Dilys Price and Bella Lasagne
Scat Cat - Elvis Cridlington
Russian Cat - Station Officer Steele
Chinese Cat - Rosa

Also, If The Aristocats were The Simpsons:

Thomas and Duchess - Homer and Marge
Berlioz and Marie - Bart and Lisa
Toulouse - Milhouse
Scat Cat - Moe
Roquefort - Martin Prince
Edgar - Mr Burns
Georges - Waylon Smithers
Madame - Edna Krabappel (however it's spelt)
Napoleon - Krusty
Lafayette - Sideshow Bob
English Cat - Lenny
Italian Cat - Carl
Russian Cat - Barney
Chinese Cat - Duffman
Frou Frou - Luanne Van Houten
Milkman - Groundskeeper Willie
Uncle Waldo - Troy Mcclure
Abigail and Amelia - Patti and Selma
Truck drivers - Ned Flanders and Principle Skinner
Man at diner - Maggie

I wish I could make YouTube videos of parodies with the film and characters from the 2 shows but I doubt if YouTube would allow them. How about a try guys?

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