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 Post subject: Tundra Chronicles
PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:22 am 
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Hi. This is the first story I wrote. I hope you like it :eye:


Dinae is a siberian husky/wolfdog mixed canine who lived in the town of White Mountain, his owner, victim of the Depression of 1928 ran out of money and decided to sell his dog to the Nome U.S. Post Office, Once in Nome Dinae joins the Mail delivering team. But one night he gets lost in the middle of the wilderness and then, his great adventure starts.

The text will have some spelling and grammar errors because i'm not an english native speaker.

Chapter I

He followed her cliffs, dense forests, rivers and mountains. Loving and then hating the sun. It was a travel thought for the father and his daughter. He found her, but he had to say goodbye to her when she drove off on an ice bank, heading to the unknown, to her place in the life...
—"Goodbye, daughter..." Balto said in a low, saddened voice, and then he howled for her.
Balto was dreaming, one of those especially strange dreams. This time was a flashback, the moment when his daughter, Aleu, went to lead a wolf pack, two years ago. He was awaked by the soft voice of his mate, Jenna.
—"Wake up, sleeping beauty." Jenna said
—"Oh, good morning love." Balto replied with a kiss for Jenna.
—''Morning? It's already noon, sleepy head!'' Giggled the red and cream husky ''And someone's waiting for you out there''
—''Yes, Kodiak says that he's the new dog on the Mail Team or something like that''
—''Well, I gotta say hello''
Balto went out of his boat to meet the surprised and excited face of a husky. For his features he thought that he was part wolf, in a percentage similar of that of his sons.
He was white furred with black fur on his ears, legs, and tummy and in a tip on his tail.
—''Well. Hello buddy, what's your name?'' Waved Balto
—''Oh...Balto sir, finally I got to meet you!'' He answered ''My name's Dinae''
—''Alright Dinae, you wanted to meet me?'' Balto asked
—''Yes. I always wanted, since I've heard of you...of that heroic run to bring the medicine for the human boys. That was just amazing''
Balto giggled ''Okay, I'm always pleased when someone mentions that. But I was just doing my duty; I don't want those children to die. I felt urged to do something before a tragedy happened''
—''And won that race against the bush plane'' Dinae said ''I betted for your victory with a friend, and I won!''
—''Really? Then you are very lucky, that plane crashed and that decided the race for us''
—''That was what I've heard. But that was something very brave too''
—''I guess...I was about to quit and ran away. I was afraid of letting down my son Kodiak. But then Jenna pumped me up and I felt stronger''
Jenna was joining Balto when she heard that, she grinned and said
—''I'm the reason for all of his victories, indeed'' Balto smiled and nuzzled his mate.
—''I see'' Dinae replied
Kodiak arrived to his father's home looking for Dinae
—''Hi Son, is this guy your new teammate?'' Asked Balto
—''Yes, he arrived to Nome today; tomorrow will be his first day at work''
—''Congratulations Dinae. And good luck'' Said Jenna
—''Thank you Miss Jenna. It was nice to meet you Mr. Balto''
—''Nice to meet you too, have a great run tomorrow!''
Dinae and Kodiak headed to the boiler room of the Post Office, chatting and joking, Dinae was about to meet the rest of his teammates.
—''Well guys, listen up!'' Said Kirby, the lead dog ''I'm pleased to introduce you our new teammate. His name is Diane''
—''Dinae'' Whispered Kodiak
—''Well, Danae... He comes from White Mountain to work with us... please give him a Nome style welcome!''

Ralph and Dusty howled and barked with cheer and joy. They introduced themselves to Dinae, one by one
—''It's nice to meet every one of you guys, I'm very excited to have this opportunity to work with this incredible sled team''
—''Our pleasure Dinae, please feel like home'' Said Ralph
—''Thank you Ralph''
Mr. Simpson came with the lunch for his team. And said
—''Well guys, tomorrow we will be seven in the sled for the first time in a lot. I hope you have given our new teammate an awesome welcome!''
The musher scratched the head of his new sled dog and he panted cheerfully.
—''Welcome, boy''
The hours passed. And Dinae told the team his story. He was found and raised by a hunter near White Mountain; he was a great master for him. Loving, caring, amusing, but then he ran out of money and had to sell Dinae to the post office, where Mr. Simpson saw him a week ago and bought him for the team. The night fell. And Kirby invited the team to have a walk in the forest by the moonlight.
—''Go ahead, guys, I'm tired. I'm going to stay here'' Said Dinae
—''Oh Dinae, please come with us, bud'' Said Kirby
As Dinae finally accepted to leave the room they tried to don't get very away from home, but also they wanted to enjoy that beautiful fall night in Nome. Then they reached a forest.
And Dinae felt someone was observing him. Indeed, some animal was hiding in the bushes.
—''Probably they are the guys from the mine sled team'' Said Kodiak ''They always try to scare us''
—''Well boys, we are scared, please get out of there, you are being ridiculous!'' Mocked Dusty.
Then silence was broken, and the fear got into the bodies of the canines, as a huge female grizzly bear got out of the bushes, roaring furiously
—''We have invaded her home! Probably her cubs are near! We have to get out, now!'' Yelled Dinae
The team ran in six different directions. One for each of the dogs. The bear was confused, but she chased to attack the closest dog to her, and with a move of her front right paw she tackled Dusty, and then grabbed the husky's tail. Dusty closed her eyes, hoping that everything was a nightmare. Then she felt that the bear had freed her, opened her sight and saw Dinae biting the animal's foot. Dinae opened his jaw to tell Dusty to run as much as she could
—''Just run. I'll be okay'' He said, not letting out the bear's foot from his mouth. The mail team was observing from the distance, amazed, worried for their teammate.
Dusty joined them behind a bunch of logs.
—''Are you hurt?'' Kodiak asked
—''I feel fine'' Replied the female ''But Dinae''
Dinae was in a harsh situation; he couldn't run away, giving his back to the bear would have been a suicide. He just hoped to tire the bear, so he could have an opportunity to escape, and then, some 11 yards away he saw a cliff.
—''I hope I can get her to that cliff'' He thought
Dinae and the bear went those 11 yards fighting, growling at each other, attacking between them like if they were dancing to the sound of a deadly song. Dinae finally got the bear to the place he wanted and by dodging and attack of her front left paw, he caused her to fall...but with the last tip, of her tiniest claw, of her tiniest finger she caused him to lose the balance and fall too.
—''Dinae!'' The team yelled and they went to the rescue of the wolfdog
They saw Dinae hanging with his mouth on a branch in the wall of the cliff, there was no sign of the bear, she just roared when she fell, probably to her death.
—''Don't worry buddy, we are going to get you out of there!'' Yelled Ralph
Dinae's yellow eyes reflected his worrying, his death was waiting for him just below of his hanging body
—''We have to do what we did to save my father and Duke!'' Kodi cried.
The Mail team formed a canine chain with Kodiak in the front. The red wolfdog got to Dinae; he grabbed his front paws, but then. Like if everything was in slow motion, the branch doesn’t stood Dinae's 70 pounds of weight anymore, and broke by its half.
—''No!'' Cried Kodiak
Dinae was not yelling, nor crying, the fight took all of his forces. He just saw his new teammates, getting even more and more tiny on his sight, he closed his eyes, preparing to die, but then he felt a heavy cold water splash on his back. He tried to swim to avoid drowning, but he was exhausted, then he saw a log being dragged by the current and reached for it. He was safe for now, then he fainted, his forces were totally over.
The team's view of the situation was blocked by a group of pines near the shore. So they don't noticed if Dinae sank in the water or not
—''We have to go...we have to go home'' Said Kirby; the team reached the safety of the land. Kodiak just stared to the river. Hoping Dinae to somewhat be alright

—''Hey, wake up''
Dinae heard a voice. He slowly woke up. Opening his eyes. Her back was hurt, as well as his legs. He noticed that he was in a cave.
—''Oh...where am I?'' He said in a low, hurtful voice ''What am I doing in here?''
—''Well, let me tell you that the dogs don't navigate very often here where I live'' Said the voice again. Dinae recognized it as the voice of a female.
—''Do you found me?'' Asked Dinae
—''Yes, you were washed up in the shore of the river'' Replied the voice. As it revealed to come from a pretty auburn and chocolate furred female mixed breed dog who was smiling at the wolfdog.
—''Thank you'' Said Dinae.
—''I bet you have a very interesting story to tell'' Said the malamute ''But for now. It's time to eat''. ''And, by the way, my name's Dara''
The female dog dragged a wooden box fulfilled of fish she got that morning, soon after taking Dinae to her home.
—''Dinae'' The Wolfdog said.
Dinae told Dara about everything that happened the night before. About the team, the bear, the fall, the river...
—''I think you are very lucky'' Stated Dara.
—''Probably, but now I have to find my way home'' Dinae tried to stand up but he was still very hurt and he couldn't do so.
—''You better wait to get better'' Argued Dara.
—''I think so''
Dinae rested for the rest of the day. While Dara catches more fish from the river and some of the last fruits she could find on the autumn.
When the night came and Dinae felt a little better, he said:
—''I think that you might have an interesting story too Dara''
Dara's eyes opened in surprise
—''Why are you doing here? Living like a wild animal?''
Dara stood in silence. Then answered
—''I'll tell you in another chance. Dinae''

Dara thought about her story. Interesting? Probably it was, but she was not pleased to recap it again. It was a story about victories in mushing. But also about deception, anguish...and an evil lead dog.

Pavel Nabokov was a musher in Alaska territory. He ran a famous sled dog kennel he had inherited from his father. He inherited his passion for the sport too. He had dogs from many chores, to bring supplies, to amuse the children of Juneau and to run in competitive and friendly races in many places of Alaska.
His champion lead dog: Kanut, and his mate: Panik, were expecting her first litter. He raised Panik's litter, he took care of them. Then one day he was in Fairbanks on a business travel he found a female malamute and her litter abandoned on an alley and took them home on his sled.
Those pups’ characteristics were promising, they had passion, devotion, they were strong, athletic, but stubborn, along with Kanut and Panik's litter, they were probably ensuring an optimist future for Nabokov's kennel. One of the champion's pups, a female, was especially beautiful; she had her fur brown with darker patches all over it. Her eyes were of the color of the honey, and her smile, at least for the dogs, was simply breathtaking. Pavel named her Dana, and then switched for Dara.
One of the little malamutes he found on the alley, was specially aggressive, strong, and temperamental, he acted as the leader of his brothers and sisters. Because of his strength, his attitude, his behavior, like the wolves do in their packs. Pavel named those seven pups like the Zodiac signs. And the name he gave to that one was Leo.
Leo was always aggressive to his siblings and other dogs. But always acted a lot nicer to Dara.
—''Why are you always good to me, but only to me Leo?'' Dara asked one winter night
—''Because you are the only one dog on this cruddy kennel who I actually like'' Answered the malamute
—''It's not a cruddy kennel. Our master saved you and your siblings, and your mother! You have to recognize it! It is the only home you have ever met in your life!''
—''Well, maybe you are right, but I want to go the heck out of here! And I want you to come with me'' Said Leo
—''I don't wanna go. Leo'' She said ''I'm not planning to abandon the Master, nor my parents, the Great Race is the next month''
—''You already don't have the age to participate. Dara'' He exclaimed
—''Probably, but I know that my parents and the Master would be very worried if I go, and what about your mother?''
—''Oh...she don't cares of me''
—''Of course she does! I can't believe you are that ungrateful to the people who care for you!''
Leo stood at Dara in silence, and then said
—''I'm out of here''
He ran away to the night. Dara thought that he was gone forever. But the very next morning, their master was taking care of his injuries; a wolf attacked him just outside the town.
—''Do you still want to go now. Asked Dara, mockingly.
The All Alaskan Race, a race that took place to pay homage to Balto's Serum Run, was held weeks ago. Kanut was the lead dog for Nabokov's team. Pavel was not a favorite to win it due for his little experience on dog sled racing. The race went from Nome to Anchorage, the opposite way the present-day Iditarod is run. Pavel surprised everybody winning the race, at his 26 years old, he crowned as one of the youngest champions in mushing history.
Back on their home, Dara and her siblings celebrated and pleased their parents, they were very proud of them
—''Well done, dad!''
—''Thank you, sweetheart. I'm sure that I'll be saying the same someday in the future, when you come home as the champion lead dog''
Dara smiled with a tear of joy on her eye, and nuzzled her parents.
Nabokov kept winning races over and over, building a strong and competitive dog team. But then he was hypnotized with the flavor of fresh money in his pocket. He started betting, his dogs grew tired because of the excessive mushing without necessary rest, his dogs were the prize when he ran out of money, he lost Kanut, and later Panik, later he had to give away the rest of his team and he disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving the other dogs alone to their fate.
Leo led a bunch of dogs to escape the kennel to the wilderness. Dara, her siblings and other dogs stayed, waiting for their master to come back. One day. They were rescued by another musher who heard that the Nabokov kennel was abandoned and some dogs were still there. In the nearest village the dogs some people took care of the dogs, with food, fresh water, medicine, and when they were recovered they went on auction
Dara was bought by a musher. She was taken to a kennel in a distant village, only to find Leo there.
—''What are you doing here? Are you bored of the nature?'' He asked
—''Where are the others?'' Inquired the female
—''They have not come. Dara''
Dara feared the worst, where in the world where some of her friends? Probably they were killed by that fearsome malamute that she thought totally capable of getting rid even of his own siblings in order to achieve what he wanted. And surely he did!
—''But now Dara, let's talk about what really matters! I'm now the king of this place, all of the others obey me, and I’ll be the leader of this musher's team on the next Great Alaskan Race. Finally I’m achieving what I've deserved since the day I was born''
—''Congratulations'' She said, with a distant, indifferent tone on her voice.
—''I only need someone to share the power I got''
—''Probably here you have another army of simpletons in love with you like you had before''
—''You are right in both things, beautiful, They are in love with me, but as you have said, they are simpletons, meaningless creatures without any profit, but you, Dara, we all always knew that you were the most beautiful flower in the Alaska Territory. Am I right?''
—''Go away, Leo''
—''I never drop anything, my precious'' He answered with a vicious gesture ''I just received a gift from heavens today, and I will not drop it. I just want you to be my queen, and I always get what I want'' he growled.
The kennel door opened and the musher's wife walked in.
—''Well darling, time to take you home. Say goodbye'' She said putting a collar on Dara's neck
—''Thank heavens'' She thought, and the musher took her to another room with the female canines. Dara heard their whispering conversation when she tried to sleep.
—''Have you heard the news, girls?'' Asked a female brown Chinook
—''Please tell us. April. I've been very busy today'' Replied a young black husky ''I couldn't heard anything about nothing. I was training with the master and with that steaming malamute of the other kennel, that Leo'' She said, ending this sentence with a sigh of love deep from her chest. Dara rolled her eyes, thinking that the poor creature would never know what kind of animal was that malamute.
—''Well, Zoë, this stuff I have heard casually is about that dog.'' The Chinook answered ''Have you seen that new dog that the Master left here just moments ago?''
—''Yes'' Answered the rest of the canines
—''Well. Know that this will break your little hearts, sweeties...''
—''Tell us!'' Exclaimed Zoë
—’’Especially yours, dear Zoë'' Continued April ''The master will pair she with him. He wants them to have pups as soon as possible!''
—''Ouch. Are you serious?'' Exclaimed the females, awestruck
—''Yeah, ladies. I heard that from the Master himself, he told that to another musher this afternoon''
The dogs giggled at the news from April, and then she talked again
—''But...ladies, where are our manners? We...we have not said hello to the newcomer''
—''I think we'll have to wait 'til morning. She has been sleeping since she arrived'' Whispered another husky
In the next morning Zoë went straight to the other side of the room where Dara was.
—''Hi mate, what is your name?''
—''Hi...I'm Dara''
—''Zoë, but that is not important'' She said ''I only can tell you that you are the luckiest lady of this planet'' Finished with a sigh
—''I wonder why'' Answered Dara with a cold, indifferent, apathetic voice
—''Well. I guess the master will tell you''
—''I can't wait'' Replied the brown husky/malamute with the same careless tone on her voice
Dara don't even wait to hear that news from her new master himself. When she walked out of the kennel, he looked for a way out of that place. She don't wanted to imagine what Leo would did if he knew about their master's intentions...That will put her on serious trouble. She saw three wooden boxes stacked one above the other next to a fence on the yard, but just between the boxes and the fence there were a rake and a pointy trident. The husky/malamute just decided to do it and when she was about to jump from the box on the top, she heard the voice of her musher
-''Hey! What are you doing? Come here! He yelled
Dara jumped, with the trident just scratching her belly's skin, she found herself in another yard, but this one had on it two enormous bulldogs. Charged at her with fury, Dara just evaded one of the dogs and then dodged to the attack of the other, causing them to crash face to face, she ran all over the property and went through an old and weak table on its fence to the other side, and she was now in the street. Just when a huge, menacing, herd of wild reindeer was running through it. The animals trampled her, injuring the dog and leaving her unconscious.
The musher and his wife went to look for her, when they saw her hurt in the dirt of the street. The woman said:
—''I think she had a reason to escape''
—''Do you think so?'' Asked the musher
—''Yes, probably she's trying to return to her old home like Togo, Seppala's lead dog did once''
—''Her home doesn't exist anymore''
—''She can't know that. And for some strange reason she doesn't like this new place''
—''I wanted to mate her with that beautiful malamute that I found in the trail. But I'll have to wait until she gets better'' Said Dara's master taking her on his arms to take her to the veterinary. The doctor said that Dara should to have a rest of two-to-four weeks. Her master and his family took care of her inside of their house.

''Mine is a plea that no one will hear'' She thought one night ''When I get better the master will turn his word into his law...When the humans pair you with a dog, you rarely have the luck to be the mate of the dog you loves. The humans prefer the blood that runs on your veins... but the feelings that run in your heart... they don't care about that, the love don't give them trophies nor adulation or credit. And he wants me to have a litter from the only dog I despise on this entire world, the meanest, ruthless, merciless creature I will ever know...And he is obsessed with me, that make me feel sick. I can't even give him an opportunity. I have to get away, but how? I have tried and the master will put more attention on me to prevent me to escape again''

—''Honey. I'm going to Nome next week'' The musher announced one morning to his wife ''I have to register my team for the All-Alaskan Race. I can send everything by mail. But I want to go there personally. I don't trust the mail at all, you know?''
—''Alright darling, are you going on the sled?''
—''No, my friend Marco is a pilot and he offered to take me there, but I want to bring a dog to the trip''
—''Bring the new girl, she looks fully recovered''
Dara was sleeping on a carpet when she heard that
—''Is that true, lady, do you want to go with me to Nome?''
The dog answered with a bark
—''It can be my last chance'' She thought
—''Okay, let's see if you feel better on the next days and I promise you that I'll take you on this trip. ''
Dara barked again.
''Then we went to Nome, and, when the master entered the race office to register his team, she left me outside it, because they don't allowed animals there, I started to walk to the end of the street, then I kept walking, later trotting, later running, I ran and ran away from Nome. I don't stop 'til I saw a canyon in the distance. I descended through it to its bottom and I saw a cave beside the river where I decided to stay. And here am I. A month later'' Dara finished telling her story to Dinae.
—''It's incredible that you have survived that time, all by your own, surely, but the winter is coming and it will be very hard to find food'' Dinae said ''Better you have to find a new home, Dara''
—''I'll take you to the trail that leads to Nome tomorrow, Dinae'' Answered the female, ignoring what the wolfdog said ''Then, you'll follow the next sled team if you don't know how to get to the village''
—''Well, thanks...think about what I've said. Please Dara
—''Good night. Dinae'' She said.

The next day...
-''I want to return so bad, Dara.'' Dinae said, excited ''I want to see my teammates. I don't know if they saw that I don't drowned there in the river. They don't know if I am alright''
-''You had a good life back there in Nome, don't you?'' Said Dara
-''Well... I don't live even a day on the village. I don't know how my life was being already, but I hoping it to be great!''
Dara smirked ''Alright. Let’s go''

Dara took Dinae out of the canyon, until the dense forest that was dressed in orange, red and yellow tones.
-’’autumn is so beautiful, don't you think?'' Said Dara
Dinae and Dara continued their walk for about an hour, Dara revealed that she missed the life of a household pet, after having to eat raw fish and dead animals in the forest, she missed so much the dog treats that the musher gave to her.
Dinae stopped in front of her ''So. Why you don't come with me?'' He asked.
-''I just...have lived here so much. I don't think if I can return to be a pet that easy'' She answered.
-''Dara, please, you belong to a home, with a loving, caring human family and other dogs to talk and have fun, you don't have to be here, in the middle of nowhere, exposed to all kinds of danger!''
-''I'm alive. Don't I?'' She replied
-''By a miracle. If you ask me''
-''Same as you''
-''Are you afraid of other dogs, Dara? Why you saved me if you are afraid of them?''
-''I had to do it. You were hurt, if you attacked me, I just had to knock you down and send you to the river again''

Dinae was about to reply, when an ominous voice interrupted him
-''Stop dogs!'' Said an enormous black furred wolf. Who watched them from atop of a rock ''You are invading Raima's territory''
-''Well, mate...we'll go'' Said Dinae.
-''Don't move a muscle...We can't let you go!'' When the wolf finished his sentence, a dozen of other wolves came out of the bushes around Dinae and Dara.
-''As you can see you are surrounded by twelve of the best elements at my disposal ''We can make you pieces in an instant. But I'll take you to our leader Raima, she decides what to do with intruders of her territory''
-''Move!'' A wolf ordered to the dogs.
Dinae and Dara walked with three dogs on each of their sides with another one watching their backs, and the leader in front of them. They wouldn't have any chance to escape them.
After about an hour of walking they arrived to a cavern hidden between tall pine trees. Once inside the cave, the leader ordered to stop and called their alpha.
A huge black and dark gray she-wolf appeared in the chamber
-''What are you bringing me. Inuk?'' She asked on a grave voice.
-''They have invaded the limits of our territory. My alpha, they are invaders. What you will do with them?'' Replied Inuk.
-''Let it to me. Inuk'' She answered ''Please take them to the Main Chamber''
-''Walk dogs, now!'' Ordered Inuk.
The husky and the wolfdog entered a bigger room on the right side of the cavern. There, Raima sat on a big rock surrounded by two female guards. The entrance of the chamber was watched by Inuk and two of his wolves, to prevent Dara and Dinae to escape.
-''Your names?'' Asked Raima
-''Why we have to tell you'' Answered Dinae, Dara don't uttered a word, she was totally caught in fear. She was very afraid of wolves.
-''If you want to live. Doggie, you have to collaborate with me, the bad guys are punished here'' Replied Raima. ''So, again...what are your names’’?
-''I'm Dinae, she is Dara''
-''Let the lady speak!'' Yelled the alpha.
-''I...I'm Dara'' She said.
-''Well, where you come from?''
-''I'm from Nome'' Answered Dinae
-''I lived in a canyon, it's...near...'' Uttered Dara
-''Don't you know that living on my territory without permission it's a crime?'' Yelled Raima ''Take her!'' She ordered her guards; the she-wolves took the terrorized Dara out of the chamber. Dinae tried to get them off her. But was violently knocked down by another wolf.
-''If you want your girlfriend to live, mutt, you have to do something for me'' Said Dara with a calm tone on her words.
-''Never!'' Shouted Dinae. He was kicked again by the wolf of moments before
-''Listen, half-breed, if you don't follow my orders your partner and you will be killed immediately'' Cried Raima ''Your lives are hanging on my paws. And if I want. I can't take them off!''
Dinae was obliged to pay attention to the evil she-wolf's words.
-''You'll see Dinae. If you walk Northwest from where we are for about a day and a half. You'll see a place with three identical mountains. In the base of one of them, there is a cave, you have to enter it when the moon it’s on the top of the sky and its light goes through a hole on the roof of the cavern. So you will be able to see inside of it. In the bottom of a cave there is a dark purple crystal. I want that crystal. Bring it to me and your lives will be saved'' Finished Raima ''If you fail or if you don't want to follow my orders, your friend will be the dinner of my coyote slaves. Understood?''

Dinae sighed ''I have to do it...for Dara, she took me out of the river and took care of me, it is my fault that she's here...It's my turn to help her. I don't trust these creatures. But I have to go.'' He thought.
-''Understood'' Said Dinae

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 Post subject: Tundra Chronicles - The Winter Light (UPDATED)
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On the next day’s night, having passed four days since he fell off the brink, Dinae took rest on a forest clearing, he was lost on his thoughts, four days before a great opportunity revealed to him as a Mail dog in Nome, and now, he was looking for an odd object sent by a menacing wolf.
—''I have no option'' He thought ''I must do it for Dara, she took me off the water, she saved me, I’m obliged to do the same for her, it’s my duty''
Then the wolfdog felt that he was not alone. He smelled a wolf just in front of him
—''Oh no, please not again'' He whispered ''What do you want? Are you going to take me to your alpha? '' He yelled.
—''I don’t have to'' Answered a female voice ''I AM the alpha''
The pale light of the nearly full moon revealed the figure of a she-wolf, about three years old, with her back covered in light gray fur and of a lighter color on her underbelly, when she approached Din, he could saw her eyes, they were amber with ice blue irises. She seemed beautiful to Dinae...and familiar.
—''Are you lost? '' She asked
— ''I’m going somewhere. But I don’t have idea where am I going''
—''I know what is that'' The wolf giggled ''Come with me, my pack is friendly, and is very cold here, stay the night with us, we have food and you’ll be warm''
Dinae doubted, but then he accepted the invitation
''My name is Aleu'' The alpha wolf said.
— ''Dinae''
Meanwhile, atop of a hill, two wolves watched the hybrids.
— ''Raima told you to just send explorers watch the mutt? why we have to wait, we can kill Aleu tonight!'' Answered a light brown and white furred female wolf, she turned back to see another seven wolves approaching and smirking at them.
— ''Be patient, my beloved Sakari'' The male wolf said ''The moment of the attack will arrive sooner or later''
—''Now. I can take control of the crystal and unleash the Master. Raima will be very surprised'' she said to herself.

Aleu woke up. It was about to dawn, and the aurora borealis illuminated the sky with a green and yellow dancing color curtain.
— ''Wake up'' She whispered to the wolfdog that she meet just hours before.
— ''What's going on?'' He asked
— ''Come with me''
They walked some feet outside of the shelter, until they got to a pond to drink out of it.
— ''It's time to tell you all'' Said the alpha ''I know a lot of things about you, I know what you are doing here, and the reason for me to come here, with eight of the wolves of my Clan, was to find you''

Din was very surprised. And Aleu continued her story ''In my dreams, my grandmother, Aniu the White Wolf, told me that Raima, a descendant of her great enemy, Windigo, is looking to obtain his powers, so they can start a raid to exterminate all the hybrids and the dogs and wolves who resist them. Everyone we love is in danger, and the only way to stop them is getting the crystal that Aniu used to absorb Windigo twenty years ago''
— ''The same thing that I was sent for''
— ''Exactly, we can capture Raima too with it, but only her, we must fight her followers with an army of ours. They are very dangerous with the crystal or not''
— ''We have to recruit the wolves that are loyal to Aniu and fight Wendigo's acolytes''
— ''I couldn’t said it better'' Smiled Aleu ''So we have no time to waste, we have to reach the place where Aniu hid the crystal.''
Aleu and Din walked for hours, Dinae hunt down some ptarmigan for them to eat. The alpha was impressed by Dinae's hunting skills. Dinae said that he only could catch tiny animals, he would never capture a caribou or a moose.
— ''I would like to have you in my hunters team'' Said Aleu.
Dinae politely rejected her offer, because he had already a job in Nome. When the sun was starting to set behind the horizon, they finally arrived to the mountains.
— ''This is the place. I have saw it in dreams'' Said the alpha ‘‘It seems that we got some obstacles inside of the cavern, we must move on I we don’t want to miss the moonlight point’’
— ''Aniu don't told you what was exactly hiding in the cavern''
— ''No, she didn't, she probably wants to surprise us''
Just two steps inside the place, their first test was waiting for them
— ''Stop!'' Yelled an eerie voice
— ''Visitors? We don't like visitors'' Continued another one, this time from a female.
All that the wolfdogs could see in the darkness was too pairs of yellow eyes looking at them from the shadows, then the creatures revealed themselves to be a couple of weasels.
— ''What are you doing here? You belong to the forest, in the sunlight'' Said Aleu
— ''Look who is trying to tell us where do we belong, someone that walked hundreds of miles to find it for herself'' Mocked the male weasel.
— ''How do you know that?'' Asked the female wolfdog.
— ''Please Aleu, you are very famous in all of Alaska Territory, aren't you the daughter of the great Balto, the hero of Nome, and granddaughter of Aniu, the White Wolf? With that ancestry, you don't expect to be famous?''
— ''We have to get rid of this pest Aleu'' Din uttered
— ''Just try it! Your legs will be our dinner!''

With scratches, bites on the legs, and the claws of the creatures on their faces, they knocked down the weasel with strong jabs with their paws. Aleu mortally wounded the female one by biting her chest and crushing it, then the canines heard an eerie noise that was in crescendo heading to them, and within seconds they had to face a ferocious swarm of bats.
When the cloud of flying mammals cleared up, they crossed through a thin tunnel full of stalactites and stalagmites, after crossing it, Aleu and Dinae found themselves in the top of a downhill that led to a underground lake and on the other shore, the moonlight revealed the Crystal they were looking for, atop a huge rock wall about 20 feet tall.
— ''Your grandmother really don't wanted anybody to take that thing, right?'' Said Dinae
— ''I guess, but we have no time to waste, we must cross that lake very quickly, do you know how to swim, right?'' Asked Aleu
— ''Of course! I just learned this year''
— ''Great, move on''

The water of the pool was very cold and dark, they just could follow the reflect of the moonlight on the water to find their way to the shore.
Suddenly, something grabbed Aleu's back right leg
— ''I'm stuck on something. I don't know what!'' Yelled Balto's daughter in panic.
— ''It's probably a plant!''
— ''There are no plants here!''
— ''Well, hug me, I will take you out of it''
Dinae pulled Aleu out of the grab of the ''something'' probably an animal. But he don't wanted to stay and see what had catched Aleu's paw, after minutes that seemed centuries for them both. They managed to get out of the water,
they were exhausted, but they had to reach the Crystal by climbing that enormous wall.
— ''We must do it'' Said Dinae gasping for breath

Aleu nodded, and the male wolfdog started his climb, only being guided by the pale light that entered the cave. With great skill, Din reached the top within ten minutes, when he reached the Crystal, the moon narrowly still illuminated it, he was just in time.
Dinae had to kick the base of the crystal to free it of the rock, when he finally took it on his mouth, the moonlight went out and the ground under his feet just vanished in a great noise. The rockwall fell down, he couldn't see nothing,he just felt that he was laying in the top of a rock pile, there was no trace of Aleu, he called her name looking desperately for the alpha, no answer.
Din felt that there was no way out of the place, that Raima deceived him and sent him to die on that place. That Dara would have a terrible fate too, that he failed on returning her the favor of saving his life.

He laid on the ground, with dust on his muzzle, he just wanted to exhale his last breath, but he miraculously had only bruises and an injured leg after the landslide.
After he fell asleep. Dinae felt that a white shining erased the pitch black darkness of the cavern. He opened his eyes to see a female white wolf in front of him.
— ''Who are you?'' Said Dinae
— ''My name is Aniu'' The white wolf answered ''And you must be Dinae''
— ''How do you know my name?''
— ''I know everything about you'' Said Aniu ''Because you are my grandson, and my heir''
Dinae just stood in silence and surprise, while the wolf continued talking
— ''Let me tell you. Dinae, my dear, many years ago I had to select somebody to give birth to my true heir, the one who will have the power to rule the forests, the taiga, the tundra and the Northern Seas when the time comes. And I picked your mother, Aga, my beloved daughter. I'm pleased that you retrieved the object where I had imprisoned my enemy's soul, and that you want to use it for good''
— ''Where is Aleu?'' Dinae asked
— ''She is fine, in the shore of the lake, she is resting. I have to take you both out of this cavern''.

Aleu followed Aniu to the place where Dinae was, then, with the two wolfdogs reunited, the White Wolf howled loud and strong, within minutes chasing after her. Aleu and Din found themselves outside of the cave, fully recovered from their injuries, but Aniu was gone.

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