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 Post subject: The Crystal Dogs: ADGTH / The Dark Crystal crossover
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:38 am 

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hey everyone this is just a fan fiction i am working on. i hope to make more chapters in the future.

Sasha slowly opened her eyes. "Charlie?....Itchy? She mumbled. her vision was a bit blurry at first but it appeared she was on a balcony . Her vision started to clear when she saw what was below her, a Large Crystal, it is quartz-like in shape and was rhomboidal at its top and base, with a threefold symmetry. it had dark purplish hue and appeared cracked. but what surprised the Irish Setter was that it is somehow floating above a shaft of air and fire. and Around it were triangular and circular etchings of strange symbols. Sasha looked around the room she was in. it was a large chamber consisting mainly of a single large hall, with numerous other overlooking balconies and three entrances equally spaced between each other.

She hears 8 approaching footsteps. judging by the dark look of the chamber she did not want to meet whoever owns this place. she crouched down on the balcony to hide. Then she took a peek at the owners of this place.

what she saw shocked her. they were not humans but 6-feet reptilian creatures. Their heads are beaked like a Vulture and prominent eyebrows while simultaneously sporting curved fangs. They have enlarged bellies ( one of them having a bigger gut then the rest of them) and long tails. They each wore elaborate but threadbare robes of lace, velvet, and brocade. they surrounded the large crystal each of them carrying a staff in their clawed four fingered hands. each one is more repulsive, sinister, and predatory than the last.

One of the creatures which had a metal piece covering his beak and a metal object that looked like a sickle on his head, banged his staff on the ground and then Sasha heard rumblings from the ceiling. she looked up to see 3 triangular hatches opening up to see the sky and it's 3 suns "Wait....3 SUNS?!" Sasha thought to herself. she rubbed her eyes with her paws and looked again. there are 3 suns. one large yellow one, one medium rose colored one, and one small dim purple one. Sasha remembered the flash of light earlier today at the Flea Bite Cafe that engulfed her. Itchy and Charlie, at this moment she now realized she was not on Earth anymore.

The light beams from the 3 suns touched down on to the crystal and 8 beams of purple light shot out of it and hit the creatures eyes, they cackled in delight as they seemed to be somehow absorbing the rays. But then the rays dissipated and the creatures growled in disappointment.

Sasha soon learned that they spoke English " The Crystal fails us once again." a creature with a helmet growled.

"Well what did you expect?" one with disgusting boils and blemishes on her ( what Sasha assumes to be female) face complained. "nothing yesterday, nothing the day before."

"Why? Why does this happen?!" a creature with too many glasses on its beak asked.

"Just look at the Crystal!" a big fat one that for some reason reminded her of Carface exclaimed. "We've taken TOO much! It's Gluttony! Pure Gluttony!"

"Your one to talk, tubby." Sasha muttered quietly to herself hoping none of them heard that.

"Bah PATHETIC!" the metal beaked one shouted, all of the others stopped talking. "You sound like frightened Podlings!"

"But, Emperor.... If the Crystal will not give, We will DIE!" shouted one with a strange horn on his head. all the others started to panic until The Emperor banged his staff again to quiet the commotion.

"NEVER!" he shrieked. "We have nothing to fear. Already a solution lies within the Scientist's very grasp. is that not so?" The one called the Scientist was caught by surprise at the question.

"Our mighty Emperor speaks true. i am hard at work on this troublesome inconvenience, yes." he explained. Sasha could tell that he was lying.

"Patience." Continued the Emperor. "We are Lords of The Crystal. We have ruled for an age and we will rule for all ages yet to come. WE...ARE...ETERNAL!!" the others shouted in agreement. "Now Go." the creatures bowed their heads and started to leave the room. the Scientist tried to get the attention of the Emperor. "Emperor, Emperor! Emperor!"

"Yes What?" The Emperor responded. "I... I would not dare question your wisdom, but you know i have no solution." thanks to her canine hearing, Sasha could hear the conversation. The Scientist continued. "The Crystal is the heart of Thra. They are one and the same. but the more we take, the less it gives. All our survival is at stake!" The Emperor suddenly grabbed The Scientist and menacingly pulled him close to his face. " So Find...A Solution."

“Of course, Emperor, Forgive me!” The Scientist begged. The Emperor calmed down and let go of the Scientist “ I did not build an empire only to watch it turn to dust.” He walks off. “ I will find the answer Emperor, you will see! I will not fail you! I WILL NOT FAIL YOU! “ The Scientist proclaimed. Seeing enough Sasha then leaves the room unaware that someone saw her.

As she ran through the dark hallways a million thoughts ran through her mind like "where am I and why am I here?" then something grabbed her. “My my my.... What do we have here? Mmmmmmmmmm.” a slimy whimpering voice said. Sasha looked to see she was in the grasp of one of the creatures. This one was clad in red robes and looked more like a vulture than the others. He had a sly yet treacherous look on his face. “Oh hi , I was just leaving,” Sasha explained. The creature looked perplexed and surprised . “ Look like Whourf yet talk like Gelfling. Curious.“

“I’m not a Whourf, I'm a dog and I REALLY think I should leave now,” Sasha explains as she struggles against her captor. “Hmmmmm I never heard of Dog. Perhaps friend SkekTek could find out what you are. “ the creature then takes her with. Sasha could not feel anymore afraid then she was now.

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