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 Post subject: STD among Adolescents
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2021 8:24 am 

Joined: Mon Mar 01, 2021 9:08 am

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are the ones that are spread by sexual contact and result in a number of negative health implications. To prevent them, the government has initiated numerous programs, which are fairly effective. The speed of spreading of these diseases is rather high and the consequences are dramatic, often leading to the infertility among the adolescents. This paper will discuss one of the studies that was carried out to elaborate the solution for this problem.
The study under consideration is titled Preventing HIV among Young People: Research Priorities for the Future written by Audrey Pettifor et al. The authors summarized the research data in regard to the STD and specifically the HIV as the most dangerous disease transmitted sexually. They also covered the most successful practices of preventing the STD and the promotion of its prevention. Pettifor et al. explained that the interventions that are undertaken to prevent the spread of the diseases among the adolescents fall into three main groups. The first one includes the biomedical interventions that presuppose the use of various materials and chemical substances to prevent the diseases. The second one includes a behavioral intervention that stimulates the adolescents not to take actions leading to the STD and offers the activities aimed at the prevention of the STDs. The third group presupposes the structural approach to treating the problem. The authors inferred that the state government currently pays more attention to the change of the behaviors of the individuals, whereas the structural and biomedical interventions remain unaddressed. Based on the findings, the authors also suggested the use of the combination approach in the treatment of the STDs.
Overall, I consider that the final recommendation of the authors is the most suitable approach that might be employed in the treatment of the STDs. Yet, as the practice demonstrates, the physicians and the government fail to provide the necessary support of the structural and biomedical treatment. In my opinion, the individual treatment that is currently used by the physicians and social workers should be transformed into the standards of practice that will be applied to all the members of the target audience. As the authors of the study assert, behavioral interventions have been used with the aim of reducing risk for HIV by delaying sexual debut, promoting condom use, and/or reducing concurrency, partner change, or substance use. At the same time, the structural approach will help to reduce the number of the unnecessary interventions and determine which of them are the most successful. At the initial stage of implementation, such an approach might be rather costly; however, it will pay off in the future when the most efficient practices will be discovered. The study and the solution that is offered by the authors are quite acceptable. Obviously, more solutions can be suggested; yet, the current ones should be practiced too. I would advocate the use of combination approach since it ensures the achievement of the set goals. I believe that in such a case, more people would be prevented from acquiring STDs.
In conclusion, the suggested practices employed in order to decrease the number of the occurrences of the STD among the adolescents, improve their health and contribute to the strengthening of public health in general. The state should take a proactive role in this process and initiate the more frequent and consistent use of the structural and biomedical approaches to treat and prevent the occurrences of STDs. The suggested decisions should be tested and applied if proved to be successful and efficient.
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