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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2005 10:02 am 
Animation Source is my home!
Animation Source is my home!
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I - General rules

-1. No profanity - We would like animation source to be open for everyone, also children. Then, be polite with the others, even if you're just kidding in using an insult, they are no allowed on the sites.

-2.Respect the others - This is not because you're on the internet that you don't have to respect the others. Be courteous and respect the others opinions even if they are not the same than yours. This includes : gender, sexuality, nationality, age...

-3. No obscenities - This is strictly not allowed to talk about sex on animation source. This site is, as it has been said before, open for children. You can't send images, vidéos, texts, drawings or messages about this subject. This is the same for your signature, pseudo, avatar etc ...

-4. Avoid typing in all caps - In the internet, typing in all caps means you're yelling, which is not allowed on the site because this is disrespectful for the others. Write normally, you'll only get problems by writing in caps.

-5. Avoid writing in SMS language - here, you're on sites and forums, not in a mobile phone. Then, it means you don't have to pay every letter, you can then write full sentences. Everything like " B4 " is not allowed. Remember this it's a forum, not a bingo.

-6. No offensive topics - Religious or politics topics often bring wars, so they should be avoided. In a general way, topics related to something illegal (copying games, how to make a bomb...) are forbidden. Try to avoid a subject which will cause fights, the site must stay a nice place for everyone.
You're not allowed to express your opinions about sexual subjects with other members on this site.

-7. In private - If one day you have an argue with a member, on the shoutbox, forum or site, thanks to solve it in private. The other members don't have to see your quarrels, animation source must stay a peaceful site where anyone enjoy to spend time in, not a battlefield.

-8.Changing usernames - Changing your username is allowed, but must be exceptional. There is a limitation and you can only change it every 3 months. Be careful when you decide to change it. Mods won't change it because you regret your old one and it's not allowed to make a new account ( cf : double account ).

-9. Moderator - Don't ask to be moderator !! The staff is already made and if it needs new mods, you request will not help. Mods will chose members to help them by themself.

-10. Advertisement - Publicity in general should not be abusive. Don't send your forum on the site, shoutbox or in the forum everytime. You can put a link in your profil, in your signature or post a topic in the " general- link " section. But don't harass the others. This is forbidden to send any pub in the forum except in the cited section.

-11. Other languages - Your can send messages on the french side only if you can talk french correctly. This means : no automatic !! But if you can talk french, even with some mistakes, you're welcome.

-12. Theft is not allowed - This includes : pictures from other websites, fanarts from other artists, musics, videos, etc...anything that you didn't ask permission from the original author before using it. This applies on the whole site, including profiles and avatars. To avoid any stolen art, you can't use art which is not made in the site. Be respectful for the creator, if you use it, credit it.

-13. A fan site. - You are on a fan site, this means that members imagine a lot of things around the movies. They speculate on what would happen before the movies or after and everyone has the right to have his own version. If you don't like something that a member imagine, this is your right but the member can have his/her version, then don't bother him on the subject. In the same way, if a member like to make pairring ( heterosexual or homosexual ) it's is right too and you don't have anything to say. If you don't like something, just ignore and don't create useless drama or argue.

-14. No blacklists. - Those blacklists are not allowed on the site. They are disrespectful and hurtful for the others . On the profils or on the linearts/blank render, they are forbidden. Because you don't like an other member, this doesn't mean you can be disrespectful or hurt him.

-15. An account by member - Several people using the same account always make problems. If you have brothers and sisters, they can make an account and it's free. Never give your password to anyone, even mods would NEVER ask you that.

- 16. Multi-accounts - They're forbidden in the site ! Anyone who has a double account would see it deleted. If you have some problem to connect on the site, you can contact the mods and they will try to help you or allow you to make a new one ( for an hack for example ).

-17. These rules apply on the site, the shout boxes and the forums - Those rules are valid for all the sites ( incluing private messages, gallery and profils ) and the forum. Thanks to apply them every moment on animation source.

-18. These rules aren't exhaustive - This means that there are informal rules that people should respect, and that you can be banned because of something not listed here if it's really necessary.

II - Forum rules

-1. Avoid double posting- This is not allowed to send a message following an other message ( from the same member ). If you've forgotten to write something in your previous message, you have the edit option to change your message. The only exception to this rule is if your previous post is older than a week and you want to say something more ( for example, in a fanart message ). But try to avoid useless messages like " up ? ".

-2. No animated sigs or avatars - Animated images grab a person's attention and a lot of times are just a distraction when trying to read through posts. It also takes people with slower internet connections a long time to load images like these. Also, your signature must be horizontal and its maximum size is 1000*200. Finally, you're not allowed to put more than one signature.

-3. Avoid short answers - Avoid uninteresting and short comments such as "good job", "I like it"... that does not bring anything to the topic and are considered as "spam". Be constructive, it's much more interesting for the readers!

-4. Avoid off-topics - When you send a message on the forum, don't make an off-topics on a discution. If you want to discuss about another thing, you can create a new topic.

-5. Starting a topic - When you start a new topic, make sure you start it in the right section. Bringing back old topics IS allowed (even topics from years ago). Making new topics even though there's already one similar is allowed, except if the previous topic appears on the same page.

-6. Animation/Cartoons - Animation Source is dedicated to several of the finest animation films and series, please do not register if you only want to roleplay or talk in the "other" section. This site is for the animations talk about animation!

-7. Avoid spoilers - Do not spoil a films/series (for example, do not explain the ending...) If you wish to include spoilers, use the appropriate phpBB tag "spoiler". This is not respectful to spoil the others.

-8. Don't post on older topic for nothing - If you respond on an old topic which is not active since a long time, thanks to not make short replies or inutiles. If you want to say " you're right " then don't send anything. You can only reply if you developped your argument.

III - Shoutbox rules

-1. No RPG on the shoutbox - This is forbiden to make a RPG on the shoutbox. This one is reserved for discutions between members. If you want to role play, there is an " RPG " box which is open for you. There is one on every site source. You can play one of your fan characters, an official one and making crossovers. But pay attention to respect the site, don't make a lion king RPG on Balto source.

-2. A good atmosphere - The shout boxes are places where members like to discuse and take good times. If you're not in a good mood, you're upset or sad and you need to talk to someone, please, make it by PM. Your quarrels or rant can break the good atmosphere and make the others unconfortable.

-3.No spam - The spam messages are of course forbiden on the shoutbox. Don't send the same message every second and please, never post messages like " jznjfbzejhbfghjzbjhb ". This is inutile and this makes the others upset. The same when you abuse of emots.

-4. No sexual talks - You're not allowed to express your opinions about sexual subjects with other members on this site.

If you're not respecting any of those rules: If someone is breaking one of those rules, actions will be taken :

If the same member has already been warned/banned many times previously about the same thing, mods can immediately ban the member.

- If the situation requires immediate actions, such as member who is clearly provoking the other members by posting "LOLOLOLOL" on the shout box repeatedly, posting porn pictures (these are examples), immediately ban the member.

- Otherwise, send a warning PM/email to the member. If the member still continues to act badly, send another warning. If it happens again (even if it's days after the first warning), you can ban the member.

If you see an inapropriate behavior on the site or the forum, please send a report and the mods will take actions about it.

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