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 Post subject: Password 1 - 8 characters? Really?
PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:58 pm 
Famous one
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Okay, so I'm basically never here anymore, let's be honest. Very sparingly will I get a nostalgic whim and come back to browse old conversations and such, or try to find an old friend - I'm sure I'm not the only one. Needed to login today to look up a specific bit of info. No problem, usually. However, allow me to regale you with a dramatic (not really, though, since it's fairly literal) retelling of my experience today.

Go to login.

Password is wrong.

Huh, that's weird. Oh yeah, I changed it, it should be this. Tries again.

Still wrong. Huh, okay, I'll just reset, I still have access to that email address.

Reset email arrives. Cool, click on link - new password activated. Wait, what? Reads email again. It set that as a permanent password instead of a temp and forcing me to change my password? What is going on? AND I have to login again? Fine, whatever. Goes to reset password.


WHAT?!? 1-8 characters? What insanity is this? And let's not even get started about that line above stating that a username has to be no more than 8 characters as well. Look, I understand that there have to be limits for these things, but let's be realistic here - how many users have names/passwords over that limit? At the VERY least, the password character limit should be much higher. I'm old enough to remember the security problems this website has had before (admittedly at least the one time for a very specific reason) but this is just pathetic. Not to mention that if you try to bypass by making the change through the website itself instead of the forums, it just errors out as well.

Is this something that was just included in an update to phpBB and is a feature that can't be changed easily, or was this intentional? I for one am of the opinion that if this is just intrinsically part of phpBB now, that the forum should migrate to a different host and abandon phpBB altogether, especially if it has any hope of surviving.

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