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 Post subject: Official Roleplay Guide Of Animation Source (3 guides)
PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:05 pm 
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Rusty the Fox: I've added a directory to reach some of the other guides.

Steet's Post and Miniguide to RP Post Length (the second post on this topic)
MayaHuskee's "Maya's Guide to Roleplaying" (third post on this topic)

The Ultimate Super-Awesome New-Fangled Crazy Cool Role-playing Guide
(Or, to put it simply, the new Official RP Guide for Animation Source)
Written by Wolflux and Aniu Caelestis

Introduction (intro):

What you are about to read is going to be a bit long, so you should prepare yourself. This was created because some new role-players do not have a clear concept of what exactly they should and shouldn't do in a role-play. Some may have read MayaHuskee's guide to role-playing and the other topics about this, some may have not, but either way, we’re going to clear up some cloudy issues as well as list common rules, terms, and etiquette you should ALWAYS use when rping. If you read carefully and pay attention, you may even learn some helpful tips along the way that will help you become a better role-player. So buckle-up and let’s get ready to ride towards better role-playing!

To make it easier to navigate (and to find where you left off if you take a break in reading) we’ve added codes to help you find certain sections. By using the CTRL+F function, you’ll be able to quickly go where you need to go. To use it, simply hit the CTRL key and the F key at the same time. A little bar will pop up at the bottom of the window and there will be a text box. Simply type in the code word (which will be in the parentheses following the titles to the sections in the directory below) or the word you want to search for. Since each code will be on here twice, once in the directory and then after each section title, you may have to hit the NEXT button to find the right one.

1. Introduction: (intro)
2. What Is Role-playing?: (rpwth)
3. RP Forum Rules: (rprules)
4. Character Development: (chardev)
5. RP Terms And Etiquette: (termsmanners)
6. Proper Posting Technique: (rppost)
7. Hints And Tips (tradesecrets)
8. Closing And Last Thoughts: (closingthoughts)

What Is Role-playing? (rpwth)

What exactly is role-playing? By definition, role-playing (sometimes spelled roleplaying for those who don’t like dashes) is to "adopt and act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds different from their own." Role-playing, also known as RP to some, is like being in an improvisational drama or free-form theater, in which the participants are the actors who are playing parts, and the audience. This is the general definition of role-playing.

Role-playing indeed has its roots in the theater, but it also takes characteristics from writing, or at least Internet role-playing, and forum role-playing especially, does. For many, it is not only a fun pastime, but also a good way to vent and create, like drawing is for an artist or composing is for a musician. In essence, it is pretty much several writers who come together as players of characters to collectively create a story about their characters. All of the writers/players have a responsibility to the story once they start, and to each other. But we’ll get more into responsibility and manners later. Let’s move onto the rules here on the rp section of Animation Source.

RP Forum Rules (rprules)

***These rules are subject to change, so please check them often! More about these are also covered in the Terms and Etiquette section.

1. Post Length: Posts should be a minimum of four sentences or at least two lines of text on the normal forum window. This is reasonable enough, especially as this is not the rp shout box. For private role-plays, this length is not necessarily required at the moment, as generally there are only two role-players and circumstances are usually decidedly different than in public role-plays. Members not following this rule has become been an issue for the forums. If such activity is going on, a Mod will lock the topic on sight. If your topic gets locked, the creator can PM the mods and ask for their topic to be unlocked in the exchange that every future post made in the topic follows this rule. If the topic is lock for a second time because of this same issue, a Mod will lock on sight and there will not be any way to have it unlocked again.

2. Controlling Characters: You may only control your own characters in a role-play. Do not attempt to dictate the actions of another person’s character. If you need another character to do something in order to progress your character’s story or some such, send them a PM or use OOC. Nobody likes to have somebody else controlling their character’s actions or speech, so don’t do it without first consulting the person in question.

3. Role-play Ownership: When a person starts a role-play, they usually have an idea of what they want to happen throughout the course of the story and it’s ending. They have the right to decide where their role-play is going, so if the starter of a role-play asks the participant to do something to progress the story the way he wants it, then do it. A role-play belongs to the person who started it, so they get power over what happens in it.

4. Keep Track of the Storyline: Actually read other people’s posts in a roleplay. It’s just plain annoying when somebody doesn’t pay attention to what others are saying, because it can disrupt the flow of the story or cause confusion when posts clash with each other.

5. Out of Character Discussion: Out of Character Discussion is an acceptable and useful way of deciding things that need to happen in a role-play. A good story needs at least some discussion in order to work properly, otherwise nobody is sure where exactly the role-play is heading or what is meant to be happening. However, lots of out of character chat is unsightly and detrimental to the role-play. Use OOC sparingly and/or PMs to work out what needs to be done to get the role-play going successfully.

6. Asterisks: Also known as, those little stars that float near the top of the words (i.e. These: ***) In the rp shout box, using asterisks to denote actions is acceptable. However, this is not the rp shout box, and therefore you need to use proper English grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability.

7. Grammar and Punctuation: Try to write it as if you’re writing a book like Harry Potter, or Twilight, or some other book that you love. This helps people understand what you’re writing so that they can respond in the correct manner. L33t speak, chat speak, and sms of any form are not allowed here. Periods should always be used at the end of a sentence. Exclamation points, (!) should be used at the end of a sentence instead of a period to show excitement/anger/surprise, or other extreme emotion. Quotation marks (“At either end of these words”) should always be used to denote that a character is speaking and a comma should be placed before the quotation marks, and after if you plan to continue the sentence. An example: Dacia padded over to Zenny, tilting her head to the side and saying, “Zenny, are you sure about this? What if the Ancients don’t like me?” She whined quietly before the white male moved over to her and buried his muzzle into her neck fur. “Dacia, they won’t hurt you. And of course they’ll like you,” he reassured her, twitching his nose under her fur causing a tickling sensation to travel up her neck. If you need help you can always write your post in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. It will spell check and grammar check for you!

8. Check the Section!: Be sure you’re in the right section for the kind of role-playing you want! Remember: Role-plays in Balto/TLK Role-playing are required to be Balto or The Lion King-related. If not, it must be wolf or lion related, at least! Any kind of role-play is allowed in the Other Roleplaying Section.

9. Advanced Role-playing: Advanced role-plays must have [Advanced] in its title, and the beginning post of the topic must have a plot on two paragraphs or more, and the post itself should have a pre-made bio form, and a list of joined characters. This is a general guideline. Advanced role-playing typically has posts from every player involved that are at least a good paragraph (anywhere from 6-10 sentences, though this varies from person to person) with well-thought out description, actions, etc. which keep the role-play going and give the other players something constructive to respond to.

Here are a few additions, specifically for the private sections:

1. A private role-play is one in which no more than 3 players are involved. This does NOT mean that the rules fly out the windows and anything goes, and creating one is certainly not the OK to put R-rated content into them.

2. No role-play (private or public) may have any description whatsoever of sexual intercourse (i.e. mating, cybering, yiffing, etc.) or heavy discussion of that subject for any reason. The closest you may come to describing that act of intercourse is given in the following example:

Sanguinaria gazed up at Neji, smiling at him. "Don't you think it's time we had children of our own, like Sacha has? I wouldn't mind seeing a few more smiling faces around here. It gets lonely with just the five of us." Neji grinned in response to her and nodded. "I've been thinking the same thing. A few more bodies around here would be nice." He tipped his head in the direction of their den, and they both padded off together, happily.

The next morning, Sanguinaria stirred next to her beloved, and licked him on the ear. It flicked casually, but he remained asleep and she chuckled. She couldn't believe it; soon she'd finally be a mother! She wondered what her own mother, Yuna, would say if she could see her now.

That is the absolute worst it can be as far as details go, and you see how innocent that is.

3. Mention of intercourse is only allowed in role-play for the purpose of procreation (i.e. having a baby, litter of pups, etc.) and even then, discussion must be light and as innocent as possible. See the light discussion in my example post above.

4. In addition to this if you must make them, such mentions even for procreation's sake, are only allowed ONCE per role-play topic, and should only be to advance the real plot/story! There may be exceptions to this rule, and those will be handled in a case-by-case manner. Your role-plays shouldn't just be about that kind of drama and/or having people constantly getting pregnant. That is not appropriate for this website and that drama is best left for the real world or somewhere else.

5. The creator of the topic must notify me if such a mention is to occur, so that I may keep track for rule number 4. Again, exceptions might sparingly be made on the amount in certain cases, but that will be left up to my discretion.

6. If your role-play is caught disregarding any of these, or the rest of the rules for the role-play section (excluding post length, which I will still generously ignore for now for the same reason I gave earlier) it will be locked under the same conditions I have specified for public role-plays. If the above 5 rules were broken in a serious enough manner, however, the role-play in question will be locked permanently with not possibility of being unlocked. In addition, if you see any role-play breaking any of these or the other rules, please report it to me immediately.

Things that are allowed (to eliminate confusion):

-light descriptions of kissing
-light flirting
-light romance
-basically anything that would be allowed in a G/PG rated Disney movie.

If it will make a young child (5-10) start asking their parents uncomfortable questions, it's not allowed here.

These rules are subject to change, like all the rest on the site.

Now onto an essential part of role-playing; creating and developing your character(s).

Character Development (chardev)

Having a well-developed character to play in your role-play is essential. If you don’t have a good character, there could be problems in the storyline later on. If you’re using a character that has already been created, also called “cannon characters” (for example, Balto, Steele, or Simba) you should already have a good idea of what the character should look and act like. And if you don’t know about the character, you should do research to figure it out. Find out what act like, how they would react, about their history, etc.

Cannon Character/Non-owned Character Role-play:

In this case, if you’re going to play a cannon character, you need to remain in character (IC). You can’t just mold them to your will. They have an identity and personality all their own that their creators gave them. You should respect it. For example, you wouldn’t do this:

Steele skipped into Nome, a grin on his face and rainbows dancing in his heart. As he skipped, it was as if pixie dust was falling off him and passersby could hear him humming a tune, which sounded a good deal like, I Feel Pretty. As he made his way up the street, suddenly he saw Balto. “Ahh, Balto! You old half-breed, you! How are you and Jenna doing? By the way, heard you had kids and I wouldn’t mind meeting them. Tell them their unky Steele said howdy!” And with that he was off again to spread joy to the world.

See? Try to keep cannon characters in character, unless of course the plot specifies that the character should have a change of heart. Even so, that change should come gradually and due to events that alter the character’s perspective and thoughts. Drastic changes usually aren’t sudden for anyone in real life, so remember this and make any changes like that as realistic as possible!

If you didn’t create the character, DO NOT claim that you own it, obviously. And also obviously enough, do not role-play with a character that was created by someone else unless you have their permission. For instance, I wouldn’t suddenly start role-playing as Kiona just because I felt like it. I don’t own Kiona, so I’d have to ask catwhohas14tails for her permission.

Your Character Role-play:

If you want to role-play with your own character, it’s even more essential to figure out how the character should look and act. Sometimes when you’re creating a new character, it’s helpful to fill out a form with categories to start describing your new character. Here’s one of the common forms used around the forums, and it is also used to help introduce your character to other players and give some quick, useful background info without bogging them down with too many details:

Physical Description:

There are alternates, but this seems to be the most common version right now. Fill it out to help create your new character and familiarize yourself. That way, you won’t have to sit and think too terribly long about what your character should do when you post, because you’ll already know what kind of personality he/she has. And give him/her some flair that really makes them stand out and be “yours” not just another face in the crowd.

RP Terms And Etiquette (termsmanners)

First of all, what is Etiquette? Etiquette is defined as:
1. conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

2. a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official or other formal observances.

3. the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other: medical etiquette.

A synonym for it is manners. All role-players must follow proper role-playing etiquette and manners.

Autoing (aka: auto-hitting, God-moding, God-playing, power-playing, tweaking): Taking control of another person’s character without permission for whatever reason. It can also be defined as any attack that automatically hits another roleplayer’s character without giving said character a chance to dodge it. This is more commonly referred to as auto-hitting.

Ex: Marz snarled, hurtling straight for the she-wolf Kaera. His massive paws slammed into her frail body, rolling her over onto her side. Kaera couldn’t even move with Marz on top of her. Marz leaned down and closed his jaws around her throat, forcing her into submission.

If two different people play Marz and Kaera, then this is considered autoing. Please note that both types of autoing were shown in the example. Auto-hitting is not accepted, EVER. However, this doesn’t mean that you can dodge every single attack that comes your way. Never being hit by an attack is also a form of autoing and will not be tolerated.

OOC: This stands for Out of Character, and should only be used as a drop at the top of a post to inform another of things going on outside of the RPing world. Dropping OOCs between sentences in a post can be very difficult to understand, and it is not recommended.

IC: In Character. Basically everything done with the roleplaying world, while a person is writing for their character, is in character. You can also use BIC, which means Back In Character, if you need to post a quick OOC note at the beginning of your post.

NPC: An NPC is a ‘non-player character’. Typically they can be controlled by any roleplayer who so wishes to take control of them and are only used to help move things along if the plot happens to be moving slowly. Since many players control them at the same time and since they are not truly important to the plot, they can be auto-hit and killed, however, if a specific player creates the NPC, it is always polite to ask if they have finished with the NPC and if you can kill it off.

Tweaks/Tweaking or God characters: A big no-no in the roleplaying world. These are the perfect characters of myth and legend. Handsome, intelligent, perfect manners, can't be harmed, an expert fighter, leader of his old pack etc. Known some? Yeah, don't do it. Good traits should never out number bad ones. They should always at least even out, to give a character depth. These are also known as Godly Characters. Other related terms include: God-moding, God-playing, and power-playing

One-Liners: This should be self-explanatory with the number of times we’ve complained about it over the years. But to clarify once again, these are either one-sentence (or one line) long posts that don’t really contribute to the plot of the role-play and leave other role-players with nothing to respond to. Let’s face it, you can’t really make anything interesting happen successfully in one sentence (unless it’s a run-on sentence, but that’s just bad grammar). The more detail the better. Try to describe as much as you can in your posts. Describe feelings, facial expressions, the land around you, and interaction with other wolves. Make it so the reader can see the scene before them. Even if you're not the best at this, try because the more practice you get at it, the better you will become at it. One-liners are not tolerated.

Frosts/Frosting: This is when you leave a role-play hanging, effectively 'freezing' or 'frosting' everything that is going on. It is understandable if you cannot, for some reason or other, gain access to the internet all the time, but please don't leave other RPers waiting for long periods of time for your reply. Not only is it discourteous, but it is also rather irritating.
In relation to this, don’t drop out of a role-play without letting the other role-players know that you’re leaving. It gets very frustrating when you’re waiting on someone to reply and you don’t find out until two weeks later that they’ve dropped the rp.

Reading Posts: Please, read everyone else’s posts before you respond. If you haven’t read, then there’s a good chance that you’re missing critical details and that your post will not make sense! For example:

Role-player 1: Tala stared downward, horrorstruck at what had just happened. She blinked a few times before leaning down to the cold, limp body before her. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she closed them quickly, gritting her teeth. “Mika? Please speak to me. Please don’t be…” Before she could finish the sentence, the exhaustion made her legs give way and she crumpled on top of Mika’s body. The flood of tears released itself and spilled over, onto her cheeks.

Role-player 2: Bella padded over to Tala, smiling widely. Around her neck was a bright green ribbon, which had been given to her by her owner. She looked at Tala, standing there with Mika and said, “Hey, what’s up, you guys?”

See how the second person’s post makes absolutely no sense? This is why it’s important to read everything the other players post, even if it takes a little extra time. It’ll be worth it in the end. Also, make your characters as real as possible. For example, if you’re role-playing a wolf, be as wolf-like as possible. Do not act like a human and say something that a human would interact with or say something like "Hey, let’s go grab some Burger King!" Wolves don't go to Burger King and certainly don’t eat cheeseburgers. They are not lolcats. So make your character go out and get a deer or something to satisfy its hunger.

Always Be Polite: Role-playing is about having fun, not about starting flame wars. What people do IC is completely separate to how they are OOC. If your character hates another player’s character, and they have a reason for it, that’s fine and dandy. If you start disliking another player because of something his/her character did, that’s not fine. Leave IC issues IC and leave OOC issues OOC. If you have issues with someone OOC, this doesn’t mean that your characters have issues with each other necessarily, so role-play accordingly. And even if you two do have issues, be courteous and polite anyways, otherwise the host of the role-play will likely tell you both to leave.

Forum RPs Aren’t In Real-time: What this basically means is that, though the other players are waiting for a response form you, you don’t have to respond the very first second that you see a reply has been made. Take a few moments to carefully read the post that has been made and then write a thoughtful reply back. You don’t need to constantly stake out the topic you’re role-playing in, just try and reply when you’re able to. Also, obviously, double posting is a no-no. It wastes space and is annoying and distracting.

Never Assume Anything: If you aren’t sure what another person means, just ask them to clarify it. They won’t get mad at you for not understanding; they’ll be happy that you took the time to ask and that you didn’t just role-play around it and possibly miss a huge point in the plot.

Keep Your Posts Readable: That means, no funky colors like light blue on a white background, or anything of that nature. Computers already cause enough eyestrain and nobody needs anymore. In addition to this, try and use good grammar and spelling. People can’t reply to your posts very well if they can’t understand anything you’re trying to say. Wehn yuo tpye lal lyke tihz, it's hard to read, isn't it? (tip: some people write their entry in Microsoft Word first before they post it on the site, it not a must, but it's something to think about. I personally don't, but if I'm unsure about a word, I do spell check on MS Word.) No Chatspeak/leetspeak/1337speak/sms! It’s hard to read, annoying, an eyesore, and just plain inconsiderate. Not to mention against the rules here. Don’t do it. This is in conjunction with the above note. If others can’t read it, then they can’t reply to it successfully. Also, don’t overuse punctuation. One example is the spammage of apostrophes:

Sh' padded o'er to th' brute, smile 'pon 'er maw.

It’s uncool and annoying. Another one is overuse of commas/periods:

She, padded over, to the brute, smile, upon her, maw.

These don’t even make sense! So, don’t post stuff like that. If you have a question about spelling, punctuation, or grammar, don’t be afraid to ask someone about it. The worst they can say to you is that they don’t know much themselves, and even then they can probably point you to someone who will know.

First Person Point Of View Narration: When a role-player uses things like: "I walked towards the alpha, my eyes meeting his in defiance." Please don't use this in any role-play. It's rather annoying, sometimes hard to understand, and even harder to reply to. Role-plays need to flow like a story from a book, and they should. The only difference should be that there are many writers instead of just one.

Third Person Point Of View Narration: When a role-player typically uses things like: "Kanag stalked up to the alpha, head raised, eyes blazing angrily." This is recommended in every instance of role-play, as it’s much easier to read and reply to.

Present Tense: He walks, he runs, she stands, etc.

Past Tense: He was walking, he walked, he ran, she was standing, she stood, etc.

(*Note* Most roleplays use only past tense, or only present tense. It gets confusing if multiple tenses are used between posts, and even more confusing if both tenses are used in the same post. Usually it’s better to just use the past tense.)

Proper Posting Techniques (rppost)

I figured you might need a good example of a proper post. Not all posts need to measure up to this, but it is a good role model and should be taken seriously. I understand that sometimes you just can’t get the right inspiration for a good post – it happens to us all sometimes. But this is what you need to try to work toward.

Here's an example of correct posting:

Nexxus lay on his side, the snow slowly covering his still form. Evidence of his struggle to move was evident in the mounds of snow and earth that he'd formed with his legs. They weren't large, just enough to show that he'd made an effort before exhaustion and blood loss had forced him to be still. His head swam with visions of his surroundings.

'I'm going to die out here anyway. He planned it that way all along. And I played right into his grand design, delivering Jenna to her doom. Balto would never suspect me to have done this. And even if he makes it here, I'll be long gone when he does. He won't understand why I'm here, or how I'm connected. All is lost!'

As he despaired, his breathing seemed to get shallower. The blood flowing out of his veins was slow, but unstoppable at this point. He'd lost so much of it already that there was no hope for him. The thought was haunting, but strangely, comforting for him. He was getting what he deserved for helping the malicious beast. But it did sadden him that he couldn't try and redeem himself. His nose dipped down and colors swirled before him as his own mind tried to knock him out. But then, white took up most of his vision. At first he thought that he must have moved on to the other world, but his vision seemed to clear a bit. The forest was still around him, but what appeared to be a snow white female wolf stood before him. He couldn't tell if it was a dream or not, everything was far too fuzzy to be certain.

"Aah..." The syllable was all that he had the strength to utter. He tried to lift his head further, but as soon as the muscles contracted, pain rocketed through him again, forcing his eyes shut. When he opened them again, he knew that he was conscious, but the ethereal figure was gone.

'Did I just see...' he thought in fragments. Could it really have been true? Or had he just imagined it to give himself comfort in his last moments? Either way, he felt a little more awake now from his effort at movement and the pain focused his attention. 'I won't make it. But maybe, if I can just hang on a little longer...'

See? It doesn't have to be a novel. It’s well-thought out with good description, and it tells you exactly what my character is thinking, doing, and what kind of situation he is in. In this case, he’s dying, but trying to hold on and redeem himself for the wicked deeds he’s helped commit. This was just posted recently in the rp topic In The Name of Aniu (Sequel to Balto: Alternate Ending).

Hints And Tips (tradesecrets)

Just out of generosity and to help you guys out, here are some of our trade secrets and tips when it comes to rping!

1. Write your post/reply in Microsoft Word or some other word processing program to check for spelling and grammar, or use

2. Think deeply about your post and what direction you want your character and story to move in before you respond.

3. Never be afraid to ask for help if you’re unsure about anything!

4. Take all rping advice when it is given to you.

5. Always try to make yourself a better role-player.

6. Always read over your post before you submit it to check for errors, and make sure it doesn’t sound funny. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked through a post and realized it didn’t make sense in a couple of areas before I sent it in.

7. Change up your characters every now and then. Don’t make all wolves, all vampires, all heroes, or all villains. Change is your friend and it will expand your horizons and force you to learn and better yourself.

8. Take your time when posting on a forum. You have all the time you need to come up with a good reply, so use it to your advantage! Just try not to leave it for a month at a time.

9. Play fair IC and OOC

10. Make yourself memorable! Go in to have fun and help others have fun in return. Role-playing is a game of writing a story together. Enjoy it and make it a wonderful memory!

Closing And Last Thoughts (closingthoughts)

In closing, we hope this helped you guys learn a little more about role-playing and helped you at least a little. The rules will be enforced much more strictly soon, so if nothing else, please read those carefully! As always, we are here to help you guys, and if you have any questions, just ask away.

 Post subject: Re: Official Roleplay Guide Of Animation Source (3 guides)
PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:27 am 
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RPG Posts length... [EDITED BY LUXURY WOLF, 02/1/08]
Original Link

I know that I'm not a specialist at all of roleplaying, but...
Your posts are way too short. I'm sorry but everyone here seems too lazy to put more than one sentence for a post...
And yet, there have always been this in the guidelines :

Post Length
Posts should be a minimum of four sentences. This is not a requirement, but four is a resonable enough number for a roleplay post.

So, make an effort, because by adding so many empty posts, you're only wasting space in the database. Or else, go to the roleplay shout box, because this is a forum so you should put more content in every message.
Also, you should respect the other rules of the forum, such as "no writing in SMS" for example...

However, there has been a few updates to this subject, because of a topic which is now deleted. I will put it here.
Luxury Wolf wrote:
There are somebody complaining about the fact that some of us are unable to write posts longer than a line, if not two, from time to time. I would like to make some things clear on this point. First, a quote from a rant thread made by Kodiwolf-BF-RMW, where I posted this:

Wolflux wrote:
I completely agree with you, however there are certain factors that might prevent you from writing long posts. I don't really mind that other people do, and I am a heavy RP'er. The fact remains, however, that we writers have some called "muses" which is basically our perception and inspiration to write something. Whenever we have short replies to any RP threads, we call that "Having no muse". Short posts can be just as informative as long posts, and I could write *Wolflux stands up* in a thousand different ways, but a long paragraph of that sentence is pointless. For instance:

Wolflux stands up slowly. His muscles helps him get up, while he reaches for a standing position.

That is still just the same sentence, but longer. But you can make it more informative by adding some verbs.

Wolflux yawns as he stands up. His muscles are struggling to put him into a standing position, because he is still very sleepy. Ultimately, he gets up and peers around, then he walks away and fades into the woods.

The above is what I would consider a correct way to describe something, but if you're just going to say "Wolflux stands up", just say it.

Much to my dismay, however, is how many roleplaying threads there is, which has so much potential, but is dying. This really saddens my heart, and there are several threads I'd like to revive. Alas, I cannot.

I still agree with you, but there are certain times when short posts can't be avoided. For instance, if you have little time, no muse, or similar.

Kiwa came up with an excellent answer;

Kiwa wrote:
Wolflux wrote:
I completely agree with you, however there are certain factors that might prevent you from writing long posts. I don't really mind that other people do, and I am a heavy RP'er. The fact remains, however, that we writers have some called "muses" which is basically our perception and inspiration to write something. Whenever we have short replies to any RP threads, we call that "Having no muse". Short posts can be just as informative as long posts, and I could write *Wolflux stands up* in a thousand different ways, but a long paragraph of that sentence is pointless.

I agree... also, some Rpers are young and new to it, and still dont know how to really put "wolflux stands up" into something better...

Ill use myself as an example...
I was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE roleplayer. I used to one sentance roleplay all the time...
But the more I learned from others and Rped, the better I got. It didnt take long for me... but everyone has their own speed at learning...

and no offence to anyone here...
but their are even some adults that cant Rp good... because their just not good at it... but that doesnt mean we should bash them and hate them for it... They Probally enjoy it as much as the advanced Rpers do, thats why you put in Rules.. thats what rules are for, to keep the Rpers you want to Rp with and Put out the ones you dont... these rules for example.

* Keep Rping lines over (Any number you prefer) no less unless you run out of Ideas or have no muse.
* No mates, No Crushes, No Love. This will Possibly be changed in the future, but in the begining no.

* Break these Rules and you will be taken out of the Rp.

Remember, this Rp site is for All Age groups, all types of people... we can't say who can and cannot Rp, the only thing we Have the power to do is set rules and limitations. Im sure every person Rps because they Enjoy to... they arent forced to, so the obviously like it. No matter the length, they like to.

I see it this way, those who want Advanced Rping, and to keep thing going... is to keep rules.

Those who dont really care if its advanced or not, will not set these rules... and the others who agree with join their roleplay...

These are good enough reasons to be patient with the newbies, and help them on their road to become a better roleplayer.
Also, I will not be bothered with these so-called "short posts", unless they are less than 30 characters in length.
(F.ex: "Sunrays..." she said.)

Anyway, the point with this thread is; don't get annoyed at short-posts, or newbies. Instead, help them and teach them how to really do it.

- Wolflux

I included this here, because these are nice tips on how to deal with short posts when they occur, and how to avoid them. (and yes, I did delete the topic because this topic can host the message, and it frees some space as well)

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Maya's Guide to Roleplaying
Original Link

Take time to sit through and read this. Yes, it is kind of long. But isn't it worth it, if you learn something? Maybe not to some of you. But here is Maya's Guide to Roleplaying, for BaltoSource. Please take some of this to heart.

There are rules about roleplaying here at BaltoSource. You can view these here. Read through them. They are important. But now, I am going to go in depth with these. We will go in order of how the rules/guides are posted. Lets begin...

Post Length - Four scentences makes a semi-decent post. Sometimes it really is hard to write something. I have had these times in the past; not very often, but enough. When I do, the best idea is to Private Message or Instant Message the owner telling them this. Or, use the OOC system. When I use the OOC system to tell someone I have writers block, or cannot for the life of me think of something to write, I tell them "No muse". This basically means that it 'is of no use', sense I cannot think of anything. In example...

OOC : No muse, sorry.

Simple, right? It doesn't take up that much space, and most understand the term. If you did not know this term, now you know it. And you can teach others to use it. You don't really need to explain yourself, and if you do it's best if you simply PM or IM the owner. A good idea for the 'No muse', is to make a note of it in your topic starter somewhere. Just simply explain what it means. This shows that those you entered your roleplay, actually read what it said; It will delete the need for them to say "What does that mean?" You can tell who read your topic or not fully. ;]

Controlling Characters - This is simple. You may not control someone elses character, unless they have stated you can. You may only control the characters that belong to you, or the character that you are playing. And this goes for owners of the roleplay too; You may not control your members characters. If you do need to have something done a certin way, PM the member. Do not simply control the character. It will cause less trouble if you simply PM them.

RolePlays belong to their Creator - I believe this is very important. Respecting the creator is important to have the roleplay go along smoothly; but this also applies to respecting everyone in the roleplay. If the owner/creator asks you to do something, you should not hesitate to do so. The creator should have an idea of how they want the roleplay to go. So, if they need your char' to do something, please do it. I have had players removed from the roleplay, because they would not do what was asked. No one likes to do this, but sometimes it needs to be done. Dont let yourself, and your char', be kicked out over something silly - such as turning off your signature.

Keeping track of the Storyline - This has to be most annoying. The great thing about roleplaying on a forum, is that everything you have had gone on in the roleplay is right there. You do not have to ask "What's going on?", because it is all there for you to read. This question seems to be commonly asked. I guess most people are either A, lazy; B, stupid; or C, both. If you are lazy, then you should not be roleplaying in the first place. If you are stupid, then... Well, then I supose I have englighten you with the fact that you can go back and look at what has been said. If you are both, then you have been englightened and insulted, eh?

Out of Character Discussion - This one seemed pretty explained in the first place. The OOC system works okay, but I think its best if you simply use PM's or IM's to sort things out. Because it doesn't take long to click 'PM' under the post of the person you need to talk to. If you insist on the OOC system, then try and keep it sort. Remember, this is roleplay, not chat time with your buds. If you need to ask them something important, like a twist or something, PM them about it. I am sure they will get back to you before they post; if they dont, just ask them to edit their post. Its as simple as so.

Signatures in a RolePlay - This has to be one of the most ignored rules. But it is just as important as the others. Signatures take away from the roleplay. A lot of people have rather large signatures, that take up a lot of space. Turning it off is simple. Don't believe me?


Thanks to Claymore for letting me use this animation he made.

As you can see, it is not hard and very simple to do. It takes maybe two seconds of your time to turn it off. You do not have to turn it off anywhere else, only in the roleplay boards. Its not to much to ask, really. If you forget to turn it off, go back edit it, and click if off. Once again, its not that hard, nor is it to much to ask.

Asterisks to denote Actions - This is very important. When roleplaying, it is just like writing a story. I believe this goes for any place that you are roleplaying. Asterisks (*) are for actions from you, like *glomps* or *hugs*. When you are roleplaying a char', it is ment to be written like a book. If it isn't, you will confuse people. As bad as a lot of people are at roleplaying, most know better than to use asterisks.

This is not acceptible :

*looks down oh gets up*

This is what it should look like :

The wolf looks down to see themself sitting upon another wolf, who was to weak to push the wolf atop it off - or possibly that the wolf was simply not as strong as the first. "Oh," The wolf said, slightly embarrased to see itself upon another wolf. At this point, the wolf got up, and off of the weaker creature it had been sitting on.

This is another example of what is not acceptible :

"sighs looks up i hate" *my life lays* "down"

This is what it should look like :

The wolf sighs, looking up. "I hate my life..." They muttered, as they laid down.

Those are two of the most unreadable things ever. No one will roleplay with someone like that, unless they too have learned such poor ways of 'roleplay'. This is where one would say...

MayaHuskee wrote:
Where did you learn how to 'roleplay'? Out of a cracker jack box?

Quotation Marks - These are very helpful when it comes to your character talking. It is very hard to read what someone writes and understand if fully, if it is not written properly. It takes two extra seconds to use quotations. I suggest you use them. Sometimes, when people and animals are involved a lot, it might be a good idea to show the difference. Animals cannot talk to people, and you might want to show this. Something I will use often, is have the human have actual quotations ("), and have the animals (when they are speaking to one another) simply use apostrophe (') for when the animals are talking. But, this also can get somewhat confusing when using apostrophes for words such as it's, maya's, ect... Some people bold out when the character is speaking. I find this annoying, but sometimes it is helpful.

General Punctuation - This has to be simple for everyone. Most everyone here is in at least the fourth grade, and should know how to type with proper punctuation. And if you don't, this is the internet - you can look up just about anything. If you cannot grasp the basics, then you should not be roleplaying. I have seen quite a lot of people who cannot grasp the 'Enter' button. I see this often, not only in roleplay but in writing too. Examples...

"Hey all. Whats up?" Maya said, as she troted up to the group of friends; Kayla, Weasel, Arii, and Kylie where. "Hey there, Mayaness!" Kylie said, while others also shouted out their hellos. "Maya!" "Hey Maya! Where have you been?" "Maya, my hero!!!" Shouted Arii in the last moments before Maya smiled and replied. "I have been up your nose, Weasel!" Maya teased, sticking out her tongue. She went and hugged them all, and they returned it right back.

No use of the enter button. One of the first things I was taught, that when someone new talks, or if there is a wall of text about their actions after their first words, then you need to start a new paragraph. This is what it should look like...

"Hey all. Whats up?" Maya said, as she troted up to the group of friends; Kayla, Weasel, Arii, and Kylie where.

"Hey there, Mayaness!" Kylie said, while others also shouted out their hellos.


"Hey Maya! Where have you been?"

"Maya, my hero!!!" Shouted Arii in the last moments before Maya smiled and replied.

"I have been up your nose, Weasel!" Maya teased, sticking out her tongue. She went and hugged them all, and they returned it right back.

That is much better, and much easier to read. Just like a book, right? Exactly. That is what is wanted. But we also want to try and not make it look to spacy, and fill in with more detail. Above, I did not add much detail - and there is plenty more that could have been written. But that is just an example to help those who are 'Enter-button Repaired'.

We have covered the basic rules that Steet gave. But there is still the advice that Nighteyes gave. I never saw Nighteyes roleplay, but I am told they were grand. This person no longer roleplays here because they got fustrated with all those who could not comprehend what they wanted.

Dark_Wolf made some very good topics on roleplaying too. Click here to see her topic on Good roleplaying, and plot ideas. Click here to see her topic on Getting Started. ;] These could be very useful, so take time to read them if you already haven't.

To give you an idea on how to get started, I will use my "Revenge is her Name" roleplay. You can click here to view it; I cannot promise the link will always work. Here is exactly what it all says at the moment...

MayaHuskee wrote:
Revenge is her name is a roleplay for those who are ADVANCED. This means, at least one good paragraph per post. Nothing stingy, and all you can. This roleplay will focus on a wolf cross named Azor. The name of the roleplay seems a little bit disleading, yes? I believe it does. Azor is not out for Revenge. She is out to find her place. She is out to descover her broken past - but that is impossible. What she doesn't know is that her mother was a wolf, and her father was a husky. He betrayed the wolf clan, bringing them all to their death. But somehow, Azor survived. How did she do so? Her mother saved her before being slaughtered by Azor's father, and her mate. If Azor could know of this past, she would surely be out for Revenge, right? Yes, I would. So, believe - this is a good reason to call it Revenge is her Name. But she doesn't know. And she wanted to find her place in the world - wether it would be her place before, or a new place (although as I said, she doesn't know she will never go back).

The plot to this? Of course - for Azor to find her place. And to be happy. No, that does not make it the end. Because she could think she has found her place and then, perhaps, not have. This should not be a perfect story. It should be difficult for her to fit. Oh, and theres more. She is going to find a clan. (Eventally, or such). And this clan might give her a chance to prove herself worthy of the clan. She will be given stupid little job and such - nothing she really would appreciate. But then, they begin to like her. And the heir, a female wolf, will begin to get jealous. What happens after that? Who knows. The name of the game is Revenge.

The clan can have a name - but it will be up to those who decide to play the alphas. All char's are yours, and can have high ranks. But, it will be I, Maya, who choose who gets these ranks. If you want these, just put it in the bio of your char' for the roleplay. I will ask you to change it if nessicary. Those who have big ranks (such as alpha, or something) just up and leave, your char' will be replaced with another. It will be as if you never played in this roleplay. It is appreciated if you do not drop out. If you would like to play one of the wolves from the clan, and I decide to keep Azor away from it for a while... please have your char's do 'clan' things, as if in another place. Or, you can ask for me to PM you when you are needed. We WILL need to have clan members. Only a few lone wolves will be allowed, Azor included.

In this roleplay, you are allowed up to two characters that have big roles. If you need to add in a wolf (such as one with no name, or just a fill in to make a difference, such as in clan life) you may - as long as it is not important or will not be played often. You may play up to two extra pups, not including your main two. This means you may have four wolves (or other creatures) in play. Please keep to mostly wolves. I will be the only one allowed to go off and play extra characters, unless stated otherwise.

Please turn off your sigs when roleplay. You will be asked to turn it off, if left on - even if it just a little bit of text. We find it annoying. So turn it off. Also, please, when Out of Character, write in OOC fomat. [Ex: OOC:] In most of my roleplays, I expect you to use colours for your writing - which I have found very affective for knowing who is who. No one is required to do this. But if you do, please STICK to doing so. There will be a list of the char's. Those that are in colour use that colour for their posts. No one else is allowed to use that colour. Respect that. And one last note - please do not post an OOC with "May I join?".. I would appreciate it if you posted up a bio, and your first post to go with it. To go along with that, please also NEVER ask what is going on. Why do you think we are trying it and posting? So you can stupidly ask whats going on when you can go back and read? No. Go back and read.

Other than that, there is nothing else you need to know. Please read Azor' bio, and then the firstpost. Then YOU may post your char's bio, and your first post. I will let you know if you got in. ;] Probably via PM.. or if I need to ask you to fix something. Thanks.


Set in a forest in Canada, far from all mankind in the year 1998. There is many forests all around, and many long landscaps covered in snow most of the time - but there is the few months in the year for the life to come back. It is set in the time of Winter coming into Spring. Most of the Spring is still cold and wet though. It doesn't come until late Spring, early Summer, that it will be warm again. Wolves here are built for surviving the rough weather. This is mostly why not many humans have attempted to live here - because of the unbarable cold.

The setting will change as Azor, and the year, moves on. This will not change. But if you read on it will eventally change.

Characters & Their Owners

Azor (Lone Wolf) ~ MayaHuskee
Nightraven (Lone Wolf) ~ Kira



Code: Select all
[b]Physical Description:[/b]

[b]Char' Name Colour:[/b]
[b]Post Colour:[/b]

Please fill out everything. If something is not nessicary, please put N/A where you WOULD put something. You ARE required a Physical Description, but pictures are optional. The P.D. is not. If you find I did not put a place for something, put it in the Extra slot. ;] You must use THIS code. Not another. I will PM you letting you know you will not be accepted unless using his code. Simply copy and paste. Thanks. Post/Char colour should be the same. ;] But Post Colour is not needed. Also... PM me if you need any help with the bio. Merci.

Character Bios

Name: Azor (Aa-zorr)
Age: 3 1/2 yrs (human)
Gender: Fae (Female)
Species: Wolf/Husky cross
Rank: Loner
Clan: N/A
Mate: None
Pups: None
Personality: Azor is generally timid, and doesn't talk much. She loves to have fun though, being a general happy person. But she also tends to get overly sad at times. And her memory is not very developed, she has a slight memory loss problem.
Physical Appearance: Azor is a black and white fae, standing only 4'8 at the shoulder, weighing in at only 91 pounds. Most of her pelt is black, except for her under belly and chest which are white. From her chest it goes up her neck, to her chin, over so, and to her upper lip where it just barely stops, leaving a small white triangle on her lip where it slightly parts. Her paws are mostly white, while the rest of her is black. Her tail curls up behind her back, being about 2 and a half feet long, give or take some. Her eyes are a deep wolfish amber colour, with tints of blue.
History: Azor has no History to recall - She has lost her memory, and sometimes cannot remember those she meets.
Picture(s): None yet.
Extra: N/A

Name: Nightraven
Age: 3
Gender: Fae
Species: Grey Wolf
Rank: Loner
Clan: Loner... for now
Mate: none
Pups: none
Personality: Very mysterious, and Quiet. She doesnt talk to others that much, mostly because she too shy to talk to anyone. She's doesnt trust other that well, but when she does its with her life.
Physical Description: Her main pelt is a Dark/light gray, she has a black stripe running down her back, some of her tail, and paws. Nightraven also has a Dark grey markings that also fill her front and hind legs, and a dark grey stripe for her under belly. Her eyes are a piercing orange.
History: A firey blaze swept through Nightraven's pack lands when she was a young pup. Her Father was A grey wolf and her mom was a timber x Grey Wolf mix. The Young pup was left to live on her own, no one watched her. Fortuantly, she was old enough to stay on her own, but finding and catching food was and is hard.
Picture(s): ... traven.jpg
Extra: N/A


A black and white lone wolf trudged through the snow, still thick and deep, but with the weather warming up slightly, within a week it would begin to soften. She huffed as she tudged through, hoping not to hit something hidden beneath the snow. She dodged around a few trees, before breaking out into an open field. She paused, and huffed again, looking to the north. She sighed, and then looked forward. A confused look came over her. She seemed to have forgotten what she was doing. She soon regained herself, and plunged out into the open.

As she ran through the snow, it looked almost as if she where hopping through it - which she just about was. Here, the snow was very deep. This was not a good sign. This ment that the Elk and Caribou or other large game had not been through here. She keep on going, the open clear skys making the snow shine bright in her eyes. But she tried not to focus on that. She was forced to stop for a moment, to catch her breath, and close her eyes to shade them from the bright snow. The snow was nearly past her chest now. She could not wait for it to begin to soften. Spring, and warm weather, always promised more game to hunt.

The wolf, Azor, could not pick out any of the big, but could easily kill the swift little creatures in the forest. She was heading towards the forest on the otherside of the large plain. She figured it might have more game to hunt.

She re-opened her eyes, and huffed once, before taking off again. She had nearly made it to the middle when she saw something move. She looked over, but saw nothing. She perked up her ears and looked forward. She set her eyes towards the spot she had seen the thing move. She took in a deep sniff, raising her muzzle up a little to get the scent - but she didn't smell anything. She grunted, and began to move forward. Wih one 'hopping' leap into the snow, she saw it move again. But this time her eyes locked on it. It was a snow shoe hare. She seemed to be smiling, as her ears perked, and she looked at it. It stood extremely still, and if she took her eyes off it, she would not be able to see it again unless it moved.

For a moment, she seemed to question what a hare was doing so far from the safety of the forest. There was no place to hide - or was there? She grunted, and then finally took off. She leaped in the snow, weaving in and out of it, coming closer to the hare. But the hare spotted her, as for it was clearly obvious for her pelt being mostly a ebony colour. The hare took off, and Azor let out a growl. She picked up her pace a little - but not very well. For her body being heavy, although lighter than most wolves, it crunched down in the deep snow - where as the hare was lightly, and didn't 'cause it to do so. But even with this at the hare's advantage, Azor would not let the hare go. They raced towards the forest, Azor slowly picking up on the hare. But as soon as it was there, it was gone.

Azor stopped, agasp. She then ran forward to the place where she had just been chasing the hare. There, was a deep dug hole. She growled, and snapped down into the hole. Once she realized this would not work, she pulled out, and began to dig. As she dug, she let out these high pitched yapping sounds, in fustration and anger. Suddenly, something lashed out on her paw, leaving this stinging feeling. She yelped loudly, pulling back, unable to step on her paw that had been hit. She looked back down as she hopped back to see a furious porcupine. Its beady red eyes lashed harder than the quils stuck in Azor's paw. He let out a hissing sound, sending Azor off, yelping. She had gotten closer to the forest, where the snow wasn't so deep - yet it was still hard for her to get by.

She tumbleded down into the snow at the edge of the forest, by a tree. She whimpered loudly, looking at th quils in her left paw. She looked back out, her ears folded tightly against the back of her head. She did not want to believe that such an animal had gotten to her. Hadn't the snow hare gone down there? And yet this beast comes out and waps at her? She did not understand this. She whimpered more, the painful stinging running all through her paw. She looked it over. The spines where in deep, and would be painful to take out. She would possibly break them, so it would be stuck in her paw. Around where the quils had been stuck in, were little red rings - stating that it was going to possibly also get infected. She whimpered more, licking around her paw, only to realize this hurt just as much.

She sighed, and laid there for a few moments longer. She was very unsure of what to do now.

A bit much, you say? No, not at all. This is a very good way to start a roleplay. Everything is sorted nicely. You want to know the rules of the roleplay, you actually have to read what it says. It took me a while to type that out, but I did. I have my own rules for roleplaying, and they work good. My most effective one is the 'colour-coded' posts. You can tell who is who by there colours. In this particular example, I did not require this. I had started it here at BaltoSource, and I have seen a few other roleplays who did the same thing. My memory works well with the colours; it remembers who is who without even reading what it says. Anyone is welcome to use this. But remember - the colours listed are not the only ones there, you can use more.

Another thing I do, is require a certin bio code. Because if I do not, most bios are filled with.. uselessness. Nothing I want to know. And I also require a good, well written Physical Description of the character. This is one of the most important parts. A picture can be important, but a good P.D. shows true writing skills. It is a way for me to test if you can be in the roleplay.

I try to use the same bio in every roleplay I do. If I join a roleplay, I make sure they do not have a specific bio they want me to use. This is very important. I show the same respect I expect to get. Here is the bio I use...

MayaHuskee wrote:
Physical Description:

Char' Name Colour:
Post Colour:

You can easily take out the last two for posts if it does not matter to you. Anyone is welcome to use this. I have seen bios that will have 'Height' and 'Weight' as seperate places. This goes in the P.D. (Physical Description). Height and Weight aren't too important, but a good roleplayer will add this into the description. Making them as 'seperate' places shows that you have to tell them to put it. When you only have 'Physical Description', it will ask more of your roleplayer, and show you if you really want them in the roleplay.

When someone messed something up in the bio or such, I simply PM'ed them about what they needed to fix. Its simple, and one of the two (who had joined) fixed it and got back to me. The other decided not to join when I mentioned how I dont take 'future mates' in roleplay. I find this annoying. In the real world, most of the time no one has an idea of who their 'mate' will be. In the wolf world, its all chance. Now, I understand that if the roleplay asks for people like this, then its okay. But I never said I wanted people to jump out saying 'Ohhh! Future mate, plz plz plz!!11'. I try not to do that. I give all the roleplayers a chance to 'charm' my char'.

I have one more thing that I normally do, that almost everyone always ignores. The 'First Post', is what I call it, for lack of better words. This is like audtioning for getting into the roleplay; just like you would audition to be in a play. What I ask of my roleplayers, is to post an example of what their roleplay skills are; it also happens to be the post that continues mine on. This way, if they are accepted, I can PM them and just post my next post without a worry. It saves time, and helps me to see if they are what I want in the roleplay.

A good idea I have seen, not yet used, is posting a secret set of words somewhere in your starting topic. In order for them to join, they have to say the word. If they did not say the word (or words) then they are not accepted into the roleplay. This shows you those who actually do read what you write.

Just like writing a story, you need diversity. You need to have some variation, and patience. You need a lot of things to write a story, and most of them apply to roleplaying as well. Roleplaying can help bring up your writing skills, and writing/reading can help bring up your roleplay skills. If you are not willing to try and improve, people are going to stop being 'willing' to let you slide with poor roleplaying.


  • Do not roleplay in the Roleplay Shoutbox, unless you have had proper guidance.
  • Ask a 'elder' roleplayer for tips, and ideas, to improve your skills.
  • Make a note when someone tells you something about roleplaying; dont let it go in one ear and out the other.
  • Learn how to write a 'simple' story with proper Punctuation, and such, before attempting to roleplay.
  • School is a wonderful thing, use it to your advantage; it teaches these simple writing skills to you.
  • If someone tells you you are not doing something to the right standard, fix it; don't continue on doing the same thing.
  • Don't tell someone you cannot handle being cricitized; you're going to have to deal with this if you want to improve.
  • Don't take your roleplay skills for granted - always try to improve.
  • Make sure to check your post before submitting it. You can go back and edit the mistakes, but its better to realize them first. There is a handy 'preview' button for a reason.
  • If you are not sure about a word, go to and type in the word to see if it is spelt correctly. This is very handy, sense it also has other web tools to help your grammer and such.
  • Keep your characters spontantious - dont have all 'mean' char's, or all 'sweet and scared' characters. A good roleplayer can fill any role - so practice.
  • Keep in mind that there is always ways to improve, and if you ask someone, I am sure they will find something for you to work on.
  • Take your time when posting, it is not a race.
  • Be fair, and do not God mod, or any other type of 'bad' roleplaying.
  • Make a statement; Make a lasting mark - you want others to remember the good times that were shared.
  • Don't limit yourself to a few things - try somethin new now and then.
  • If someone seems to be having trouble roleplaying, help them out. They need to learn some way too - teach them.

More can, and shall, be added to this topic to help improve your roleplaying skills. I hope this helped, and I hope that the other topics and links posted in here helped. Remember, roleplaying isn't something that takes you a few moments. It takes time. If you do not have patience, then obviously roleplaying is not for you.

This has been your passionate-about-roleplaying huskee, Maya. I hope this helped someone.

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WOAH I type, but not like that! Thanks, you really should get credit for all that!

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May I make a suggestion? Writer's block can kill a roleplay, maybe some tips for dealing with it would be a good addition.

 Post subject: Re: Official Roleplay Guide Of Animation Source (3 guides)
PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:46 pm 
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I would add some, but even I don't always know what will kill writer's block, and it tends to plague me often as of late. The best suggestion I have is try not to let it get to you and work on something else for a little while, like fleshing out a new character or storyline, playing a video game, or reading a book. Then come back and try again to see if you feel a little more inspired.

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