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 Post subject: NEW RULES FOR PRIVATE ROLE-PLAY! (Look here)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:41 pm 
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This topic will be deleted after it has served its purpose and informed everyone of the rule changes for the private sections all across the forums. These new rules will also then be integrated into the RP Guide and the official rules topic.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT reply to or create a new private role-play topic until you have COMPLETELY read this! New topics will only be locked until you pm me and say that you have read and understand these new rules and will comply with them.

So, as many of you have probably seen I recently went through and locked all of the new/active private role-plays in every section. You're probably asking, "Why would you do that, Aniu?" The reason is this - I'm still very upset about a recent extreme case of rule-breaking and I wanted to make sure I had everyone's attention.

5 role-plays were locked yesterday in the general private role-playing section because the participants were describing sexual intercourse in a very graphic, gratuitous manner.

Personally, I would have never though this would be an issue on a site such as this. I mean sure, we get the occasional trolls who come in and do things like this to tick off the mods. And sure we get the spam bots that post links to pictures of nasty content. What forum doesn't? But several members crossed the line and willingly role-play out descriptively this adult content on a family/kids' website. Members who I've seen obeying just about every other rule elsewhere on this forum. Not only was I disgusted and appalled when I found this, but also deeply disappointed and insulted.

Did they think they wouldn't get caught? Did they think "private" meant something else? I've no idea, honestly. And frankly, I don't care to ask at this point. Long-story short, the topics were locked immediately and the members who have participated in any such content have been banned and a warning pm with an explanation was sent to them.

I've given the private role-play section a great deal of freedom in the past. I've never imposed a post length rule on it, because I can understand that when it's just you and one other person, it can be hard to come up with something to say if you're having an off day. I've never checked the content all that seriously, or checked if they were "exactly" involved in the universe they were played in (like Balto and Lion King role-plays.) I didn't go around making sure that it's "really" related to the series for the private rps. And I haven't checked for gratuitous swearing or any other malicious content too seriously. Why? Because I trusted you guys. I figured that you should know better, especially considering I'm sure most of you have read the role-play rules at least once, or at he very least read the sites rules as a whole, which state about the same thing.

But apparently this just isn't enough, and I don't know if it's because I wasn't explicitly clear about the private rp section or not. However, it's clear that something needs to change to prevent this from happening again. So as a result, the following rules and descriptions are being added for the private rp section:

1. A private role-play is one in which no more than 3 players are involved. This does NOT mean that the rules fly out the windows and anything goes, and creating one is certainly not the OK to put R-rated content into them.

2. No role-play (private or public) may have any description whatsoever of sexual intercourse (i.e. mating, cybering, yiffing, etc.) or heavy discussion of that subject for any reason. The closest you may come to describing that act of intercourse is given in the following example:

Sanguinaria gazed up at Neji, smiling at him. "Don't you think it's time we had children of our own, like Sacha has? I wouldn't mind seeing a few more smiling faces around here. It gets lonely with just the five of us." Neji grinned in response to her and nodded. "I've been thinking the same thing. A few more bodies around here would be nice." He tipped his head in the direction of their den, and they both padded off together, happily.

The next morning, Sanguinaria stirred next to her beloved, and licked him on the ear. It flicked casually, but he remained asleep and she chuckled. She couldn't believe it; soon she'd finally be a mother! She wondered what her own mother, Yuna, would say if she could see her now.

That is the absolute worst it can be as far as details go, and you see how innocent that is.

3. Mention of intercourse is only allowed in role-play for the purpose of procreation (i.e. having a baby, litter of pups, etc.) and even then, discussion must be light and as innocent as possible. See the light discussion in my example post above.

4. In addition to this if you must make them, such mentions even for procreation's sake, are only allowed ONCE per role-play topic, and should only be to advance the real plot/story! There may be exceptions to this rule, and those will be handled in a case-by-case manner. Your role-plays shouldn't just be about that kind of drama and/or having people constantly getting pregnant. That is not appropriate for this website and that drama is best left for the real world or somewhere else.

5. The creator of the topic must notify me if such a mention is to occur, so that I may keep track for rule number 4. Again, exceptions might sparingly be made on the amount in certain cases, but that will be left up to my discretion.

6. If your role-play is caught disregarding any of these, or the rest of the rules for the role-play section (excluding post length, which I will still generously ignore for now for the same reason I gave earlier) it will be locked under the same conditions I have specified for public role-plays. If the above 5 rules were broken in a serious enough manner, however, the role-play in question will be locked permanently with not possibility of being unlocked. In addition, if you see any role-play breaking any of these or the other rules, please report it to me immediately.

Things that are allowed (to eliminate confusion):

-light descriptions of kissing
-light flirting
-light romance
-basically anything that would be allowed in a G/PG rated Disney movie.

If it will make a young child (5-10) start asking their parents uncomfortable questions, it's not allowed here.

These rules are subject to change, like all the rest on the site.

I was seriously considering making it mandatory that every new private role-play be approved before it was allowed to be posted, however, I'm not going to be that mean. What I've required now should suffice and fix the problem at hand. The private role-plays will be unlocked later this evening. Until then, sit tight and direct everyone you know who uses these sections here so that they may be informed. I apologize for the inconvenience that I know this is causing you guys, because it's really not your fault.

-Aniu Caelestis
RPG Sections Mod, Fan Contest Mod

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