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 Post subject: Fun and Exciting Fantasy Adventure RP idea...
PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:23 pm 
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I started to want to get get back to forum style RP, in which isn't very different from the journal style RP that I do.

Based and inspired from this tabletop tile game I have, Forbidden Island, I'll lay out the loads of brainstorming I've done so far. Anyone else who wants to add on any further ideas is welcome to!

Bascially, the tile game itself is a 2-4 co-op in which everyone works as a team to go around the different areas of the island to gather treasure cards to get the four treasures of wind, fire, earth, and water. Then everyone has to get to the helipad and fly off the island before it completely sinks.

You don't have to know the tile game to get into this, by the way. I've only mentioned it because the premise of the game--and a friend of mine from the Chicken Smoothie forums--gave me inspiration to come up with RP ideas. I know the original game mostly by heart, yet things are going to be a little different. I've also added more stuff that's not in the original game.

-This could be a game for both human and animal characters. Human explorers who come to this uncharted island, and sentient animals who live on the island that are unusual, beautiful, mythical, or any or all of the above.

-Rough draft of premise: The setting will take place on this uncharted island that once had this ancient tribe who completely died out, some years prior to keep their sacred artifacts (AKA elemental treasures) from the Outsiders or any human folk who come to the island.

Someone in a group years later after the tribe got wiped out by some Outsiders (bad people), someone has seen this island and has taken a small group of new Outsiders to explore this island, a group of 10 people to be exact. Eventually, once traps and switches inside any of the temples are discovered, everyone will start scrambling to save the special artifacts and each other as places start to gradually flood with water and sink into the ocean.

It's going to be a race to survive, get all four elemental artifacts of wind, earth, water, and fire. Then get back to the helicopters and fly off the island before it completely sinks!

-What if there were some had hidden switches or traps in the eight temples to make parts of the island start sinking? There could also be other spots that could have switches to make the water drain a little. The more traps or bad-luck switches that happen to be activated, the more places on the island that would start to sink. We could start with two areas of the island that are sinking.

-At least a few of the same roles as there were in the tile game--pilot(s), explorers, divers... Additional roles could be added onto this.

-Two helicopters instead of just one! I think at least five people (including the pilot) can fit comfortably into one helicopter. (So, that brings a total up to 10 visitors to the forbidden island.) And instead of a helipad spot the tile game has, it could just be a clearing big enough for both choppers. To be more realistic.

-The animals who inhabit the island: If any of you choose to apply for one or two, you could do any of the following this them. A, defending the island against the human explorers. B, Help the explorers. Or C, finding your character(s) trying to avoid to be seen by them. Flee, threaten, or fight when any of the explorers try to come closer.

-The kinds of animals on the island could be some intelligent species of reptiles, birds, and mammals.

-The treasures, or artifacts; there are four. 1 wind, 1 water, 1 earth, and 1 fire.

-There are 8 temples throughout the island and all of them have hidden traps that could trigger the tide to rise. Half of them don't have the artifacts but instead are boring and insignificant objects like rocks, or something.

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