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 Post subject: Disney Destiny
PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:34 pm 
Animation Source is my home!
Animation Source is my home!

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Hey i found this site in where you can roleplay any disney character you want including The lion king so i will just give you a basic summery and the link to the site is at the bottom


The Recording of The Struggle for the Orbs,
Year 1,
By Master Yen Sid, Sorcerer of the Stars

The beginning of our struggle started with the month of June. On the first of that month, King Mickey Mouse, my apprentice, addressed the crowds of heroes on Pride Rock for the first time, explaining to them about the Orbs and the nature of our situation. In short, why they were all called by me. After answering a few questions from one Jack Skellington about whether they could leave or not—to which the answer was, yes, they were not being forced to remain a part of the Struggle—he dismissed them all to begin setting up camp.

As they set up the tents not far from Pride Rock, it was decided that Lady Daisy's area for a hospital would be King Simba's sleeping cave, now labeled the Medical Den, which meant all of the lions in the pride would have to sleep in tents as well. The Forces of Good spent most of the day setting up. Various children, such as Oliver, Lucky, Two-Tone, Scamp, and Marie met one another and became fast friends, determined not to be left out of the preparations and the Struggle merely because they were young.

Meanwhile, late that evening in the Outlands, which serves as the headquarters for the Forces of Evil, a young wolf by the name of Taraha, son of the wolf Rama in Akela's pack from the Idian Jungle, arrived in the Termite Mounds. He was called Gray Brother in the Jungle by his stepbrother, Mowgli the man-cub. Gray Brother was secretly a loyal member of the Forces of Good, and had gone to join up with the Forces of Evil as a double-agent, a spy, who would learn all he could about the Villains and gain their trust.

He was confronted by Shere Khan himself, sub-General of the Forces of Good, as well as four others.

There was Rebecca, a Scottish female Dalmatian puppy who had met Lucky before, under magical circumstances, but had lost her memory and been picked up by the hyenas under Scar's command, and deceived into believing she had nowhere to go and nothing to do but join up with the Forces of Evil.

There was also Tama, a female lioness with a grudge against Simba for abandoning her in the long-gone days of Scar's takeover. She and her brother had been rogues during that time, but when the true Lion King had returned to take back his throne, Tojo, her brother, had gone back home to the Pridelands, leaving his embittered sister to join the Forces of Evil with thoughts of revenge.

With this welcoming party was Redeyes—a huge brute of a bear who wanted nothing more than to avenge himself on a fox named Tod and a hunting dog called Copper—and Lady Tremaine, a dignified but manipulative, malicious woman bent on destroying her stepdaughter, Cinderella.

Each of these Villains were initially suspicious of Gray Brother, who stuck to calling himself Taraha and feeding them a false story of how he was a lone wolf desiring revenge on Akela. In the end, they resolved to let him join, taking the young wolf to Prydain, the castle that served as a first line of defense for the F.o.E.

The next day, the Horned King himself called a meeting in the very same fortress, wishing for as many Villains to attend as possible. He was informed by Lady Tremaine of the suspicious wolf Taraha. Said wolf came to the meeting himself, hoping for information he could take back to King Mickey, and was led into the throne room by Garm, a large, gruff guard dog who was loyal only to the Horned King.

Others who attended the meeting were: Shan Yu, leader of the Villain's Scouting Parties, desiring his own honor to be taken back by killing the young warrior woman, Mulan. Rebecca, the young Dalmatian pup. Lady Tremaine. Merlock, a anthropomorphic wolf magician who wanted revenge on Scrooge McDuck.

During the meeting, while the others introduced themselves, the Horned King gave Gray Brother a vision in case he really were a spy, threatening him and warning the young wolf not to betray them. Shaken, but not surrendering, Gray Brother merely kept his head down and carried on with his act. He learned that Lady Tremaine was keeping a record of every member of the Forces of Good, their strengths, weaknesses, and desires. Knowing that this would be crucial information to give to King Mickey, Gray Brother decided to gain the old woman's trust to get closer to the records, but before he could, he was ordered by Shan Yu to go and guard a certain prisoner being kept in the Elephant Graveyard. The meeting concluded shortly afterwards with the Horned King assigning Merlock to casts spells and wards around Prydain to keep me from seeing within.

Meanwhile, the Forces of Good sent out a search party made up of the young Space Ranger Ty Parsec, Scamp's mother and father, Lady and Tramp, Mulan and her recently-arrived husband Shang, and Violet Parr. Violet was a teenage superheroine from a family of "supers", able to turn invisible and cast force-fields. Their mission took them to the city of New York, where they were meant to find the young Princess of Arendelle, Anna, and lead her back to the Forces of Good camp. Things became awkward when Violet's mother, the former Elastagirl, now Mrs. Helen Parr, AKA "Mrs. Incredible", found them there and scolded her teenage offspring for going into a public area in her super-suit. Helen, during the super hero "Glory Days" of her home city, had once been known as the flexible Elastagirl, able to stretch her body to immeasurable lengths. When the supers were forced to go into hiding, she settled down with the super-strong Mr. Incredible, Bob Parr, and had three children; Violet, Dash, her super-speeding son, and their youngest shapeshifting infant, Jack-Jack. She came to join the Forces of Good at my call to help protect her family.

Back in the Outlands that same day, Gray Brother went out to the Elephant Graveyard, as instructed, to find the "prisoner" he was meant to be guarding, knowing that any prisoner of the Forces of Evil would need to be in his report to King Mickey. When he arrived, he found that the imprisoned hero was none other than Kopa, prince of the Pridelands and second child of King Simba. Jack Skellington, who had wandered into the Outlands on one of his long walks and gotten past the sentries because of his villainous appearance, immediately scooped Gray Brother up and began proclaiming his outrage at the cub's imprisonment. Gray Brother's cover was nearly blown to Redeyes the bear, who had been guarding Kopa beforehand, but Jack managed to put two-and-two together due to Gray Brother's resemblance to Akela and safely left.

That evening in the Forces of Good Camp, young Alice, a girl with the ability to travel to the mad world of Wonderland easily, fell asleep and went into the Tulgey Wood to visit her friend The March Hare and take part in a tea party. She did not expect a few very bewildered friends from the Forces of Good to join her in Wonderland.

The next day, June 3rd, early in the morning, Gray Brother took Kopa out on a walk through the Termite Mounds so as not to be suspicious and told the young Prince of his true identity as a spy for the Forces of Good. Kopa, in turn, put his trust in the young wolf by revealing that he was the son of Simba. Motivated even further by this to somehow devise a plan to smuggle Kopa back to his home, Gray Brother made sure the young boy understood the gravity of their situation and the need for secrecy and took him back to his cage. Both were heartened, knowing that they each had at least one person in all of the Forces of Evil that they could truly trust.

That afternoon, in the Forces of Good camp, a young spacer by the name of Jim Hawkins arrived after receiving my call and began nosing around. He found an old friend, John Silver, a former space-pirate turned cook, reluctantly helping out by cooking the evening meal. The two shared what had happened since their last meeting, why they had come to join the Struggle for the Orbs, and had a happy reunion.

Things did not go so well that day for Violet and her brother Dash, who snuck away together to the city of New Orleans, anxious to prove how experienced as Heroes they were and to get away from the overbearing Head Caretaker, Lady Daisy. The motherly cocker spaniel, Lady, followed their scent and found the two, but before she could bring them to safety, they had an unfortunate run-in with Maleficent, one of the Wicked Three herself, as well as General Shan Yu and Garm.

Late that same evening, the Dalmatian puppy, Lucky, seemed to have the same idea, and snuck away from Lady Daisy and the other children in the dinner line, leaving camp. He took with him his three-legged brother, Tripod, his adopted sister, Two-Tone, her newfound friend, the mutt puppy Scamp, and his sisters Penny and Jewel. They adventured deep into the dangerous grasslands, against the rules, as the sun was going down, believing that they needed to prove themselves to the adults in the Forces of Good by mounting their own little search for the Orbs.

Lady Daisy Duck, appointed as Head Caretaker of the children as well as Lead Medic by me, did not notice they were gone until they had reached the river that served as a Border between the deadly Outlands and the wild Pridelands. After double-checking, she noticed that another dalmatian puppy, Dipstick, had also vanished. She quickly roused the entire camp into a search for the missing puppies.

As this was going on, Lucky and his group of mischief-makers stumbled upon Rebecca of the Forces of Good, who had wandered alone across the Border into the Pridelands. Lucky was instantly smitten, though he, like Rebecca, did not remember that this was not the first time they had met. None of the Good puppies realized that Rebbecca was a member of the Forces of Evil, nor did any of them think to ask. She herself did not realize that they were enemies, whichever side they were on.

After conversing—awkwardly, when Two-Tone brought up her past date with Lucky—Rebecca happily decided to join the group of children in their misadventure looking for the Orb, leading them ever closer to the Outlands. They were found by a hungry hyena, who planned to eat each of the pups and revealed to them Rebecca's allegiances. As Tripod, thinking fast, chomped on the hyena's tail, Lucky sent Scamp and Two-Tone back to camp for help, but Two-Tone decided to stay when Lucky attacked the hyena in his brother's aid. Rebecca, deciding on the sour of the moment that she would rather be allied with her own kind than with hyenas, helped them while Scamp carried on alone.

Along the way, Scamp met Dipstick, who had tried to follow the others a little late. He quickly explained the situation and the two dashed straight into a frantically worried Lady Daisy. Meanwhile, at the Border, Lucky injured his paw being kicked by the hyena, and yapped frantically in case any older heroes were near enough to help. This brought Daisy straight to them, and Ty Parsec the Space Ranger flew in to scare the hyena off. After a stern scolding, the puppies were brought safely back to camp under the even more watchful eye of Daisy.

On June 4th, the Forces of Good had their first scouting party with Goofy, leader of the scouts. He took Ty, Mulan, Jim, Silver, and a small blue alien called Stitch who had once been a genetically engineered monster created purely for wreaking havoc with him. This day was uneventful, and most of the heroes spent a relaxing evening in their tents while Mulan was reunited with her ancestor-given miniature dragon guardian, Mushu.

On the fifth of June, I was visited by Mulan, who had several ideas for retrieving any Orbs in the unthinkable event that one of them was captured by the Forces of Evil first. Jack Skellington also came to invite me to a Halloween event he was planning to lift the spirits of the stressed Forces of Good. Meanwhile in Prydain, Gray Brother ran into a peculiarly mad woman calling herself the Queen of Hearts, claiming she was the ruler of Wonderland.

The next day, Akela managed to convince the Duck Companions to the King to allow a small training session for the children in their designated area under Pride Rock, believing that such an activity would be a good outlet for them that would hopefully dissuade any dangerous mishaps like the one Lucky and the pups or Violet and Dash had gotten themselves into. On this day a reknowned lady mouse from the Rescue Aid Society named Miss Bianca joined the Forces of Good, becoming a Caretaker and Medic alongside Daisy.

On the eighth, Oliver was surprised and overjoyed to greet his best friend and owner, Jennifer Foxworth. The eight-year old girl had rescued Oliver when he was an infant alley cat, and he, in turn, had led a band of street dogs to save her on her last birthday when she was kidnapped by a man named Mr. Sykes. The two were delighted to be reunited and Jenny became an assistant to Lady Daisy's Medics during her spare time. This same afternoon, Mulan tried to teach a training lesson for the Forces of Good, but it ended in wacky humiliated when Stitch arrived on the scene and accidentally reduced everything she had tried to set up to mayhem.

These happy days for the Forces of Good were not to last, for in the Outlands, Shan Yu had gained permission from the Wicked Three to lead his own scouting mission right into the Pridelands' Gorge in hopes of gathering information on the enemy, or at the most, stumble upon an Orb. After a heated discussion with Shere Khan the tiger, Shan Yu chose said big cat to join the party, as well as hand-picking Redeyes the Bear, Biff the alley dog, and Gray Brother--secretly a spy for the FOG--for the small strike team. Kopa, the cub-Prince prisoner, was also chosen to be brought along in case the mission failed and they needed a hostage to escape.

The next evening, the struggle began officially. Shan Yu led his team into the Gorge. They had gotten deep into the Forces of GOod's territory before they were spotted by the well-hidden Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, and Mulan with Mushu, as well as Akela and Bolt. Bolt was a former television star who played the role of a superdog, and a close friend of Oliver's. Shan Yu and his team had just stumbled on a Virtue high in the side of the Gorge when the heroes broke cover, attacking the intruders. Quasimodo went after Redeyes with a crude club. Bolt attacked first Shere Khan, but was held back by Biff the alley dog. Gray Brother stashed Kopa out of the way, hoping to protect the prisoner from the battle, and was forced to fight his old pack leader, Akela, for the sake of maintaining his cover as a rogue. Meanwhile, Shan Yu and Shere Khan went after the Virtue, but Mulan held the Hun General at bay.

This gave the tiger a clear shot at the Virtue, but no sooner did Shere Khan reach the Orb when Kopa burst from his hiding place, determined to help, and swiped the Virtue. The big cat slashed at the Prince of the Pridelands with his claws, but Kopa managed to dodge long enough for Mulan to break away from Shan Yu. The Asian woman had stashed a bag of her belongings beneath a bush along with Mushu when she spotted the Forces of Evil scouts, and now ran back to get it. She managed to light and send up a firework as a cry for help to the rest of the Forces of Good back at camp with Mushu's help before she was brutally stabbed in the side by Shan Yu.

Akela, having been injured in the throat by Gray Brother, managed to momentarily stun the double-agent and race to the Asian woman's rescue, attacking Shan Yu. Kopa reached Mulan where she lay with Mushu watching over her, Virtue in paw. Shere Khan and Gray Brother reached the two, and the wolf and cub were powerless to help when the tiger threatened to kill the wounded Mulan right then and there if he wasn't given the Orb. Before things could take a turn for the disastrous, help finally arrived. Violet Parr, invisible, created a thin force field around Mulan to protect her from Shere Khan and swiped the Orb from Kopa, running away with it towards the camp for all she was worth. SHere Khan, seeing the mud on her boots, gave chase along with Gray Brother, who told Kopa to make a break for freedom while the Villains were all in battle.

Ty Parsec also arrived and went quickly to help Mulan. Stitch also showed up, hampering Shere Khan from getting to Violet and her newly arrived brother, Dash. This gave the two super-siblings enough time to use Violet's force field combined with Dash's speed and speed away to Pride Rock where King Mickey waited, successfully getting home free with the first of the Ten Virtues and claiming it for the Forces of Good. Shan Yu, injured in both legs by Akela's fangs, reluctantly and furiously called for a retreat, knowing his first scouting mission had ended in disaster.

The very next morning, Jack Skellington helped to carry Mulan into the Med Den, where Daisy, Jenny, and Bianca tended to her wounds with Bolt, the newly returned-home Kopa, Oliver, and Violet's help. This was distressing for all of the Heroes, and they were all reminded of how serious the Struggle for the Orbs was.

The next evening on the twelfth, Gray Brother had his first secret rendezvous with Akela and Mickey, meeting with them at the Border to pass on everything he had learned so far about the Forces of Evil. Though the meeting went well and they were not spotted, Akela was troubled at the way the young wolf seemed to be taking his perilous job as a double-agent. However, he continued on, returning to the Outlands to carry on undercover.

On the fourteenth, Lady Daisy took out all of the children who would come, as well as some adults, on a small trip to the Watering Hole to lift their troubled young spirits after the grisly events of the tenth. Among the kids attending were Lucky, Two-Tone, Oliver and the dainty French kitten he had a crush on, Marie, Violet, Bolt, Cody (who had been having nightmares about a little girl named Penny), Miss Bianca, and Kopa. Alice's pet cat, Dinah, had also joined the Forces of Good and came along, wanting to be near Oliver, being his secret admirer. Joining, too, was a rambunctious dalmatian pup, adoptive brother of Lucky, Two-Tone, and Tripod, named Aces. Though the little outing was supposed to be simple and fun enough, disaster nearly struck when the group stopped beneath a tree to rest. When the tree began to break, being dry at the roots, it would have crushed Violet and Cody if not for Bolt. The ordinary shepherd suddenly and amazingly, as well as mysteriously, acquired the same super-powers he was supposed to have in the television show he'd once been a part of, and super-sped over, super-barking the tree away before it could fall on the children. Everyone was incredibly confused, though most of the children were excited and enthralled, as well.

On the fifteenth, Shere Khan took Gray Brother out to the Hakuna Matata paradise, the African Jungle, seemingly for a casual hunt together. It was not surprising when the tiger revealed his true motives for going out with the wolf alone and began to question 'Taraha', convinced rightly that the loner was no rogue. After a moment of hesitation, the depressed and tired double-agent satisfied the tiger by giving away a little of the truth without revealing himself as a Forces of Good Spy and told Shere Khan that he was the son of Rama, Mowgli's brother. Though the mention of Mowgli angered Shere Khan, he surprised the wolf by offering his condolences and seeming to understand that the Man-Cub must have made Gray Brother's childhood relationship with his parents difficult.

On the seventeenth of July, back in the Forces of Good camp, Peter Pan convinced Jenny to shirk her duties collecting herbs for Daisy and play pretend with him, instead.


Once upon a time, there were heroes. Unlikely heroes that ranged from pets, to royalty, to animals, to demigods, to beggar boys, to wild men, to aliens, to toys, and to certain special mice. These heroes faced great evil, made friends, overcame their own struggles, and grew into their rightful places, casting down forces of darkness. Ten heroes' happy endings were so wonderful that they literally produced pure essences of Good energy.

These essences became Orbs of Power. The heroes were oblivious to what their deeds had produced—but the extraordinary wizard, Yen Sid, was not. He collected each Orb as it appeared and transported them all to his magical Tower, where he began studying them, learning very little about the mysterious forces. What he could discern was that each Orb seemed to be able to sense the Good and Evil in the hearts and intentions of the beings around it, and responded in strange ways. Sometimes, in their glowing light, visions would appear, or the Orbs intensified certain feelings inside a person that touched them. In turn, the Orbs themselves were very impressionable, and though the sorcerer did not learn of this until later, they could become evil opposites of themselves, infected with the darkness in others' hearts. Yen Sid began calling them the "Ten Virtues".

Before the clever sorcerer could discover all of the secrets of these magical objects, something terrible happened. Three forces of great evil, who were thought to be destroyed, suddenly appeared in the Tower. The wicked fairy Maleficent, the corrupt vizier-turned-genie, Jafar, and the dark, horrible Horned King had somehow risen from their demises and learned of the Ten Orbs of Power.

Yen Sid fought them and defended the Virtues as best he could, three against one. During the fight, the combined equal forces of Good from Yen Sid and Evil from Jafar, Maleficent, and the Horned King became so strong that all ten Orbs reacted to it at once quite unpredictably, being flung out of the Tower and into the far reaches of the lands like magnets that had had their opposite ends drawn too close together.

The three villains, thwarted for the time being, disappeared. The strained Yen Sid realized that he had made a terrible mistake in thinking he could hide such powerful things away and protect them by himself. Knowing also that he had very little time, and fearing what would happen if the evil ones got their hands on the Orbs, the wizard formulated a plan and cast a bold spell, bringing all of the different lands into contact and opening the ears of humans to understand the tongues of animals. He knew that if the forces of darkness were banding together as Maleficent, Jafar, and the Horned King had, the only hope of defeating them was if the heroes could do the same, and team up.

But they would need a leader. Yen Sid knew that many of the heroes he had observed, both animal and otherwise, in the different realms, were qualified to lead...but the Destiny of all Heroes and Villains were at stake. Only an incredibly special, unique, and particularly unlikely hero would do. Who but the brave apprentice, Mickey Mouse?

And so, as the forces of evil, led jointly by Jafar, Maleficent, and the Horned King, gathered more villains into an army from every land, Mickey Mouse led heroes from all around, animal, man, and everything in between, to the Pridelands, above which Yen Sid's Tower hovered magically. He appointed the bravest, most experienced Heroes and wisest helpers to be a part of a War Council.

As the heroes set up camp in the African wilds, Maleficent constructed her dark tower on Forbidden Mountain and called every force of evil, powerful and weak, cunning and stupid, animal and human, to her aid.

Both sides must control the Orbs of Power. Mickey and the Heroes wish to find and protect the Virtues and keep their light of Good glowing. The forces of darkness want to corrupt them, turning their pulse Evil and black, transforming them into "Spites", and spread the inky horrid power to the heroes' homelands, getting revenge. Every being, nice or naughty, must choose a side. The outcome will decide the Destiny of Disney.



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