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 Post subject: Blackavar`s family character project
PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:58 am 
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Okay,since I completely forgot the most things about this,here`s the place to gather it all.

It is a character project about making Blackavar`s family in the movie verse.He is a quite interesting,yet unexplored character that deserves more attention.
A quote about his life :
His story was an unusual one. His mother had not been born an Efrafan. She had been one of the rabbits taken prisoner when Woundwort attacked the warren at Nutley Copse. She had mated with an Efrafan captain and had had no other mate. He had been killed on Wide Patrol. Blackavar, proud of his father, had grown up with the resolve to become an officer in the Owsla. But together with this -- and paradoxically -- there had come to him from his mother a certain resentment against Efrafa and a feeling that they should have no more of him than he cared to give them. Captain Mallow, to whose Mark -- the Right Fore -- he had been sent on trial, had praised his courage and endurance but had not failed to notice the proud detachment of his nature. When the Right Flank needed a junior officer to help Captain Chervil, it was Avens and not Blackavar who had been selected by the Council. Blackavar, who knew his own worth, felt convinced that his mother's blood had prejudiced the Council against him. While still full of his wrongs he had met Hyzenthlay and made himself a secret friend and adviser of the discontented does in the Right Fore. He had begun by urging them to try to get the Council's consent to their leaving Efrafa. If they had succeeded they would have asked for him to be allowed to go with them. But when the does' deputation to the Council failed, Blackavar turned to the idea of escape. At first he had meant to take the does with him, but his nerve, strained to the limit, as Bigwig's had been, by the dangers and uncertainties of conspiracy, had given way and in the end he had simply made a dash on his own, to be caught by Campion.

You know the rest,but that isn`t currently important.

Well,here`s the list of members participaing in this and characters they are making/made:

Bogart(Chaos)-Blackavar`s sister-Vaorah
Wild Wind
Me/Cloudstar-Blackavar`s mother-Leao-hain

If anybody wants to join this,feel free to do so,just post here.Here are the available characters:
Blackavar`s father (named Oak for the purposes of Leao-hain`s bio,can be changed)
Blackavar`s siblings

Of course,you can always come up with something of your own.Oh,and everybody who is still in this,please post with the character you are making so I can update this regularly.


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 Post subject: Re: Blackavar`s family character project
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:36 pm 
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I have a small amount of info about mine, including her name: Vaorah ("blessing"). Still working on them, though.

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