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 Post subject: An Alternative Story of the Lion Guard and Simba's Pride
PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:30 pm 

Joined: Thu Dec 10, 2020 2:06 pm

Hello, this is my first page for the Lion king source so, I got a fan made story for you lion king fans. This is an alternative story about the Lion Guard where Zira meet Scar is his spirit form. I'm working on the story and it is not much. I was wondering if you have any ideas for this story. Well here's the story:

When Kion accidentally used the roar of the elders and awaken Scar. Scar gathered an army to take over the pride lands. Scar slowly gathered allies when he learned that there are lions in the outlands, Scar sends Janja and his hyenas to investigate. When Janja's clan got to the location they met Zira and her lions, the outsiders. One of Zira's lions jumped onto Janja and demand that the hyenas to leave. Janja said,"we have orders from Scar." Zira heard and angerily replied "How dare you say Scar's name!" Janja tried to explained, but Zira attacked him. Zira's lions and Janja's hyenas clash each other. Janja asked "You know Scar?" Zira replied "Yes, I used to be one of Scar's loyal lions of the pride lands, until Simba defeated Scar, becomes king, and banished us into the outlands." Janja tried to explain "Well, Scar has return thanks to Kion and his roar." Zira shouted "That's a lie!" But, Janja said "It's the truth! And I can prove it to you, if you can call off your lions." Zira ordered her lions to stand down. Zira asked Janja to lead the way. So Janja's hyenas and Zira's lions went to the center of the volcanic area. Scar's spirit rise up out of the lava. He was surprised to see Zira once more. "Zira, it has been a long time." Scar said. Zira was surprised to see Scar's spiritual head and asked "Scar, is that you?" Scar replied "Yes, it is me." Meanwhile, back in the pride lands, Rafiki since a presence in the air. He said to himself, Evil draws near." At Pride Rock, Kion and his Lion Guard are settling in the hangout, having fun and waiting to be called into action.

That is all I have, what do you think? I know it is not much, but I'm working on it. Give me some ideas on what this story needs.

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