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Hi all!

You can call me Lu :D 

I may be found mostly on TLK source and also on the Spirit Source.

Currently Working On:

  • Writing The Divided Kingdom, Part 1 (90% done!)
  • Revamping some older characters (Djinn, Morana, Tamura, Arielle.)
  • Reworking an old TLK AU and adding characters to it.

About My Characters:

I like to draw out all the character refs myself, as I feel it gives the character more life/personality. It also makes it easier for me to showcase the character's unique structure/form. I feel that bases poorly portray such things and so stay far away from them. 

I have an AU with my good friends Swashh and Priya regarding Kovu and Kiara's cubs which can be distinguished as they have " .Name. " format. I also have my own personal AU- the characters can be distinguished as they have a " *Name* " 

I tend to be a bit of a control freak over how the stories of my characters are written and what happens to them in general, and as such would prefer to not receive a "can I make your character X a crush or mate?" requests or PM's. Nothing against anyone, but if the character was in need of a mate then I would either (a) make them myself, (b) ask a trusted friend to make the mate, (c) host a contest for it, as I would want good effort and thought placed into the character. 

Going along that line, please do not ask me to create a sibling or cub for my characters. If I want them to have a sibling or cub, I'll probably make them myself, or indicate in their profile that I'm looking for someone to create the character. [ex- Mate: Open (PM for details!)]

If you are extremely interested in an AU and want to create a character for it, then I expect you to put effort into said character and have ideas for them.

That said, please don't keep bugging me for a spot in my AU if I say no.

I probably will not deviate/create characters that are unrelated to my main AUs but you can feel free to reach out to me if you would like me to get involved in something you're doing- I'll consider it. :)

About My Art:

As you guys can see from my profile, I don't particularly like to render my characters. This again goes back to how limiting renders can be. I prefer to draw my characters instead :3 

I would ask anyone viewing my art to not distribute it anywhere else. It is mine and mine alone, and I have no wish to see it floating around on other sites without my explicit permission. 

I enjoy doing art trades when I have the time, as I love to see my characters in different styles. 

Check my art gallery to see FAQ's and other tid bits regarding my art!
I also now have a DeviantArt account where I will feature both drawings that I really love from here and drawings that won't be on here at all as they might include characters not on the source. Follow me there to see more ;)

Anything Else?

I LOVE horses! I sometimes wish I had one of my own :)

Besides drawing lions, I also like to write about them!

Currently :offline Offline

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Member since : 14 June 2020
My group : Founder of Elewisa’s Fangirl Club
Gender : female Female

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July 07, 2020
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Founder of Elewisa’s Fangirl Club
Thank you Wild Wind :NalaSmile: I’m glad you like them XD

July 07, 2020
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Kiburi Baaydaye
Hey there, welcome to Animation Source!! I hope you like it here, you've got some great stories and characters already :NalaHeart:

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