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Daughter of an inventor (Maurice) who has a strong taste for the bizarre, Belle has inherited a little something that makes her different from the other girls in the village. While the villagers are relatively superficial, our heroine has a deep fascination with books. Surely thanks to her attraction for the books, this makes Belle is cultivated and intelligent. She favours the personality of a person rather than physical appearance, which infuriates Gaston, the handsome boy of the village.

When her pet horse Philippe returned without her father, Belle did not hesitate for a moment and requested her horseman to take her to his father. In spite of her fear, she entered the haunted castle her horse took her to, only to find her father, imprisoned and ill. A hideous Beast arrived, and Belle offered to take the place of his father to becoming a prisoner. Marked by her love for her father, the Beast accepted and released Maurice. He took Belle to a room in the castle, which would henceforth be his prison, telling Belle that the castle is his, and that she could go everywhere in it, except in the West Wing.

Despite the dirty character of the Beast, Belle managed to break the mask to see what he really is. A friendship began to form between the two. A friendship which, if it were to become true love, would break the curse and transform all the inhabitants of the castle back into humans.

Voice actor : Paige O'Hara

The Beast was once a handsome young Prince of a sumptuous castle, but was also capricious, selfish and insensitive. One Christmas evening, an old woman (the Enchantress) came to the castle and offered the Prince a rose in exchange for shelter from the cold. The ugliness of that woman disgusted the Prince, and drove her away.

The lady reminded him that beauty was internal, but the prince rejected her a second time. After showing her beauty, the lady cast a spell over the Prince and all the inhabitants of his castle, turning the Prince into a frightening Beast, and being left with the rose. If the prince does not find love before this flower loses all these petals, he will remain a monster all his life.

Horrified by his appearance, the Beast stays in his castle to hide his ugliness at all. As the flower began to wilt, he began to lose all hope of becoming human again. But one day a, man came to the castle. Furious, the Beast enclosed the man in his dungeon. Soon after, the man's daughter arrived in the castle to save him Surprised by Belle's offer to take his father's prison position, the Beast agrees, thinking that this girl might be the one who would break the spell.

Very soon, he falls in love with in Belle, a friend with whom he shares much in common, such as a love of books. This friendship may be the key to ending the curse he suffers.

Voice actor : Robby Benson

The Enchantress is a beautiful woman who hides in the form of an old lady. As she came to the door of the Prince's castle asking for a shelter from the cold in exchange for a magic rose, the Prince rejected her offer because of her hideous appearance. She tried to explain to the Prince that the true beauty was inside. But she was pushing away a second time and was revealed to be an elegant woman.

The Prince tried to be forgiven, but it was too late. The woman's heart was deserted by love. She cast a curse on the castle and it's occupants, which turned them all into an object, except the Prince who became a hybrid Beast. She gave him the rose, and told him that if he did not find true love before the last petal has fallen, there would remain a beast forever.

Voice actor : Kath Soucie (The Enchanted Christmas)

Lumière is the most welcoming butler in all of France, despite being turned into a candle during the curse. Charming and kind, he is the first to welcome Belle and his father into the castle. He is best friends with Cogsworth, although they do not stop bickering. With the help of his fellow servants, Lumière manages to create the friendship between the Beast and Belle.

Although a rebellious servant, Lumière is always the first to deviate from the rules to bring a little joy in a rather monotonous daily. He also loves to sing and to party, with all good means to brighten the atmosphere.

Voice actor : Jerry Orbach

Cogsworth is the castle's steward turned into a pendulum clock. Unlike his best friend Light, Cogsworth can not stand breaking the rules as fears fears the reactions of the Beast. He is the only one who wants to do everything the Beast demands so as not to disappoint him, and, above all, not to have to suffer his anger.

He is not always a good counsellor, especially in matters of woman, yet he tries his best, so that Belle and the Beast falls in love with each other. Cogsworth and Lumière bond a great duo friendship, even if they usually bicker with each other.

Voice actor : David Ogden Stiers

Chip, the son of Mrs. Potts, was transformed into a small cup when the curse fell on the Beast's castle. He is an innocent child who likes to blow bubbles in tea to make Belle and his father laugh. He is very playful, but can't restrain himself from making jokes or laughing in inappropriate moments.

However, he is also courageous, and does not hesitate to go to the rescue of Belle and his father, and to warn and warn the Beast about the villagers attacking. He sometimes struggles to understand what happens between Belle and the Beast, and what the adults are talking about.

Voice actor : Bradley Pierce (original) / Andrew Keenan-Bolger (singing) / Haley Joel Osment (The Enchanted Christmas) / Gregory Grudt (Belle's Magical World)

Mrs. Potts is the nanny for the Beast's castle, and the mother of many children, including Chip. During the curse, she was turned into a teapot while her children became tea cups. Protective, gentle, and sweet, she is the heart of the castle, and always ready to give her best to make everyone feel happy.

She plays the role of confidence to Belle, and tries to reason the Beast so that he becomes nicer with the guest. Mrs. Potts works with the other servants in her quest to bring Belle and the Beast to love with each other. She is very enthusiastic, and also likes to sing. Her trick is to serve tea in order to comfort the other inhabitants of the castle.

Voice actor : Angela Lansbury (original, The Enchanted Christmas) / Anne Rogers (Belle's Magical World)


Sultan is the Beast's pet dog who was transformed into foot rest during the curse. He does not lose his dog-like characteristics, continuing to act as such, although he also assumes the role of a formidable foot rest! Always crazy, he likes to play in the snow, and with Chip and Belle.

Voice actor : Frank Welker

Fife is a castle resident turned into a flute, and is the apprentice musician of Maestro Forte. Upon changing, he becomes Forte's minion, carried by the hope of one day playing the score that the Forte wrote for him. Although he is a nice flute, he lets herself be carried away by his desire to play music, and tries to prevent Belle and the Beast from falling in love. Contrary to Forte, he is keen about the idea of ​​becoming human again and celebrating Christmas for the first time in a long time.

Voice actor : Paul Reubens


Although she looks like a Christmas angel, Angelique the decorator (or rather the ex-decorator) of the castle, certainly has a character of her own. She does not want her hopes of being able to restore order in the castle broken. Her hopes become more of a reality when Belle and Lumière ask her to help them make a pretty Christmas decoration.

Voice actor : Bernadette Peters

Maestro Forte was the great musician of the Beast's castle, entertaining the Prince with his music. He was changed into an organ during the Beast's curse. But unlike the other inhabitants of the castle, he is very much satisfied with his new form. Before the curse, his music did not attract the attention of the Prince.

Now that the Prince is a beast, he feels the need to play music to appease his soul. Forte therefore doesn't want Belle to fall in love and then become useless again in the eyes of the Prince once again  He uses his apprentice Fife to spy on the castle since he is chained to a wall and cannot see beyond it.

Voice actor : Tim Curry

Philibert is the pet horse of Belle and her father Maurice. Although initially frightened by the dark forest, he builds his bravery when he guides Belle to find the kidnapped Maurice.

Voice actor : Hal Smith (original) / Frank Welker (The Enchanted Christmas)

This Axe is the master of the castle's boiler room. It is he who gives orders to other objects to keep the castle warm during winters. He is a hard worker, and does not give up on cutting wood, even if it hurts his head. He accompanies Belle and Chip to find a beautiful Christmas tree.


Voice actor : Jeff Bennett

Fifi is the castle's cleaning lady who was transformed into a feather duster during the curse. She is shown to be in love with Lumière, and likes to use her soft eyes to attract her love interest.

Voice actor : Kimmy Robertson

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