Bambi's Friends As Deer

Bambi's Friends As Deer

A collab I did with Windhowler

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June 09, 2019
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Founder of The Silver Herd
Thank you!

Yes, I understand and was tempted to give them more realistic colours and markings (as I prefer realistic). But I wanted to see what they would look like if I stayed true to the original designs.
And honestly, I can't see why I can't just "slap the pattern from their original form into their deer form" if it's my choice to lol
So anyway, thanks for the interesting ideas and opinions, but this is what I was really aiming for and I'm sticking with it :icon14:

You are most welcome to use the idea and create your own versions of them if you wish :)

June 08, 2019
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Well, that's interesting! The idea is really cute! Though I believe that if they were to be deers, I'd see them have more... cervine characteristics. Which I mean, that you can't just slap the pattern from their original form into their deer form, a deer doesn't have a skunk's coat. You could, by example, have Thumper have a dull brown coat while keeping his fluffy chest, while Flower just has really dark colors instead of plain black with a white stripe. You could also add them white spots on their back like any normal young fawn would have. Anyway, it was just my opinion on how their deer form could be more believable. I think Friend Owl looks fine the way he is, though. Great work!

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