''Faline was no longer the sweet-natured, bubbly, playful fawn she was when she and Bambi had first met. Her face was once taunt and young and full of spirit. Now, a permanant scowl took the place of her once youthful face. Dark bags sagged below her eyes, an obvious side-effect of many sleepless nights. Her once shimmering coat was now dull and unkempt, a sign that vanity no longer ruled her heart. Only the love and the instinct to protect her children reigned; her appearance meant nothing to her. Indeed, motherhood had altered the fine doe. She was no longer Faline. She was a Mother and a Wife. The light streaks of stress-induced silver hairs throughout her pelt was a sign that she was doing it right.'' ~ Miracles of the Forest, Chapter 4

A sneak peek at the beginning of Chapter 4. I hope no die-hard Faline fans get angry, but yes, I totally changed Faline's personality. She's a mom now.

Image/Fanfic (C) MW Roach
Faline (C) Disney

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June 01, 2021
Is not currently on the site
Really beautiful story it shows just how protective does are of their babies:SternFaline:: :FalineProud:: :BambiFalineLove::

February 18, 2013
Is not currently on the site
In my fic, as you've probably seen, I've kept her mostly the same, well, she's an adult and a mother, she's more wiser and not all that free spirit that she was as a fawn but I think your idea here fits nicely. I've probably kept her the same because I had to focus on MANY other characters and she was a side character, she's not the main one like Tuktu or Tupilek are.
Indeed I'm curious to see this new Faline 83
Haha I imagine her and Bambi like Goku and ChiChi xDDD probably because of how Bambi took the fact that one of his antlers was gone with a smile and now, this new description of Faline reminded me of those two characters xD

February 18, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Faline: Growls I feel like looking tough today;)

February 18, 2013
Female Is not currently on the site
Seriously - life has that habit to change people. Of course marriage and motherhood changed Faline. I'm neither married nor mother (gosh, I'm turning eighteen this year - a tad early to be either, don't ya think), but I know for certain that I'm not the girl I used to be in fifth grade. And I won't say that all changes were positive - because they weren't.
I think it's the same with Faline - her life changed, and so did she. That's a very realistic view, and I like it. And the render looks great, of course. Great work, Roach.

February 18, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Sneak Preview of Chapter 4 ;)

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