Somewhere deep in the forest was a pregnet doe and her husband. The maroon doe was whining and screeming.She was different then most deer in the forest. With spots still on her and a different tail. She was known as a Fallow deer.Her husband however had no spots and huge antlers and much bigger than the fallow deer.He was a Red deer.


" I will leave once the fawn is born." said her husband Melik

" Melik, we are having two fawns." said his wife Klein

" Oh really two I thought we were having one fawn." sighed the big red stag

After the conversation,Melik left but something happend when he left.Klein was pushing and pushing until... a fawn came out! He had no spots unlike most of his kind and strange brown,grey,and green markings on his feet.Later another fawn was out.She was exactaly like her brother except with spots and a light tan coat of fur.Klein named the male Sterk because she thought he looked strong and the girl Trobella because that meant too beautiful.


" Sterk and Trobella my little Sterk and Trobella." Klein happily said washing her newborn fawns' coats


                                                     To the learning stump


Now Sterk was older and he can go to the learning stump which was like a school for vita deer. There were a little amount deer in Sterk's class.More than 10.Sudenly the teacher began to take role.

" Sterk." called the teacher

" Here." called Sterk while raising his hoof

" Cervela."called the teacher

"Here." said Cervela

The teacher also called out the names Seltsam,Assante,Trobella,Gogorra,Kova,and Tumaini.

" Sterk has no spots." said Seltsam

Then everybody began to laugh up a storm. Sterk was being bullied. He needed help right away.Wait someone was going to stand up for him.

" Stop!" said 3 deer

"Our names are Cervela,Assante,and Tumaini and we are standing up for Sterk."said the three

Sterk seemed to like Cervela a lot.She was a cream brown fawn with no spots like him and with the same markings.They were different than anybody else.

" Sterk you know that we are different than everybody else." said the cream brown fawn

                                                                              So we have no spots yeah

                                                                                 So we have no spots yeah

                                                                                We are different than everybody else

                                                                            We are different than eveybody else

                                                                           We are diferent than everybody else

                                                                         We have no spots and different tails

                                                                     So we are different than everybody else

Sterk had discovered that Cervela was a wonderful singer and dancer.The spotless red fawn developed a crush on the spotless tan fawn.Cervela seemed to have interest in Sterk but also seemed to have interest in the brown covered in spots fawn ,Seltsam.Sterk did not like the bully fawn a lot but she seemed to acctually like him.Assante and Tumaini did not like Seltsam either.They did not like being bullied and did not want to be a bully.

" You can leave now fawns." the teacher bleated

" Can we play in the meadow Cervela,Assante,and Tumaini." said Sterk happily

" Sadly me and my brother can not because our mother is here." the twins said

" Assante,Tumaini, time to come home." said the mother,Sarafina

The twins left and it was only the spotless fawns left. Cervela smiled at him and they took a walk over past the stump to the most strangest thing the the red fawn has ever seen.The love trees. Two bended over trees which make them sort of shape into a heart. If a boy and a girl step under it they will have to kiss each other.

" Sterk,look it's the love tree." Cervela cooed

" What does that mean?" Sterk said

" We can kiss.Don't worry kissing is not bad." the fawn cooed again

"Fine." Sterk angerly said

So they were going to make a perfect kiss anyway. Cervela and Sterk had touched mouths and it was.They had done it. Their first perfect kiss.Sterk did not really like that kiss so much.He did not really enjoy kissing at all.Suddenly he had to go home.The Vita fawn was relieved.

                                                                       Meeting Father

" Sterk,Trobella, we are going to meet your father." the spotted doe said

" Really." Sterk perked up

They had to cross a big river in order to get to see their father.Klein and her vita fawns also had to climb a big cliff.Klein could not ger across.She was trapped down there in the pit where they had to climb.Then, supprisngly a guest appeared.It was Meliek,their father. The big red deer came to rescue his wife.He did save her and lots of drama after the rescue.

" Mileik, you came." Klein cried

" Yes I did." said Meleik

" It burns!" Trobella bleated

" They are kissing." Sterk screemed

Sooner or later the fawns went home to go to sleep and thought about heir father, the big Red Deer.



 Klein was going to take her fawns to the meadow to get the blossoms they had there.Sterk was about to eat a blossom when he got a sudden shock.It was a rabbit.He had a dark grey coat with bright pink ears and bright blue eyes.

" Hello Sterk." the rabbit said

" How do you know my name." Sterk bleated

"The other fawns told me.I like the other fawns with spots and not the ones without spots.I hate the ones without the spots." the grey/black rabbit answered

Sterk did not even know who the rabbit was.He need to ask him his name.

" What is your name?" asked the curious fawn

" Bouncer." replied the rabbit

Soon, Bouncer left and it was just Sterk and

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