Miracles of the Forest--Ch.4 "Welcome Home, Rags"

Author : MW Roach

Date sent : February 18, 2013

Rating : PG (Parental guidance suggested)

Category : Relationship/Love

Description : Bambi introduces Rags to the family. But there are questions regarding the Prince's right to interfere with what some believe to be Destiny....

Length : Short -

Characters :
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                  PG (Parental guidance suggested)
Miracles of the Forest--Ch.4 "Welcome Home, Rags"
By MW Roach

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This fanfic was rated PG (Parental guidance suggested).


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Last comments

February 26, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
rags is so cute in that chapter.^^

February 26, 2013
Female Is not currently on the site
Roach: Sounds pretty interesting, actually. But that's why I said "nature's rough". We are talking about deer, after all.
I just don't approve of violence it to teach (human) children a lesson, that's all. (Although we all agree that Gurri isn't a child anymore.) Bad stories I have heard, bad expieriences that I've made, you know.

February 26, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
MLW: That scene where Faline strikes Gurri was actually based on a nature documentary I was watching about deer. The doe the filmmakers were following had recently given birth to a new set of twins, though she still had her adult pair from the previous year at her side. The older buck left after the new fawns were born, but the older daughter stayed. About 15 minutes into the documentary, the mother doe leaves the fawns with the adult daughter, who decides she wants to play with her new siblings. The mother doe watches this, feels things might be getting a little too rough, and finally, she decides to break it up before the fawns get hurt. So she dashes over to them, gets up on her hind legs and starts boxing on the adult daughter's head until the yearling doe relents and leaves the younger ones alone. So, yeah, what I had Faline do to Gurri was based on an actual incident that commonly occurs in deer in the wild :) Glad you like the story so far!!

Saske: Thanks so much! Yeah, I like plotlines that play with my reader's heads XD Always keep you guessing ^_^ The next chapter (Ch. 5---the beginning of Part 2) will allow us to take a closer look into the perspectives of the mothers and fathers in this story. I know everyone will like it >_< It's a comedy chapter, and those are always fun!

February 26, 2013
Is not currently on the site
I see things are getting kind of serious, at least after what Friend Owl said. I'm really curious to see what will happen or, more likely, what will happen to who.
Faline really shocked me xD I wouldn't have recognized her but her attitude makes sense with the explanation you gave. Not all the people growing up stay the same, some change, who in good who in bad, I guess this is Faline's case. Well portrayed 83

February 26, 2013
Female Is not currently on the site
Oh, I love how each perspective of the story you presented in the last three chapters flowed together in this one. That's really nice.
Well...unlike Faline. Don't get me wrong, Gurri deserved some kind of punishment, but physical violence...I don't approve of that(physical violence itself, of course, not that you used it as an element of this chapter). It can scar people for life, believe me. But nature's rough, huh? I can understand that Faline is upset, I understand perfectly, but...still.
But it all turned out well in the end, at least with Faline and Rags.
Yet I'm afraid that Friend Owl might be right...

February 26, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I present you with...chapter 4 :) Enjoy!

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