Split confession

Vertrou shook his head.Bukuri was his true love? Vertrou stiffened Bukuri noticed the merged reflection. She blushed, but smiled. After a while, Vertrou allowed himself to lie next to Bukuri and sleep under the twinkling stars. The next morning, Vertrou awoke to find Bukuri gone. Vertrou was confused. Where could she be? But his worries were over when Bukuri stepped out and announced she had some news from the herd, which she reminded Vertrou, was now his. Vertrou decided to handle this problem himself. he was met by a second rut, and at least 10 bucks ran towards Vertrou, to which he swept them aside as if he were sweeping cobwebs. One of the bucks looked up. 

" What's going on here?" Vertrou demanded to the buck that had raised his head.

" The rut was changed to today, your magnifies,  since the original date was canceled due to your magnificence beating the former great prince. " Vertrou noticed a doe in the middle of the field standing alone, another doe next to her, and a buck Vertrou seemed to recall from ages ago, someone he used to respect..... Hässlich!

" wait here" Vertrou commanded. Then he stopped, he saw the great princes eyes from a distance lower. 

" And carry on with the rut" Vertrou sighed, to the exited leap of the others. He walked over to the three figures, noticing Bukuri had followed him. 

" Father!" Bukuri cried. 

" My dear girl " Hässlich seemed to find it an effort to speak. Several of his hairs on his body were dull and old, his antlers seemed to weigh his head down, and his face was creased with old age. Vertrou noticed The does had similar signs of old age, but.. prettier. Just then, Hässlich noticed the buck standing next to his daughter. 

" Vertrou.... the faker" He glared, for he thought Vertrou was strange, being the only deer of his kind to ever have no ancient marking.

" Hässlich" Vertrou bowed " May I compliment you on your antlers? How do you ear the weight?" He smoothly said, but through gritted teeth. 

" Don't waste my time with flattery young leader" Hässlich spat out the word leader. Vertrou suddenly snapped back into personality. All he had ever done was to try and make Hässlich proud, but now? Why was it worth the effort making the old timer proud? 

" Fine, and you should show some respect, or you may end up like that stag over there" Vertrou looked back to the stag corpse on the ground. Bukuri swallowed a squeal, that was sickening, but she still loved Vertrou. Mena and Fawn, who were the does looked curisly at Hässlich's next moves. Fawn was remembering Matfuso. Bukuri was thinking about what Vertrou would do. But Bukuri's  thoughts were interrupted by Hässlich pulling her in the opposite direction to Vertrou. 

" Vertrou!" Bukuri shouted. 

" Bukuri!" Vertrou yelled. " Let her go you monster!" He leapt at Hässlich, who turned around, a wild fire in his eys, and struck Vertrou down, then several injured him by running a long cut down Vertrou's side with his antlers. 

" Vertrou................ I love you! " Were the last thing Vertrou heard, and Hasslich stomped on him, causing him to black out. 

" I love you to" Vertrou whispered. A soft breeze flowed slowly across the meadow, and pass over the still king. 

                                                           Geno and Gurri's discovery 

" Leap frog!" Gurri shouted, jumping over her older brother Geno. 

" Can I play?" A skunk and four rabbits came out of a near by bush.

" Sure Bambi!" Geno said to the skunk. After a fun afternoon of leapfrog, Bambi followed his father Flower, and His mother. The four rabbits also went with their mother and Thumper. 

" Ahhh, what next?" Geno asked.

" We could visit the meadow?" Gurri suggested. 

" umm..." Geno paused. " Race you!" he called darting ahead. Gurri paused, then ran after her brother. Upon nearing the meadow, Geno tripped over Vertrou, which was not a pleasant surprise. 

" hey, bro I ..... what the?" Gurri looked at Vertrou. 

" He's not dead" Geno exclaimed,"  let's get friend owl!"


" Wise friend owl, 

Won't you teach me please,

How you glide through the night with the greatest of ease? 

Wise friend owl, 

Won't you help me?

How do you see?

With those big great eyes?

Wise Friend owl, I am beat,

How do you peach

With those really small feet? 

Wise Friend owl, 

You like to munch, 

But why do eat rabbits and mice for your lunch? 

Wise friend owl, 

I'm nearing this tale,

But why do they sell cushioned owls for sale?" 

Genoand Gurri chanted, all the way to Friend owl's house.

" Except they only sell cushioned owls in the human world" Gurri pointed out. 

" Stop being technical!" Geno sighed. As they neared his home, Friend owl hopped out.

" Ah the young .... ur, why are you here? " Gurri pushed Geno forwards. 

" We found the king * or not * injured in the meadow, can you help?" She asked. 

Friend owl tutted. He didn't understand why Bambi didn't fight back. The forest was rightfully his after all. But friend owl helped bring Vertrou back to health. 

" Now off you go!" He called as Geno and Gurri ran back to Bambi and Faline. 

Ronno watched from the shadows, and he cleverly decided to get even with Bambi, and he knew how to get it. Ronno and Mays last two fawns, Clara and Tyrone had become very close to Geno and Gurri, and Ronno figured he could use them to get revenge, and this is what he did .... 

The next day, he saw Geno and Clara playing together. Ronno's blood boiled. He stepped out of the bush and turned round to Clara. 

" Hey!" Geno called bravely. 


The great brown stag turned.   "Get away from my daughter, and tell your sister to get away from my son!"    "NO! Why should I? And anyway, you have no right! "    " I have every right, I'm their father!"    "You don't deserve to be! "    Ronno glared.   "is that so? If you die, we'll see if that will still apply. "   "I'm untouchable, you can't kill a fawn, especially the son of the king, or my father would banish you! "   Ronno smiled evilly.    " Do you really think I care about what your father says? "   Geno froze.    "Dad no!    Clara called as her own father lept at the powerless buck. From a distance, Bambi heard Clara's calls and ran towards the sound. He couldn't;'t be too late .... not this time....                                                                 Doomed     Vertrou woke up in his den, as Friend owl applied the last of the herbs onto his wound.   " No more fights" He lectured. Vertrou nooded solemnly. As friend owl flew away, a stag appeared in the middle of the room. Vertrou turned. The stag was chestnut all over, and had black eye rings, a black muzzle and black undersides. His eyes were brown, with a gold ring. he had tan socks with a pinky-chestnut ending sock. He would have 6 points, except one of his points had broken off on one side.    " WHO ARE YOU?" Vertrou demanded.   " I know not who i am, but what is of you" The buck said in  a strangely solemn voice.   " eh?" Vertrou was wary of this buck.   " I am from the future, I do not know how, My name is Chestnut. My parents belong to this herd, and I am of a new race, half  white tail, half whay you are" The buck shook, and from his lips came strange words.    " Trust the untrusted, But be wary of those you trust.    Keep your friends close, But your enimes closer" The buck recited, and dropped on the floor.    Vertrou gasped, as Nocere and Lojalis entered the den, looking guilty and cautious. 




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Thanks for that advicelol

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The rut has no special date, it's just a period of time when deer mate.
The chapter was interesting, but again, I think it's all going on to fast. Half the time, you don't know what's going on. Give your characters room to breath, describe their feelings if needed, but don't rush through the story you want to tell.

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