Angry Tupilek is Angry

Angry Tupilek is Angry

So somehow, the colours on Ronno look fairly darn accurate to me. How'd I do that?
Don't ask. I dunno.
Anyway, I guess scrawny little Ronno here(who I love, don't get me wrong) must have said or done juuuust the wrong thing and really tipped 'lek off here. He's probably notifying the smaller deer now that he's bigger, stronger, older, more seasoned, and much, much more ruthless when he needs to be.
Yah. You get him, Tupilek.

Hah hah, yah, any ideas on what's happened?

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June 20, 2012
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I like it! Sounds like a plausible scene, too. :D Very nice. Lol, you don't need to apologize for coming up with a good scene that'd explain the picture.

June 20, 2012
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Ronno snorted "Oh great! Another weirdo around! That Tutku boy wasn't enough? Can't you freaks just go back home?!"
Tupilek was tired of all of this, first when he had just arrived in the forest and then now. At least Indigo had stopped but the younger deer kept bullying him and his friend "Oh shut your little mouth Ronno!"
The fawn stared at the caribou with killer eyes "What did you say?!"
"I said to shut your mouth!" Tupilek snapped "Quit bullying and go away! Ever wondered why you're always off alone?"
"I'm with my cousin, you freak!"
"Oh sure, your cousin, the one that now isn't anymore around because he's part of our herd?"
"He is. And you're alone. I may be a freak but I do have friends. And I'm tired of you, I have my limits. Now please, leave us alone!" shouted Tupilek.
Ronno decided that it was better to flee so, he turned his back on the two caribou and, giving one last look to his sister, he ran away.

Sorry, I was into a writing mood xD

June 20, 2012
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Ronno and Tupilek. Yay, more drawings!

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