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Antlers, by Falinelover101
Howcome bambi's antler's are a dark brown in
the first movie but creamish in the second. i don't
really get it.

Geno and Gurri, by Imagine
For those of you who don't know, in the book,
Bambi's Children, Geno and Gurri are the names of
Bambi's and Feline's young fawn...

The Forest, by Aiyana-Kopa
Okay, so I'm wrting a fanfic in which the
fursona's of my friends fursona's and mine are in.
Two of these fursonas exist in the Bam...

Animals in the forest?, by Hige Is Epic
I was wondering where Bambi's forest is and what
animals would live there. I want to make a unique character
but I want a species that no o...

Age, by Sofi
Bambi's mother told her son that none of the deer
had lived half as long as The Great Prince. But, he said
that he met her when he was Bambi&#...

Are there other adaptations of Bambi, by Evan
i know that Bambi is a classic childrens novel written
by Felix Salten and was adapted by disney in 1942 which
gained lots of recognition being re...

Bruno the Foreign Deer, by YearooTheCub54
I saw the new characters and there is an offical character
called "Bruno the Foreign Deer". Who is he?

Bambi's Children pages, by YearooTheCub54
There was a disney comic made of it and me and Sofi have
looked for sites that have the pages from it, but we can't
find any. Do you know where there...


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