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Allison, December 01, 2015 01: 34
I loved the Disney take on Bambi but I have to admit, I appreciate the original telling better.

Maliha, February 19, 2014 12: 08
I love Bambi. And more to know about the life of the deers!

Tandberg, February 23, 2012 13: 32
Hello from Denmark, I found your website address surfing on Google and decided to take a look. I will not leave again without leaving a message and thank you for making it possible to see all the good work you have put into your website, and I love Bambi.

kaspa3006, October 29, 2011 18: 55
I Love Bambi Source Its Great!!!!

Penzo, August 17, 2011 09: 37
Bambi source is the best source out of all of them. I get to show more of my characters with the people. In don't get bullied and upset on this site as I do on other sites. If I do something else I must go on Bambi source. It's my daily check-post schedule.

Nakou, April 12, 2011 12: 28
Vraiment un superbe boulot! Bambi est probablement le plus travaillé des sites sources. L'idée de la partie production est très bien trouvée, et pour le reste, le design est vraiment superbe. Un boulot de chef ;P! Petit truc que je reprocherais : la boucle du 'l' et du "i" sur la bannière qui sont pleines et auraient été plus belles vides... M'enfin, ce n'est qu'être (trop) tatillon. Vivement le prochain site qui nous émerveillera =D!

Sweet Fur WereWolf, April 12, 2011 06: 29
Nice background and i like the information on the movie that was gathered c: And of course who can forget the movie, it makes me wish that i somehow had a way to read the books. ^^

Iron Leopard, April 11, 2011 00: 56
If ever there was a movie that deserved a source. It would be Bambi.

, April 10, 2011 20: 36
Enfin un site sur ce chef d'oeuvre!

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