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A Doe's Adventures Prolouge/Ch. 1 Abandonment :

This is the story of Prince Harmony's daughter living away from her family after being almost killed by Harmony. She meets lots of new friends and even finds a new home. Read and see what happens.
Length :

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A Doe's Adventures Ch. 2 A Best Friend. :

Zaina bumps into a doe fawn and later become friends. Zaina also make other friends. Harmony comes to check Seline to see if Zaina is killed. Talon tells the story of the rabies monster. There is a tradgic death at the end. Read more to see what happens.
Length :

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A Doe's Adventures Ch. 3 Sad With a Twist of Happy :

Jove tells Zaina about the wolves who live in the forest. Zaina and Ann Elise meet 3 buck fawns and 1 doe fawn. Bumper plans to kill Ann Elise and win back Zaina as a best friend. Zaina goes over Alrik's den to play. But run into trouble. read to see what happens.
Length :

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The Story of Sterk :

A deer named Sterk and his sister Trobella are born in the forest. Sterk is born with no spots unlike other Vita Fawns. He is always bullied by the greedy and snobby Seltsam. Will Some one stand up for him?Yes someone did. Her name was Cervela. When he is a little older he goes to the meadow with his sister but a tradgic event happens which leads to the death of his father. When he is an adult, he finally got his spots and big antlers. Then he sees Trobella under a heavy branch.He tries to get her out and POP she is out! Sterk is a hero. Then Sterk sees a doe he knew.It was Cervela with Seltsam walking together closly.Then Cervela sees him and walks closly with him.They later mate and have Poza.
Length :

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Melting Up Prolouge :

Inspired by JetxLucy,AK,Defyinggravity comes a what if fanfic about what if Faline liked Ronno and not Bambi.When the groundhog ceremony comes around Ronno and faline kiss. Bambi is heartbroken because he likes faline.Bambi's mother is still alive but a stag named scratch kills the Great Prince and mates with her.Fawna, Faline's sister is also heartbroken because she likes Ronno. Bambi and Fawna run off to the outlander-like herd and meet four fawns. The athletic Pine, the dull Athena, the smart moss, and the beuatiful Sara. the fawns tell Bambi and Fawna about scratch and Faline meets someone interesting. The story is pretty backwards and when you are backwards you are melting up instead of down.
Length :

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Melting up Chapter 1 Scarred :

A new fawn appears who is lucky go happy all the time. She seems to make friends with them. Meanwhile, Bambi's mother is going to get enslaved by scratch. Faline gets scarred to life When the unusual creature, a caribou named Sedna, appears. Then Athena is out on the meadow and gets two bloody scars.
Length :

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Artist presentation

Hello I'm Falinelover101 and welcome to my fanfics gallery.

Fanfic#1 A does adventures. This one was a bad one because it was from a few years ago. Well it's about Kale's daughter, zaina who runs away from her family but gets taken in by a misterious young doe named Jove. Later Zaina makes a bucnh of new rabbit friends. After making those friends she makes she nakes a deer friend named Ann Elise. The rabbits well... are planing to kidnap her and be Zaina's best friends. Weird isn't it.


BETTER FANFIC.#2. Melting up. A backwards what it about what if faline liked Ronno and not bambi and what if his mother survived but not his father. After when Faline and Ronno Kiss, Bambi gets upset and runs away but thats not all, he also does that because he heard his mother will remate with a nasty buck named scratch. bambi meets new deer and does stuff with them. According to a shoutbox chat, more people wanted to coninue this fanfic.

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