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Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Quova



Full Name - Quo Vadis (meaning 'Where goest thou?' in Latin)
Commonly Known As - Quova

Also Known As
Quo-Quo, ''Butterfly'' (because of her ears - see history)


Generation of Bambi's children - but seven years younger than Bambi's children

Type (of deer) 

The Silver Herd

Rank Status (in Herd)


Member of the Silver Herd


General Appearance and Build
Fine but strong; has her mother's slightly gaunt appearance about the head.

Eye Colour

Fur Colours
Predominantly golden-chestnut, with deep chestnut forelegs (from knees down) and head marking (also as fawn has same colour patch on back); has cream back legs (from hocks down), undertail-to-throat, eye and muzzle markings (and eight cream spots on either side of body as fawn); has black-tipped ears, each of which has a white spot inside; as adult has her father's 'speckles' on back; her hooves are a mauve-tinted dark grey.


Very curious, sparky, sunshine-y, smiley; she can lift any dark mood. She enjoys fun, playing both mental of physical games, and seems to be full of energy all the time.

Playing games

When a family member or friend is down; being on her own (her sister Ammet shares this dislike); tagging along behind either of her parents; helping her mother and father with their Foraging duties; listening to 'Auntie' Brance's stories.

Making up games

 Instrumental Theme
Tremolo strings
As in this video:



Lughooey (father), Geeri (mother), Flinder, Jesien, Ammet (siblings), Great Prince, Bambi's Mother (maternal grandparents), Bambi, Faline (uncle and aunt), Geno, Gurri (cousins); numerous other relations.

Her parents and siblings; Mrs Friend Owl; other Silver Herd deer (including Brance)





There . . .

Quova (full name Quo Vadis) was born the third of four fawns . . . all born on the same day. Her mother, Bambi's sister Geeri, had chosen a spot outside Silver Herd territory (in Bambi's forest, infact), to have her fawns, she bore very late into her life.

Quo Vadis was born a member of the Silver Herd, led by Lord Malvon at the time. She was the only one of her siblings to have not inherited their father's 'muzzle spots' - for they, instead, were inside her ears. Because her the spot made her ears look like butterfly wings, she was often called ''Butterfly'' by her father.


 . . . And Gone.

  Quova was given her (full) name for the reason that she, soon after birth, disappeared from her mother's sight, only to be found shortly after, several metres away from the birth area, stuck in a briar patch. It was Friend Owl's mate (Mrs Friend Owl)  who had trailed her; and being fluent in many languages including Latin ( having learned and travelled a lot), she had been following the fawn while muttering, 'Quo Vadis?' (Where are you going?). Geeri warmed to the phrase, and named her daughter after it.


Stutterings and Spoonerisms

Quova was fairly nervous when she was very, very young. It took her time to become bolder; and when less plucky, she was prone to stuttering and stumbling over her words. Often she made 'spoonerisms', ie. verbals errors in which she mixed up the beginnings of words - so that 'Hello, ma'am!' would come out as 'Mello ham!', and similar.

Her father and mother gently helped her to be more confident. She followed her parents around almost everywhere they went if they allowed it. She was introduced to many of their friends, including Geeri's old friends Thumper's family. Thumper's daughters, and his mate, took to Quova. They were very vocal characters, and talking to them soon helped Quova speak more bravely.



Relation to the Bambi Universe
She is the granddaughter of the Great Prince and Bambi's mother, and thus the niece of Bambi and Faline; she is friends with Thumper's sister's and his mate Miss Bunny.


Character Copyrights

Quova, Lughooey, Geeri, Flinder, Jesien, Ammet, and Quova's history (based on Disney's Bambi) (c) W.H.Marbles (Blogger) aka Windhowler (Animation Source)  |  Mrs Friend Owl (c) Little Blue (Blogger) aka Pawface (Animation Source)  |  Brance (c) Speckle (Blogger) aka Gums (Animation Source | Bambi, Faline, other Bambi characters and the Bambi film (c) Walt Disney Productions


Herd and Artwork Copyrights
The Silver Herd (and its location) (c) Pawface
Artwork (c) W.H.Marbles (Blogger) aka Windhowler (Animation Source)


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