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Detail Malvon



Name: Malvon


Title: Lord Malvon (of The Silver Herd)


Age: Eight years old


Voice: None Yet


Species: White-tail deer



Other Names: Lord Malvon, Leader of The Silver Herd, Bambi's friend/brother, Silver Herd leader




Appearance: Tall, beautiful. Dark brown pelt with a darker brown crown marking on head, cream eye rims. Front body is stockier than back, fluffy chest and ears, well developed cream antlers, kind slightly slitted, deep brown eyes, usually wears a warm smile on his face. Strong legs and back.


Accessories: None


Personality: Noble, kind, gentle, strong-minded, willful and wise. He is an introvert and enjoys time either alone of with his family, but also likes company of friends like his Silver Herders.moderate, adventurous, modest, unobtrusive, reasonable, knowledgeable, skillful, talented, jocular, quick-witted, intelligent, fair, sensible, understanding.

 He has a hard time being a leader sometimes, and to intensify the problem, Djenva (the Co-Deputy of The Silver Herd) continuously challenges him for his authority, but luckily being stronger, Malvon always gets the better of it.


Occupation: The Leader of The Silver Herd

Herd Territory: The land surrounding most of Prince Bambi's herd


Alignment: Good


Home: Bambi's forest (old home), The Silver Herd




Enemies/Friends and Relations


Friends: Prince Bambi (closest friend) Lady Almon'de, Maiden Zima, Hon Javam, Deputy Belguim, Co-Deputy Djenva, Sir Denroan, Sir Soldier, Sir Erzino, all the members of The Silver Herd and Bambi's herd.


Enemies: Unknown


Grandfathers on Father's Side: Unknown


Grandmothers on Father's side: Unknown


Grandfathers on Mother's side: Olicasli and Letoiua Enta

Grandmother on Mother's side: Eliasa Kelitas and Una Enta 


Father: Emperor Othalla


Mother: Empress Iris


Siblings: Dame Esrelle

Mate: Lady Almon'de of The Silver Herd


Children: Hon Sir Javam and Maiden Zima of The Silver Herd


Daughter-in-law: Dame Rue (Javam's mate)


Grandchildren: Miss Flaxy and Miss Belle of The Silver Herd


Servants: None


Herd: The Silver Herd




Likes: Lady Almon'de, Maiden Zima, Hon Javam, Dame Esrelle, nature, his family.


Dreams: To find his parents again


Dislikes: Never seeing his parents, loosing his beloved family and Silver Herd friends. 


History -


Fawn Hood Malvon birthplace is The Great Prince's forest. His mother was chased there by her mate's (Emperor Othalla) herd's member's who disliked her and wished her away.


Teen Hood ~ When Lord Malvon's mother found out that her mate was ill (after finding out that she was gone) and had gone Eastward (hoping that she had gone there) she took her young son and made haste to go Eastward too. Unluckily on the way, Malvon stumbled into a trap and got his head and antlers stuck in a snare ~ Read Iris's profile for more info.

After some troubles, Iris had to leave Malvon in The Great Prince's forest where he was looked after by Aunt Edna (a elderly doe of the forest).

Edna did not know that Iris was Malvon's mother, though she once met (and fought) with the doe and considered that they might possibly be related, but did not ponder over the subject for long. Edna raised Malvon well until he was old enough to leave her. Sadly Malvon forgot about his blood mother after the snare damaged some veins (which helped a certain part of his brain that stored his memories).

 Malvon's teen-hood was quite normal and quiet, he enjoyed wandering through the forest and games with Prince Bambi and his friend Thumper the rabbit. 

 But throughout his life he longed for adventure and roaming. And one of his biggest dreams in the world was to build a herd when he grew up.

'That's every child's dream, my sweet. ' Edna would say when he told her his intentions. Malvon, who wasn't really one to argue with elders, said nothing in protest. 

He also used to talk to Bambi about his dreams for rambling and herd creating, but Bambi usually looked at him in a strange way and said.' Why roam? When The Great Prince's Forest is so lovely? I want you to stay here forever, Malvon...'

So for Bambi's sake Malvon left it as that for the while, and talked no more of the subject.


Adult Hood~  After some many quiet years, Malvon grew into a fine young buck. He was admired by many, especially The Great Prince and Bambi, who both just could not make enough of him.

Though he was happy, Malvon never forgot about his dreams. One day, on the month of July, Malvon asked Bambi for permission to leave the herd. Bambi was angry and told him he could do whatever he liked, he would not stop him anymore. 

Sad that he had left his friend angry, but still having a strong urge to go, Malvon went away. On the way out of the forest he met Bambi again, who repented for his anger and after a long talk about understanding one another, they left each other in a friendship that was stronger than ever before, with a promise from Malvon to Bambi that they will never be apart in heart and spirit.


After a few months of rambling, Malvon met a doe called Almon'de when his head got caught in a snare again ~ Read Almon'de's profile for more info.


They became mates, but it was more of Almon'de's intentions to become mates with him. For her safety, Malvon decided to form a herd outside Bambi's forest, and called it "The Silver Herd". He was given the name "Lord Malvon" by Prince Bambi. Lord Malvon's first members were Djenva, Princess Geeri (Bambi's sister), Belgium, Brance and Llyn.


 After came Woodwork, River, Locket, Ivy, Denroan, Arroyo, Lughooey, Malia, Soldier, Serey, Lyra, Lieben, Tako, Anna, Lent, Kuisata, Contessa, Beech Nut, Florelle, Firestorm, Neltuk, Rue, Magnus, Erzino, Yury, Tytain, Juliet, Hiekka, Esrelle, Veda, Tyler, Wren, Ammet, Jesien, Flinder, Gillo, Quova, Grupa, Immi, Gnies, Czarny, Flaxy, Belle,Bracken, Softbreeze, Kadel, Timbre, Jasper, Elmer, Oihana, Webb, Samira, Kami, Fir, Tilline, Cleft and Honeycomb.

 Malvon's mate, Lady Almond bore a son whom they called, Javam.
 Lord Malvon and  Lady Almond befriended the members of The Marble Herd, Queen Kathleen, her husband, King Friad and there young daughter, Princess Adara.
One winter Malvon's mate bore a little white daughter, whom they named Zima.


The Silver Herd keeps growing and growing now and is beloved by Lord Malvon and his Lady Almon'de.


Relation to the story and characters of the Disney film "Bambi"  -Bambi's most closest friend in the world (they were more like brothers then friends). His herd's territory neighbors Bambi's forest.



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