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Detail Geno

Basic Infomation

Geno is the son of Bambi and Feline. He is seen at the end of the first movie, and likewise appears at the end of the original ''Bambi'' novel, in which he is stated to look like Bambi. Geno and Gurri are main characters of the novel's sequel, Bambi's Children: A Family in the Forest. Although it is not precised in the movie which fawn is actually Geno, a French Disney book (''Le Enfants de Bambi'') and a Disney comic (''Bambi's Children'') both depict Geno with red eyes, thus assumedly Geno is the red-eyed fawn in the film.

Featured In: 'Bambi' film, various ''Bambi'' books and comics by Disney including the comic ''Bambi's Children'' and the French storybook 'Les Enfants de Bambi'

Species: deer (White-tailed)

     * 'Bambi' film (as fawn): almost identical to how Bambi looked as a fawn; small, long-legged, with tawny brown pelt with darker brown and cream markings, white spots and red eyes.
     * 'Les Enfants De Bambi' storybook': Geno looks much like Bambi looked as a fawn, is of a ginger colour with brown, cream, and white markings, and red eyes.
     * 'Bambi's Children' comic: As a fawn he looks much like Bambi did as a fawn; he is of a ginger colour with brown, cream and white markings, and red eyes. However the artists often to change his fawn markings throughout the comic  (he is sometimes seen without his back stripe, head marking, etc.), probably unintentionally. As an adult, Geno is predominately a ginger-brown colour, with lighter ginger markings and antlers, and a pinkish-white throat 'bib'.


     *Film: Geno is a young, quiet, playful fawn
     *In the book ('Les Enfants de Bambi') and comic ('Bambi's Children'): Geno is cautious but fun-loving fawn, friendly, obedient, inquisitive, a little competitive, and close to his family and friends; he becomes more wise into his adulthood.

Relations: The Great Prince (grandfather), Bambi's Mother (grandmother), Bambi (father), Faline (mother), Gurri (sibling), Lana and Boso (cousins)

Friends: his family, Thumper's children (Hopper and Patter), Thumper

Foes: The Wild Dog, Master Fox ('Maitre Renard' of the French storybook), The Fox (of the comic)

In the German 'Bambi' casette series, Bambi has a son called Bino. Whether he actually a version of Geno, or another fawn altogether, in uncertain.


Geno in the French storybook 'Les Enfants de Bambi'

Geno takes a tumble in the Disney comic 'Bambi's Children' by Dell Comics

Geno in the Dell comic, as an adult, being charged at by his jealous cousin Boso  . . .


Head and Body Picture: Copyright of Animation Source (made by the Bambi Source Siteboosters, using a screenshots from the films Bambi and Bambi II supplied by the website Disney Screencaps).

As there was no full body picture of Geno (by himself) from the film to use as his detail picture (only part of him can be seen behind his sibling), we put together a combination of Geno's head and the back legs of Bambi (with the latter's colour altered to match), which was then pasted onto a background from the film.



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November 06, 2014
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I researched a bit and I got confirmation that it's Geno, with one "n" and not Genno. Dunno why it was written Genno, to be honest, since I've always heard about Geno O.o maybe it was a spelling mistake.
Anyway, I've fixed it.

November 05, 2014
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Lol the evil twin that lives inside the closet :'D

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It was, Saske :p Genno must be his evil twin or something lol

November 04, 2014
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Wasn't it Geno? With one "n"?

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