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Created by : pawface

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Denroan



Name: Denroan

   Name pronunciation: Den-row-an

 Age: Five and a half years

Gender: male

Voice: unknown


Species: White-tail deer


Designer: Pawface


Other Names: Sir Denroan, Darky (by creatures who don't really know him), Highway Buck, Denny (by some of his old friends), Den (by his mate, Ivy)







Appearance: Short, thin-legged, cunning-looking eyes, round face.


Accessories: None


Personality: Before joining the Silver Herd Denroan was a reckless, selfish and disobedient buck. After joining (and with the help and teachings of Lord Malvon himself) Denroan became more selfless, quiet and kinder.

Likes: being with her family, helping others

Dislikes: Evil



Occupation: Knight of The Silver Herd


Alignment: Good (?)


Home: The Silver Herd








Enemies/Friends and Relations




Friends: Lord Malvon (very close friend), Sir Javam, Ivy, some of the members of The Silver Herd


Enemies: The Great Prince's soldiers/guards/deer


Grandparents: Elowen and Tyle


Father: Josn


Mother: Dwalla


Siblings: Tooki, Olin, Josksa and Delie


Mate: Dame Ivy


Children: Miss Juliet, Master Tytain and Master Czarny


Grandchildren: None


  Great Grandchildren: None


Servants: None








Loves: His family, nature


Dreams: To become friends with The Great Prince's members again


Fears: Meeting a member from the Great Prince's frorest


History -


Fawn Hood ~  Birthplace is Helsmith. Fawn life not recorded.


Teen Hood ~ Not recorded.


Adult Hood~ Met up with a gang of rouge bucks. Impressed them all so much with his abilities to steal and trick innocent deer that they made him their leader. He was feared by many herds because of his fame for taking herd members. Was surrounded and caught by The Great Prince's buck and was punished.


When The Great Prince's son Bambi was consulting with his members what to do with Denroan, his friend, Lord Malvon of the Silver Herd chose to take Denroan.


Den was taken to The Silver Herd where Lord Malvon personally taught him how to behave.


Denroan became the mate of Dame Ivy and was Knighted.


Relation to the story and characters of the Disney film "Bambi"  - Denroan was caught by The Great Prince's buck and punished. He lives in The Silver Herd, which surrounds most of Prince Bambi's forest.



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