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Created by : Bear Hill

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Czarny

Name: Czarny

Name Meaning: Black

Age: Depending

Gender: Male

Other Names: Czar and Blackie

Appearance: Small, short legged, wide eyed, Black coat with light grey spashes and green eyes. Has a wooden leg.

Personality: Brave, troublesome, curious, daring and polite. Takes most of his personality from his mother, Ivy.

Herd: The Silver Herd

Friends: most of the deer in The Silver Herd.

Enemies: None really

Likes: Playing with his siblings, birds, bugs, food

Dislikes: Violence, lies, rude deer

Loves: His parents and siblings, nature


Father: Denroan

Mother: Ivy

Siblings: Tytain and Juliet

Mate: None

Fawns: None


History: Czarny was born behind a human settlement. His mother chose the place because the people who owned the settlement had looked after her well when she was having Tytain and Juliet.

 The owners of the settlement were out for the day, but when they returned they found Ivy bleating over Czarny, who was lying on his side after he had cut his right leg clean off when curiously searching through the human's pile of scrap metel outside the hut.

The people took Czarny and Ivy into their dwelling and kept them for two weeks, healing Czarny's leg (fitting a wooden pegleg on) and taking care of Ivy, who was suffering from shock.

After the two had recovered, the humans set Czarny and his mother free again.

On their journey back to The Silver Herd, Ivy and Czarny had to go through Bambi's forest. They were not exactly "warmly welcomed" by the deer, due to there being a Grizzly bear in the woods, and most of them were hiding from it. Ivy and Czarny met Ronno and his mate Sonyo (Windhowler's character), who helped them find a place to hide from the bear until it left the forest.

Czarny and Ivy returned to The Silver Herd, and were greeted warmly by some of the herd members, especially Denroan, Juliet and Tytain.

Relation to Bambi Universe: His great, great, great uncle is The Great Prince.



Ivy, Denroan, Tytain, Juliet and The Silver Herd (c) Pawface

Body and Head Pic (c) Myself

Design by Me


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Thank you, both. Paw - Great to hear! (:

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*Faves* Oh, btw I added him to the herd. Can't wait to start on his family pic! XD

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Such a cutie!

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