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Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Arroyo



Name (Full): 

Arroyo - another word for creek/watercourse






1 year old - yearling (teen)


Rank Status: 

none yet - wants to become a Knight


Taller than deer of same age. Lean, long-limbed, strong. Has unusual tufts of fur growing on hocks. Antlers: his first anlters - white, velvet-covered rack with four points


Arroyo is bold, gentle, cool, kind and usually cheerful. He is very sensitive, judging by the feel of the situation whether to be playful and cheery, or serious and attentive. Also is very good at controlling his temper.


Arroyo is extremely set on becoming a good Knight once he is old enough, so tries to be as helpful, polite and courteous as possible, to prove himself worthy of the rank he one day hopes to earn.



Instrumental Theme: 

Cornet/trumpet fanfare



playing with his friends; pleasing/surprising others; spending time with his father; being praised or encouraged; praising or encouraging



hunters; being unable to help somebody


Friends and Relations:

Ronno, Wiosna (paternal grandparents), Djenva, Llyn (parents), Cleft (uncle), Florelle (auntie), Javam, Beech Nut and other fawns of Silver Herd (friends/play-mates), Malvon (surrogate uncle and leader), Belgium, Lughooey (surrogate uncles) Anna (mate).

Relationships with Other Deer: 

Arroyo is known as a fun-loving, innocent and well-mannered character. He is polite and humble to Bucks and Does, and very brotherly and kind with Fawns.


He is still young, leading a peaceful life within the Silver Herd, and despite one near-death experience (after eating some poisonous plants growing at an old hunter's camp) in his first Autumn,  is faring well in life.

Aged 3/4 year: has grown his first antler buds and lost all of his spots

Aged 1 year: grown his first antlers (four points) and has been betrothed to Anna


Relation to the Bambi Universe: is the grandson of Ronno.



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