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Agent Jesień

Agent Jesień


Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Agent Jesień


Real/birth Name; Mottle 

Scout (spy) Name; Agent Jesień (Jesień means 'autumn' in Polish)

Also known as Mossy, Mo and ''The Bullfrog''


Gender male


Age currently a yearling - generation of Bambi's children -  born seven years after Bambi


Type (of deer) White-tailed

Herd the Silver Herd


Rank Status (in Herd) Secret Agent/Scout of Silver Herd





Average White-tail deer height for his age, is stocky and very chubby in build, especially around neck and shoulders, with thick legs; adult coat bears ''speckles''

Fur Colours; white, dark and pale brown, pale ginger shades

Eye Colour; leafy green

Antlers; smallish but healthy light brown rack, unusually striped




Jesień is a kind, soft-spoken buck with a large appetite. He tends to think to the future.

Jes has inherited his father's go-ahead, determined personality - but that's not to say he is quick to do things. He has a strong urge to get things done, and usually does them quite successfully, but bearing his mother's slow, rather leisurely attitude he prefers to act at his own pace. This annoys many. Luckily Jesień is not slow to think of others; when he gets nagged to hurry up he tries his best to do so. Despite his nonchalant ways on the outside, inside Jesień is very bright - answers and ideas come to him very quickly, only he is not equally fast to execute or reveal them. Funnily, Jesień used to be extremely energetic in his fawns years ... now he doesn't talk very often. Some claim this is because Jes is making sure he doesn't accidentally blab important, secret information by talking too much.



grazing, eating; being with his parents and siblings; playing with his ''brother'' Fir; his rank, and going on spying missions; gently teasing his sisters; keeping secrets; occasionally annoying others by being slower than usual.



being nagged too much for being slow; being called ''The Bullfrog''



is quick-thinking and clever, so is capable of conjuring some impressive ideas


Instrumental Theme

Larghissimo Flute







Lughooey, Geeri (parents), Flinder, Quova, Ammet (siblings), Veda (mate), The Great Prince, Bambi's Mother (maternal grandparents), Bambi (uncle), Faline (aunt), Geno, Gurri (cousins), Malia, Serey ('foster parents'), Fir, Lyra ('foster siblings')



his parents and siblings, his lovely mate Veda, Bambi, Faline, Fir, Lyra, other deer of Silver Herd



man and enemies of his herd





  The Beginning...

Jesień was born the second eldest of four fawns, all conceived on the same day, and into the Silver Herd. A boy born strong and fit, he had a healthy appetite, feeding on much more than his three sisters. Jes's real, birth name was Mottle, given to him because of the light speckled pattern on his pelt which he had inherited from his father's side of the family. It was all due to his Dream Future Rank that Mottle's title later changed...

''You want to be a .... what is it you want to be?''

- Lughooey to Jesień, on hearing about his son's Dream Future Rank

 Jes, when he was known as Mottle and in his fawn years, had a huge dream to be a scout, a spy for Silver Herd. He wasn't certain his herd even had any foes other than predators, but being one to think forwards, he thought perhaps one day there would be a need for a secret agent, later on. In preparation, Mottle spent spare time mastering the art of being unseen - traversing the forest invisible to watching eyes, walking in absolute silence and merging with his surroundings. He also practiced storing large amounts of information in his head, for the carrying of future secret messages. Zima, his leader Malvon's daughter, helped him choose a Spy Name: Agent Jesień...

''There's an important message for Prince Bambi...''

- Djenva to Agent Jesień 

 Mottle grew into a fine big buck - his hearty appetite never subsided throughout his life. As time progressed and he was finally given the rank of Secret Agent, Mottle began to be known as Agent Jesień (although many young deer liked to call him 'The Bullfrog', as a joke due to his chunky build). He goes on many missions, sometimes delivering important messages to the neighbouring herds - that known as the Marble Herd, and his uncle Bambi's - but usually to scout out the land surrounding Silver Herd territory for hunters, other predators and roguish bucks. He often travels with Cleft and Tako, the herd Heralds.


Later Character Events

Aged 1 and 3/4 years - Became mates with a pretty doe called Veda, the daughter of Dawn.


Relation to the Bambi Universe: is the grandchild of the Great Prince, and the nephew of Bambi and Faline.


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