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Created by : Feathervenom

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Tupilek

Headshot and detail shot by Saske. Thanks, Saske!! You're totally awesomesauce. XD

Name: Tupilek

Meaning: Familiar Spirit(Inuit)

Personality: Tupilek was born with a rather bouyant, micheivious nature, always in trouble, and by far a favorite of the bulls. The cows always would ridicule his mother for not properly disciplining him, but they all were in good nature, knowing that he wouldn't change. At least, they thought. Tupilek was very quick, and loved to play with his sister, Sedna. Tupilek would always tease her into chasing him in the snow of their herd's valley.

As Tupilek grew and was forced out of his herd, however, he grew bold and brave, losing his mischeif-loving nature in favor of being cold and lifeless. He still yet was not an adult, but on a great journey to nowhere, a young buck had no choice. Tupilek became hardened with survival. He became as strong as the rocks he travelled over for months, and muscular enough to fight any caribou or deer his age and even older. However his overwhelming strength is tempered by his calmness. The one thing that overwhelms his calmness, though, is when he hears other fawns complain over stupid things. Moreso, being called weak. Especially by fawns who don't know what he's been through, or know what true suffering is. In these occations, the fawn - probably spoiling for a fight - learns what it is to be weak. They, if they choose not to back off of Tupilek's aggressions, are almost always beaten in a fight due to Tupilek being a caribou when he is in the Great Prince's woods. Ronno in particular gets on his nerves, acting like he's so strong...

Likes: As a calf - sunshine, snow, warmth, moonlight, wind, mischeif

Dislikes: man, his herd

Fears: Failure

Wants: To succeed, to be accepted

Gender: Bull/buck/male

Species: Caribou

Crush: Kapick(MW Roach)

Crush(es) on him: Kapik(MW Roach), OPEN

Siblings: Sedna- cow(RonnoxBambi)

History: Tupilek was born into a herd that lived its summers in a great valley with his mother and sister, Sedna. He was brash and quite the handful, but Tupilek was very  sheltered. He grew with odd antlers coming in: five points appeared, not four. He was the only one like this in his herd.

One day, out of season, a man came hunting in the valley, having never seen five points. Knowing he had only one chance - winter coming on, and preditors - he shot at Tupilek. Missing, the herd scattered. Tupilek's mother was killed in the following shots. They all knew men would come again.

A few caribou knew they had to leave, so they did: Tupilek and Sedna two of them. After days of travel, they met a young mountain lion, just a bit older than Tupilek. It took part of his ear, ripping it, but did not manage to kill any. Tupilek couldn't help but admire the speed, strength, courage that the feline possessed. So the journey went on, and the caribou weakened into the Winter. Eventually they found somewhere, farther North, where they could stay. Only... once again did a hunter come, shooting, failing after not Tupilek, but another bull. Tupilek was still very young, hardly half a year, and he was blamed for it. He and his sister were chased off.

Tupilek was forced to run. His sister stayed with him as the two fought feircely to survive through the Winter. Tupilek pressed on, his bold and brave nature dissolving more quickly than his strength.  He fractured his leg once, climbing down the feirce slopes South. Eventually, though, Sedna broke a leg. Not simply a fracture, the way Tupilek had, but snapped. Her brother feircely helped her for as long as he could, but at one point, the howls of wolves sounded. Sedna heard them, begging her brother, "Leave me, I'm nothing but a dead weight to you." He refused many times. Eventually the wolves came into view, and an adolescent bull cannot fight them off. "Leave!" Sedna begged again. Tupilek was forced to listen. He ran, not looking back, without a clue what would become of Sedna. He never would find out.

Within the next days, a blizzard drove Tupilek Westward. He, blind and alone, went on, having  no clue. The young bull drove forward through the merciless wind and ice. Tupilek eventually found the sun's setting after three and a half days after the blizzard began, realizing he'd fallen off course of what his instinct had been screaming at him. He had to turn and head South oncemore. The bull grew slowly, lifeless and hard in the cold winter. He went on into spring, into summer, into autumn. Eventually, Winter came around again, and stronger, too strong for a mountain lion now - though far from full grown in his second winter - Tupilek met the feline who'd taken his ear once again. They travelled close together for quite awhile, actually, as they knew they had nothing to fear from eachother - in fact, Tupilek brought small, desperate preditors to the lion and the lion brought Tupilek safety: In their minds, dimly, they realized they were allies - friends. Eventually, they split up once more. Tupilek went on, caught by man at one point, sure his life would be ended...

...only to be released. For it was this act of kindness that made the Familiar Spirit realize man was not all bad. This kindness, accidental capture, this release, showed him he was treasure beyond his antlers to man. His friend, the Brave Spirit lion, however, was not.

He would never meet Brave Spirit again, for she had been killed for her status as preditor, for sheep or goat she'd never killed. Only for this, Brave Spirit would not be so lucky as to meet Tupilek, her friend, ally, again.

Tupilek eventually found his way to the lower slopes...

Or so he thought. He saw only a rise oncemore, a valley. He stopped for a day to eat before going back to his instinctive journey, his need for a herd. The young caribou pressed onward, fighting blizzard after Blizzard. Eventually, though, Tupilek found the end. He came down into a great valley - or so he thought - only to see many deer. He'd never seen anything quite like it. Tupilek, now lamed by a bad leg, went down to meet them. He met a great, large buck - bull to him - who asked in wariness, "Who are you?" The young bull looked up coldly, only to reply with a voice colder than his eyes.

"It is nothing to you or anyone else, for I am casted out, I have failed to protect the life of my blood. Now leave me and allow me to go on to find a herd. A herd of caribou." He pushed around the buck, only to be approached by a fawn.

"You just spoke to the Great Prince," the fawn told him in awe and horror. "How on earth could you speak like that? You're crazy!" Tupilek did not reply. He only went on.

One day he met a fawn, quite like this "Great Prince" he'd met before. He refused to speak until a beautiful paler cow approached him. Their noses were quite odd, he realized. "Who're you?" She asked softly.

"My name is irrelevant," Tupilek said; he was making an effort to hide the fact that he'd forgotten.

"Of course it isn't," The bull calf replied. "Names are important."
"They're just a noise. My name doesn't matter." Tupilek stubbornly refused to say anything of his name or past.

"Fine then; at least play with us awhile," the cow suggested. "I'm Faline, and this is bambi."

After awhile, they coaxed Tupilek to play hide-and-seek. He rather enjoyed himself for the first time in many, many months, but the feeling was fleeting; like a bird in the fall. Soon enough, another calf - Ronno - came just to spoil their mood. "WHo're you?" He didn't allow Tupilek to reply. He thrust his face close to Tupilek's. "Heyyy, you're one of those caribou! You're not welcome here! Unlike YOU, deer don't need thick coats to keep warm."
"You've clearly never been to the mountains."

Tupilek looked up coldly. "Very clearly - have you ever been in a blizzard? Or attacked? By wolves? A mountain lion? Had your kin die right in front of you, because you're too worthless to stop it?"

The sheer, frozen rage in Tupilek's voice made Ronno look taken aback. Tupilek shoved him back with his antlers, knowing the "deer" was outmatched and outweighted by his superior size and strength. Ronno fell back, scrambling up; he didn't want outdone. He charged at Tupilek, who reared up and kicked at him. He hit Ronno's haunch hard, making his run off. He turned away from Faline and Bambi. "I need to go." He ran off, onto an open cliff, high above a meadow. He closed his eyes, the wind blowing. A voice seemed carried on it:
"Never forget... Tupilek... Never forget..."

 He snapped his eyes open, turning sharply a few times, only to confirm his suspicion... Sedna wasn't there. He missed her so much... suddenly, he sensed something on the wind brought up to him from the meadow below.  Looking down, he became full of joy. What he saw was Taifa's herd, where he would be accepted, where he would meet others like him - where he would meet Tuktu, who was his age. This was what he'd spent a great portion of his life searching for.




Tupilek has been a must-see!


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June 14, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Poor little guy! His bio is heart-breaking :( But what a great design! Love it!

April 05, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Thank you! It just kept coming, and coming! XD

April 05, 2012
Australia Is not currently on the site
Amazing bio:)

February 23, 2012
Is not currently on the site
May i make a crush for him???

February 23, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Aw hes so cute an nice colors i love yours an sauke italian wolf caribou

January 23, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Thank you all! :D

January 22, 2012
Is not currently on the site
luv the design! faved

January 07, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
You always make the best characters, Feathervenom!:)

December 20, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Aww. Go ahead! :D

December 20, 2011
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
Lone Wolf who protects others
I would love to give him a crush XD

December 18, 2011
Is not currently on the site

December 18, 2011
Site Booster, Site Builder (Content), Si... Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Founder of The Silver Herd
Nice character, FeatherVenom :)

December 15, 2011
Is not currently on the site
A really great character! : D welcome to the herd!

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