The differences with the does

The differences with the does

Here is an article about the differences with adult does

You may think that all the does in Bambi’s world look the same as each other. Well, that’s not true. 

Let’s look here. There’s Bambi’s mother, and Ena. The look the same here don’t they? 



But here, Ena is colored more like her daughter. And you can’t think that Bambi’s mother would look the same if she came into the second movie, because she did, in Bambi’s dream, and she doesn’t look the same as Ena. 



Here’s Ronno’s mother. Can you see that she is differently colored from Bambi’s mother and Ena? She is probably supposed to look like her son. Her neck and belly fur don’t join, unlike Bambi’s mother and Ena (see the above pictures.) Her eyes may be green, too.

Time for Mena. She is again a different color. And as with Ronno’s mother, her neck fur and belly fur don’t join. Her eyes are a bit green.

Adult Faline is differently colored and has the same thing about her neck and belly fur as Ronno’s mother and Mena. Her eyes are blue, she has long eyelashes, and her forehead curves while with the other’s foreheads are differently shaped. 

And so, not all the does look the same


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October 19, 2019
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All of the does in the two bambi movies are very beautiful but one doe stands out above all of the others and that is the one and only faline :FalineProud:: :SternFaline::

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