Hidden Face?

Hidden Face?

Unknown face found on Bambi image?

When randomly looking through the images of Bambi, I found one particular image...


At first I thought nothing much of it, but then I spotted what I thought were a pair of light grey coloured eyes on the largest tree in the image's bark.
Gradually a face formed round the eyes and I could see what looked like the head of a snake (or type of animal), seeming to be wearing a sort of medieval cap with a feather in it...



I thought that it might possibly be an old concept sketch that was rejected, but the animators of Bambi used the same paper it was on for a background (?)

So in the end I searched on the interenet for Disney snakes, and the snakes it seemed closest to resemble was Kaa from "The Jungle Book" (the slitted eyes and more angular face shape) and Sir Hiss from Disney's "Robin Hood" (the cap and feather).






Sir Hiss



Maybe it was an old concept sketch for Sir Hiss? Seeing that it is probably wearing a cap. But the slitted eyes and more angular features were  given to Disney's  later film, The Jungle Book's snake, Kaa?

Also in the image, under the snake's nose, their also appears to be a sort of muzzle. Which I thought might have belong to a lion or another type of big cat. Maybe King John from Robin Hood? Or someone else?

Here is a closer view of the picture...









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