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Hey there!

I grew up watching 'The lion king' movies and only now jumped back into the fandom, I haven't watched a lot of the newer series of ' The lion guard' but due to love for the past movies, I'm going to probably look into it!

I'm an inspired artist and have made multiple lion characters based off of 'TLK' universe, I also try to draw my art for those lions in 'TLK' style - though I think my style shines through and is obviously not from the movies haha.

anyway, I'm new here and aren't sure how to use this site quite yet, hopefully I'll stay active enough to get used to using it, but for now I'm just testing out the waters!

If you see any of my characters you like and would like to Rp, Headcanon or draw feel free to ask!  
I'm open for all of my characters to have new friendships!
Also, if you'd like to chat to me, don't be afrai, I love making new friends even if I might seem akward

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Pays : australia Australia
Age : 19 ans (6 Juillet 2000)
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Welcome to the site!

10 Juin 2019
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Welcome to AS! :icon735:

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