Were you worried?

Were you worried?

Another one fro DA. Lol

I came up with this little scenario while rendering this, it's that Eva and Denali got separated from the pack and for a moment from each other in a snow storm, and as they were reunited Eva tried as hard as she could to hide the fact that she was worried about Denali. He of course could see right through her and couldn't resist to tease her about it. lol

D: "Werer you worried about me? Wow that actually seems like you care."
E: "I was not. I mean, well yeah of course, but just... don't think too much into it."
D: *teasingly voice* "You were worried, you love me!"
E: Stop it! Let's just keep going. *turns and walks away*
D: "Alright, but you still love me, I know it."
E: *snarls* "If you don't shut up right now, I'll tear your tongue out and eat it!"
D: "smirks* "Yeah, she loves me."

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