Balto shipping meme

Balto shipping meme

well, I had this account for about a year so I felt now why not do something with it and upload that meme I found here a year ago but forgot to upload here? lol thinking about being more active here and I felt this was the best way to start so I hope you enjoy questions are welcomed

also for me "its okay" is just my third tier of liking a ship

Balto x Steele (have always love this pairing even before watching the movie and will continue to still love it)

I like it alot
Star x Mel (thought of this a while back I think this pairing is very cute)
Star x Kaltag
Star x Nikki
Kaltag x Nikki
Steele x Star
Steele x Nikki
Steele x Kaltag
Niju x Nava ("I will Find Niju we are a pack and we wouldn't be whole without each other" what else do you need? lol)
Niju x Steele
Kodi x Kirby (i like some popular pairings lol)
Kodi x Ralph
Kodi x Steele
Sumac x yak

Its okay
Balto x Niju
Balto x Nava
Balto x Sumac
Balto x yak
Balto x Nuk
Balto x Star
Ralph x Kirby
Star x Sumac
Star x Yak
Kaltag x Nuk
Nikki x Sumac
Star x Niju
Sumac x Nuk
Yak x Nuk
Mel x Kodi
Mel x Terrier
Mel x Doc.
Terrier x Boris
Terrier x Morse
Jenna x Dixie
Jenna x Sylvie
Jenna x Dipsy
Dipsy x Sylvie
Sylvie x Dixie
Dixie x Stella
Dusty x Dipsy

I dislike it
Mel x Dipsy (its boring that is all lol)

I Hate it
Balto x Jenna (yep I know what I put here lol)
Jenna x Steele (why? this is just why? lol)
Steele x Dixie
Sylvie x Kaltag
Star x Dixie
Kodi x Dusty (I find this generic )
Aleu x Nava
Aleu x Niju (I don't even with this one lol)
Aleu x Yak
Aleu x Sumac
Aleu x Nuk
Aleu x Steele (
Boris x Stella (she is just Jessica rabbit as a goose)

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