Shipping meme (My version)

Shipping meme (My version)

Yay, my first shipping thingy! Did I had to use all the characters? I hope not.

So, I believe everyone has an opinion about shippings and that's mine, so let's just keep calm, it's just my opinion, i'm okay if you completely disagree with it but... keep calm and let me explain:


BaltoXJenna: They are the best couple ever! I love the way Jenna's believes in Balto's potential and stays by his side all the time no matter what others say, they are just the perfect match.

StarX Dixie: I don't know why but I think that Dixie and Star are like soulmates, I would love to see them together, they would make a funny and cute couple, and don't think any other dog combines with Star as Dixie.

I like it a lot

BorisXStella: The only reason for me to like them is because they always make me laugh, they are a weird and lovely couple

RalphXDusty: Both are silly, cute and confident, they are the fluffy kind of couple, it's cute to see them together.

It's okay

KodiXKirby: Some people ship the two as a joke but I would truly like to see a couple of male dogs who like each other, there's nothing wrong with it, i know that in the movie Kirby and Kodi are just friends and there's no way they can love each other but... what if... I like to see Kodi as a different dog/wolf and... I don't know how to explain it, I just support them.

SteeleXJenna: I can see Jenna freeing her wild side and beign with Steele somehow, maybe Jenna could even teach Steele to be a better dog

NijuXAleu: I never understood why so many people ship them. In some ocassions I love to see the "good guy" staying with the villain but in this case, seeing Aleu and Niju together is...meh.

NavaXAniu: Not the most convenient couple but it's fine, I support

MelXDipsy: I think that the movie already wants us to ship them.

KaltagXSylvie: I think that Kaltag's grumpy personality matches with Sylvie's way of beign, they would be an "exotic" couple

I dislike it

KodiXDusty: I don't think they match very well, Dusty isn't Kodi's type of girl, I don't think they would be a good couple

Nuk, Yak and Sumac XAleu: I don't see any reason to ship them, they have nothing to do with each other, just because they helped Aleu to climb to the iceberg that doesn't mean that they got a crush on Aleu

I hate it

KodiXAleu: THEY ARE SIBLINGS! It's a good dramatic couple but... they are siblings!

SteeleXAleu: Really? Steele had Aleu's father (Balto) age, Steele hates Balto and probably his family, even if this shipping it's kinda melodramatic, I just can't see it.

NavaXAleu: An old "man" with a teenager... Kinda scary for me, I think Aleu prefers wolves of her... century.

I hate it (Bonus)

AleuXThat background brown and white wolf: That's the shipping I will never understand, I don't see any reasons to Aleu love that brown wolf, whats so especial in him? I mean... Why? There's no point.

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