Strider was wandering through the cave when he was attacked by two bears. He killed and ate them both before wandering out of the cave where he was attacked by another. This bear didn’t have better luck than the other two. Strider wondered why he was wandering alone in this place and where the others were. He came out into the open and found a dead animal to eat. Continuing on his way he drank from the stream and swam down to the massive lake surrounding the island. He found another animal carcass and ate it. Then Strider continued on through the blinding snowstorm in search of more food. He eventually found another carcass which he ate. He howled just in case anyone was nearby and heard him. The snowstorm turned to rain. Strider made his way over to a cluster of trees and left a scent marker there in case anyone came by. The rain had given way to fog and now he could barely see anything. Strider made his way over to the next clump of trees and placed a scent marker there. If he got lost, he would have to follow these scents. He walked along the shoreline for a while before placing a final scent marker on a rock. Strider walked back up the cliffs to the cave that they’d all sheltered in earlier. There was a lynx by it and, being bored he decided to kill it and have it for lunch. For the next two days that was his routine, take a trip from the cave out to the cavern and back, kill a lynx if he saw one and drag it to the den. But he realized that Balto and the others may never come back to this cave, he was just wasting his time. Perhaps they were dead. They were never coming back. Strider shook his head. They weren’t coming back anyway. He was all alone…


It was late afternoon when Strider returned to the cave. He’d gathered the carcasses of two dead animals and began eating them. Afterwards he headed out to scavenge more. When he’d eaten at least two more dead animals, he set off to find Balto and the others again. He remarked the two scent markers he’d set down before, and then went into the swamp to place one. All he could do was wait.


Kodi sat in the cave they had sheltered in and cried.

“What’s up?” asked Balto

“This team had to take care of each other… and I failed… I failed this team; I failed the sled team… I’m an unreliable dog…” Kodi put a paw over his eyes.

“But Kodi… we all failed. It’s not just your fault. We ALL feel bad, not just you. But we have to be strong. Complete the mission. That’s what Strider would want us to do. It’s unfortunate he had to leave us… but we must carry on. It’s what he would want.” Kodi looked up

“You’re right. Thanks dad.” Balto smiled. Kodi walked to where the others were. “Guys, Strider may be gone from the team, but we all know he would want us to continue. The reason we came here is more important. And Strider will be remembered. Let’s go!”

 they ran outside and found a bunch of bears waiting for them out there. Balto, Jenna, Kodi and Dusty worked together on one, then, seeing Kirby having trouble with another two, they went to help him. After killing one, Balto left to go help Ralph. “Where did they come from?” asked Kodi

“Only one way to find out.” Said Balto running off.


On their way they spotted two more bears after killing one another ran from pretty much nowhere to join in. while Balto and Jenna helped Kirby, Kodi and Dusty helped Ralph. They had barely set off again when Balto, walking at the back of the pack heard a noise. He dismissed it at first but then he heard a roar and a bear dashed out in front of him. The bear raised his paw and slashed at Balto sending him flying backwards. Jenna heard all the commotion and ran back. As the bear raised his paw for a second attack Jenna grabbed one of his legs can pulled him over in the snow. The bear then grabbed Jenna and pinned her on the ground. Just as he raised his paw to attack, Kodi flew onto the bear’s paw and bit it hard. The bear roared in pain and turned to bite him, but then Kodi kicked him in the face. The bear swung his paw instead to throw him off. Kodi Bounced across the ground. The bear turned back to Jenna, but as soon as he did, Dusty appeared, biting his muzzle so he stepped back. The bear shoved Dusty off him and onto the ground. He then turned his attention back to Jenna who was backing up near a tree. The bear walked menacingly over to her. Jenna ducked under a branch then grabbed it and when he came close, let go, slapping him in the face with it. The bear roared his anger, but then all three of them attacked. The bear gave ground, unable to pull them all off at once. The three dog’s relentlessness paid off. Soon the bear lay dead. They went through into a clearing and were attacked by another bear. It came from behind, slashing at Jenna and sending her skidding along the ground. Balto retaliated by grabbing its leg and pulling it off its feet, ending up on its nose. The bear grabbed Balto and pinned him on the ground pressing him into the snow. It was then that Kodi leapt at the bear and bit into his paw. When the bear turned to attack him he kicked him in the face, just like he’d done so brilliantly with the other one. But then the bear threw him off and sent him bouncing along the snow. Thankfully just like before, Dusty stepped in to help, biting at the bear’s muzzle and making it stumble back. But, much to Dusty’s poor luck, the bear threw her off again. Then the bear turned and went after Kodi again. Kodi backed up, but then Dusty leapt back on the bear. It was distracted for the second, but that was enough. Kodi leapt in too and between them they managed to dispose of the bear, just like the others.




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