Balto's Inside Story: The Family Expands

Author : WolfDan

Date sent : January 06, 2017

Rating : G (Everyone)

Category : Epic

Description : Part of 4 of 7 of my fanfic BIS! After returning to Nome, Aleu and her friend Kenai were welcome to everyone, but is it everyone? After one team wins the final race, one of the dogs gets badly injured by the opponents, so it's up to the teammate to take care of the injured! How will the others gain the loves of their friends. Easy way of hard way? Just a night before he becomes a grandfather, Balto's visited by someone he did not expect! Rated G for all audiences!

Length : Very long -

Characters :
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                  G (Everyone)
Balto's Inside Story: The Family Expands
By WolfDan

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This fanfic was rated G (Everyone).


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October 14, 2018
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I want the person that wrote this story that they are talented. This needs to be a movie!

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