Balto's Inside Story: Family Reunited

Author : WolfDan

Date sent : January 06, 2017

Rating : G (Everyone)

Category : Epic

Description : Part 3 of 7 of my fanfic BIS! Not long after returning to Nome, Balto's friends retire from sled team. Fortunately, Kodi and his friends, Dusty, Kirby and Ralph join. When a bush plane challenges the sled team for the race, how will Balto accept that? Even they won, Kodi still doesn't show any concern, but after learning the family's a priority, he goes help his father. After saving the pilot, Kodi and Dusty start showing less passion for work and more for family. In the same time, Dingo and his friend tend to join the opponent sled team. How will that look like? How'd look the friends' returning home look like? Will Aleu finally learn that despite the place she lives, that there's no place like home? Is she going to return home. If she does, will she go alone and how will her family accept her home? Rated G for all audiences!

Length : Long -

Characters :
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                  G (Everyone)
Balto's Inside Story: Family Reunited
By WolfDan

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This fanfic was rated G (Everyone).


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