Nome 1930.- Part:2

             Balto was surrounded by evil counter parts of himself and his family when we last saw him.

            Now Balto is looking for answers. But before he does so, he gives out a howl in morse code style then above the buildings 3 of Balto’s children appear and the jump down to where Balto is. Kodi-Dingo-Dakota. They stare at the anti-family and and stare at three anti-canines that look like them. They become nervous at this.


Kodi: D-d-dad? Who are these guys?

Balto: Don’t know Kodi, that’s what I am trying to find out.


Bastol: Oh how pleasurably rude of me. This is my family allow me to introduce them one-by-one.


What he meant by that was attack him when he said their name. To save time here is a list of them and their prime counterparts.


Aleu= Uela (Like Aleu, was actually a leader of stray dogs but acted like a dictator, most Dog-like canine of the family).

Kodi= Kodiak (more mature than counterpart goes by his full name, more wolf than dog.)

Dingo= Bingo (not as cowardly as Dingo and more of a fighter and least intelligent, more wolf than dog)

Kiona= Keyona (more pleasing than her counterpart and uses that to her advantage, more wolf than dog).

Saba= Abas (least charming of the group and has a short temper, Most wolf-like canine of the family).

Dakota= Carolina (strongest of the family and the brains of it, more wolf than dog).


When Bastol called out Kodiak, Bingo, and Carolina they pounced their prime counter parts and pinned them down almost about to slash their throats.



Balto: What do you want with my family?

Basstol: My daughter Uela had a dream that her grandfather, Anio had made contact with his sister, ANIU.

Aleu: You mean to tell me the wolf threatening my grandma, was your father.

Uela: Yes.

Uela’s voice sounded so similar to Aleu’s except it was slightly deeper and you could detect some stress in her tone. The same went for all the other anti- counterparts.

Bastol: Indeed. My father has taken your mother and her little spirit friends captive. My father and I shall have complete control over Easter and Western America.

Balto: Complete control?

Bastol: Yeeah. You see my town “Mone”(Nome) was once in a biological epidemic. All of the adults had come down with a deadly disease that spread quickly. They sent a sled team to get some pills for the victims. The leader of the team was a malamute called Cobalt.

Balto: Sounds sort of like happened here a few years ago.

Bastol: The team went and it only took them a day to get the pills and come back. I ABSOLUTLY HATED THAT COBALT, Mr. Goody-to-shoes. I am like 30 times better than him! And they still chose HIM to go and get the pills. So I went out and took down the team and I banished Cobalt. he got all scared and hid in the forest and hasn’t come out since. no pills come to Mone, all the adults die, children and remaining adults are taken to Brown Hill(White Mountain) leaving my family and I to rule over the place.

Balto: YOU SICK Bas- AH!

Keyona pounces in front of him to stop Balto from attacking.

Balto: My God those are the sharpest teeth I’ve ever seen@

Keyona: Heh, You should wait till you see Abas’.

Bastol: Thanks Keyona, now on with my victory story. (Flash back)-> I took some dogs under my wing, taught them how to kill whatever I told them and made those who didn’t comply my slaves. Then my kids came along, had the 6 of them. Uela as you can see is the most dog like member of my family. I found this very disturbing and when she was old enough I sent her way. She in the meantime became a superior leader of a pack of stray dogs. She over through the previous Alpha who was named……um …….

Uela: AVAN! You idiot!

Bastol: Thank you and one more crack to me like that AND YOU’LL END UP LIKE YOUR MOTHER.

Uela stepped back so obviously she didn’t to follow her mother’s path.

Jenna: UUHhh.. Who is there mother?

Bastol: AAhhh yess……… OH MY DEAREST JENNIFER!! She is no longer place in the family portrait.


Bastol: NO!! We abandoned her at my yacht(boat) outside of Mone. Poor girl, still thinks were going to go back to her. Heh heh heh.


Bastol: Doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t have liked her anyway. Besides she completely hates me.


Then out of anger Jenna managed to break free and land along side Balto and at the same time show off some dangerously long claws. Everyone even Balto stared at here in amazement.


Balto: Jen what the?? What are???

Jenna: they’re my claws Balto. You’ve never seen them caused I never used them.


Bastol: pft.. heh fine, fine we’re out.

Kodi: HEY wrong way! The entrance to your world is down there!

Kodiak: Oh shut up, you little pup the big dogs know where they’re going.


Dakota held Kodi back from attacking Kodiak.

Dakota: Bro, now’s not the time to start fighting, you saw what he almost did to ya.

Kodiak: Better listen to him you flea infested mail slave.

Kodi: grrrrr.. (snap) grrrr…. Insulting me, my job, grrrrrrr


Kodiak chuckled at Kodi’s anger one last time and walked down to the cellar where the mirror was located.


Bastol: We’re being nice to you this time Balto. Remember, we still have your mother, your spirits, and unfinished business with you.  So we WILL be back.


Then Bastol leaped into the mirror and Bastol’s children turned around looked at each of their counter parts (excluding Abas and Keyona.) and stuck their tongues out. Kodiak on the other hand tried to.. well sort of give Kodi the finger. But Kodi managed to scare him into the mirror. He whimpered while jumping in.


Dingo: Obviously that Kodiak guy hates us the most.

Kodi: Yeah, well I hate him the most.

Balto: Jen? Jenna?

Jenna padded out crying.

Balto: Jenna what wrong?

Jenna: Poor Jennifer, she most be so sad, so lonely, so scared.

Balto: Don’t worry I’m sure she’s fine.

Aleu: But papa, what if Bastol was telling the truth? What if there is anti- Aniu, and grandmas been captured and, he not one with us?

Balto: Don’t worry Aleu I have a plan. But looks like were gonna need some help.

ALL: What’s the plan?


Balto got a smirk of confidence and said with much motivation.





All Anti-Characters © ApauloWolf(Me) Scenario© (Me) part 3 coming soon.

I hope to post their photos up soon.




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