Balto 4: Anchorage's Quest Part 1

Author : AitherShine {CD}

Date sent : December 21, 2007

Rating : G (Everyone)

Category : Epic

Description : When Alue, hunting away from its pack presence and being far away from their hideout, finds a Husky named Seyn, she discovers that he has a stronger-than-her predator drive and wishes to follow him to its home, Seyne agrees. However, after traveling, with a stop at a little town, to nearby Anchorage, she discovers that he is one of the finest and most popular of all the male dogs in the city and eventually, like other popular dogs, he is also popular among humans, however, Alue discovers and develops a crush on him, but, Roxy, a crossbred Husky-Malamute and the most popular and rich of all the female dogs in the city, along with its subordinates Alexa and Leine wants him as his boyfriend, when Roxy invites Seyn to a formal dinner in the high class plaza, his friends, Vance, Oxen, Jett, Aqua and Vexy ditch him along with Aleu, which is deppressed about how could Seyn leave its friends. Seyn does not tolerate more the egoism of Roxy and leaves her at the mid of the dinner, when his friends, which are poor or medium living class forgive him fro its situation along Aleu, he invites Aleu with its friends to dine at the popular plaza, (where medium and low class people go at night) Aleu then is told several stories along with the other dogs, including Seyne, this ones told by an explorer dog named flax. Later she heards about a drought in Anchorage which is going to be resolved with a race to Nome to get water, since the river is frozen, and the pipelines too, and the temperatures are too low to melt ice. Aleu, happy to be able to see its family and its friends again tries to enter, however, after seeing the fact that its heritage would not allow her to go on the race, just as its father, at first does not agree but later, seeing that there's no hating toward hybrids in Anchorage and checking the hostilities, she does participates, however, in the sleddog race, and after several town conflicts that happened, including a fight between Vexy, Aleu and Roxy they go on quest, however when Aleu arrives Nome, they discover no one she knows is there, even its family and friends are gone. Meanwhile, Balto who had several nightmares involving three dog/wolves and Aleu falling of a waterfall goes to the Sound bay to search for Aleu, with the company of Kodi, Jenna and most of the known people, they find a died Nava and an ailing Niju, which tells them that a crossbred was searching for a wolfdog hybrid, this scares Balto and all run away. Balto gives up its hopes and goes back to Nome when Aleu returns Anchorage, but in Rocky Pass they are all vanquished by an Avalanch, Seyn, who was harmed in the leg since last week, sacrifices to speed up everyone. In town, everyone hears the news coverage about the avalanch, Roxy feels guilty about the problem until Seyn, returns with a deadly illness in its body, telling that he can't return bad, tells everyone that if someone can lead the team is Aleu, which after tragic problems and losing the life of two companions make their way Anchorage, they are all welcomed as heros, but Aleu, still deppressed cries and goes away, while near a fall, Aleu slips and falls to the edge of the waterfall, but when Seyn arrives to help a panther arrives and is up to the husky to battle it, after the conflict while Aleu and Syne howl at moon, Balto, then while sleeping sees the vision of its daughter being saved by a young teenage husky, now calmed, Aleu and Seyn kiss and they rub their necks together, saying goodbye to each other, each one divides itself to its home, its future. The history is just a traduction of the original Spanish version of the fanfic, and not an English edition.

Length : Very short -

Characters : 490 visits

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                  G (Everyone)
Balto 4: Anchorage's Quest Part 1
By AitherShine {CD}

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September 17, 2008
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
The summary's length is a bit... intimidating. Try to shorten it a
bit, OK?

January 18, 2008
Is not currently on the site
There's a swear word in there, and you rated this G? Other
than that, off to a good start.

January 18, 2008
usa Female Is not currently on the site

January 07, 2008
Female Is not currently on the site
This is pretty good. But please try touse quotation
marks whne charaters speak.

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