it again, nothing happened. She smiled and howled with triumph, and led the two packs to follow the caribou heard. But little did she know that another wolf was also following her. A banished wolf, one to never come near her again.

Raccoon followed Aleu at a safe distance. He had intercepted every one of Aleu’s howls to Gemini, so he decided to follow her. Aleu. I promise you, we will be together. You and I. No one else, he thought.

Ch: 5

Aleu traveled on the ice for an hour. Suddenly, a thick fog rolled in. that was when she saw a log stretching over a frozen waterfall. The ice was becoming more slippery for her and the rest of the pack. “We’ll cross the log!” Everyone turned to where Aleu was pointing to and saw the log. They all nodded in agreement.

“Merlin, how many of our pups can you carry?” “Two.” “I’ll take Lightning than, you will take the girls.” Merlin nodded in agreement. “Crescent, Lightning, Sunset! Come here!” All three pups came sliding over to her. “We’ll have to carry you over the log,” she said. All of the pups crouched down waiting to be picked up. “Merlin, would you please put Lightning on my back?” “Sure.” Merlin bent down and gently picked him up and placed him on Aleu’s back. Aleu did the same thing with Crescent and Sunset. “Please! For the ones that have pups! Please place them on your backs! It will be safer for them if they cross on our backs!” The pack s started calling their pups to them, their mates placing them on their backs.

Raccoon watched intently, wanting and waiting. Soon Aleu. We will be together.

Aleu started walking over to the log. When she reached the edge, she stopped short, almost making Lighting topple over her. “Sorry,” she apologized to him. “Its ok, no harm done,” he said with a smile. “Once we get across the log, can we rest? I’m tired of the trip and my paws were hurting.” Aleu nodded. But she was still standing there. Her ears pricked forward suddenly, but she didn’t smell anything. Suddenly out of the mists, a bear formed.

“Lightning. Get off my back! DANGER! GEMINI I NEED YOUR HELP!” Gemini came rushing to her. “What is it?” He didn’t need an answer, because, everyone was stone still with fear. There was a bear on the other side of the log; he too, wanted to get across. “Step aside wolf! I can easily beat you to get across the log!” he growled. “We lead a pack of many, you have to wait until we cross first,” Gemini growled back. “Fine which one of you shall be my opponent, the victor shall cross first.” “I will,” said Aleu. “Are you sure Aleu? It’s pretty dangerous. I think I should fight him,” said Gemini. “I’m sure. Besides I have a hunch, I’m wondering if I’m right.”

Aleu stepped onto the log, “I am your challenger! The victor crosses!” The bear nodded and he too, stepped onto the log. Aleu started growling, the bear reared up on its rear paws. The bear suddenly took a dangerous swipe at Aleu’s head. But she dodged it and went for the bear’s neck. The bear easily blocked this with his paw and almost made Aleu fall. Suddenly Aleu saw something. She looked into his eyes in anger, but instead of seeing fire in his eyes, she saw… “Everyone get to the edge of the waterfall! And JUMP! ITS SAFE!” All the wolves were looking at her as if she had gone mad! But obeyed.

Gemini gulped and jumped first, when he didn’t have far to fall, he yelled “Its ok! All clear, its safe!” Then all the other wolves jumped after him. The parents carrying their pups in their jaws. Merlin carrying Lightning, Dove carrying Crescent, and Mirage carrying Sunset.

Aleu was still fighting the bear but than the bear suddenly gave up. “Aniu has chosen well. You may pass.” And with a grunt the bear disappeared into the mists, just as Aniu had when she howled. A little confused, Aleu jumped off the log and landed with the others. “Mamma you were so brave!” cried Crescent. “How did you beat that bear!” cried another pup that Aleu didn’t recognize. She chuckled. “I’ll tell you all later, but first we must keep following Aniu, we still have a journey to go.”


Aleu followed the caribou at a steady pace, since they were running on ice, their scent was almost completely covered. Then the fog got thicker and thicker. It became so thick, that Aleu couldn’t see. “Gemini! I need you to come and follow my voice!” she started humming and she heard the padding of paws coming toward her. “Is there any way that we could get out of this fog?” “Not that I can see. I can barely smell the caribou, nor hear them.” “Maybe I can help,” said a voice. They turned and saw Night Shade trotting toward them. “There is a reason that I am called Night Shade. Everything I see is as black as night. I can still hear them and smell them slightly,” he said. “So in other words, your blind,” said Aleu. Night Shade nodded. Aleu followed him and he lead the pack on, at a walking pace.

They had walked on for about an hour until Night Shade stopped short. He pricked his ears forward and smelled. He smiled. “Were near a forest.” Aleu smiled a tired smile. She turned to her three pups, which were very tired and seemed to sleep while walking. She smiled and looked at Merlin, he too looked tired but conscious, he nodded as if he knew what Aleu was going to say, he picked up Lightning and put him on her back. She put Sunset and Crescent on his. He smiled and kept following Night Shade.

Night Shade kept walking until he heard someone crying. He turned toward the sound, it was coming from inside the pack. So he followed the sound. And came to a wolf, a wolf whose scent he didn’t recognize. “What is the matter?” “Oh it’s been nearly a year since my last mate was killed by a bear. That fight was just a reminder of that,” she answered. “What is your name?” “Jasmine.” Night Shade smiled and nodded, “Come up to the front with me, we’ll talk about it.” Jasmine followed him up front.

Aleu saw Jasmine. Her eyes were red with tears. She felt sorry for her and joined them. “What is the matter?” Jasmine explained again what was making her cry. Aleu felt really sorry for her. “Who is your pack leader?” “Gemini.” Aleu trotted to Gemini and asked “Who was Jasmine’s mate?” Gemini thought and a grave look came onto his face. “His name was Blue Star. His eyes were blue and always seemed to twinkle like the stars when he was happy. When he met Jasmine, it was love at first sight. Jasmine loved him, he loved her. But one day, a bear came into our lands and killed him. Now she is left with heart ache and with only one memory of him, his twinkling blue eyes.” Aleu was horrified that a wolf could live a life like this.

Aleu trotted back to Jasmine, who again was weeping slightly. “Jasmine, I know why you are weeping,” said Aleu. Jasmines head whipped around to see who the speaker was. Her eyes were still red from weeping. “I miss him so much,” she said looking down at the ice. “I will pray that Aniu will keep him safe,” Aleu promised. This seemed to cheer Jasmine up a little bit. “Night Shade, everyone is quite tired, we better rest, besides, you can pick up the scent again at first light cant you?” asked Aleu. Night Shade shook his head. “By then, the scent will be covered by the smell of water, and the wind would have swept the rest away,” he explained. “How far off land are we?” “About three miles.” Aleu nodded. “WE HAVE ONLY THREE MILES LEFT TO GO! IS ANYONE TOO WEAK TO PRESS ON!”? No one raised his or her voice. “Ok Night Shade, keep going,” said Aleu. Night Shade nodded and kept going.

Ch: 7

It had been 2 hours later that the fog had become very thick. “Everyone hold tails! This will decrease the risk of getting lost!” called Aleu. Suddenly she felt someone clamp down on her tail, though she was expecting it, she never expected it to be so hard. She turned to see who it was. It was a wolf that she couldn’t see. But he looked strikingly familiar. Thinking that it would come to her later.

Another hour passed. And it seemed forever to get to land. “How close are we?” asked Aleu to Night Shade. But before he could answer, they hit land. “Just now.” Said Night Shade with a smile. Suddenly the wolf that was holding Aleu’s tail suddenly let go. And disappeared into the wilderness. Confused, Aleu just let him go. He’ll be fine.

Aleu and the packs rested for the rest of the night, the next day, and the next night. Aleu was sleeping and had a dream

“You did very well Aleu. You are the true leader of this pack. I’m proud of you my child, for not giving up,” said Aniu. She sat in front of her. “Aniu, I have a favor to ask,” Aleu said. “Ask away child.” “A pack member lost her mate due to a bear incident. Would you please send her dreams of him, so she wouldn’t be so lonely. Please,” asked Aleu. Aniu nodded and howled to the starry sky and left in the mists.

Aleu awoke to someone nudging her. She opened one eye and saw that it was still evening, but looked to see who was nudging her. “Jasmine? What is it? Is something wrong?” “No, no. there is nothing wrong. I just want to thank you,” said Jasmine. Her eyes no longer red, she saw that her eyes

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