Aleu and the Guardian of the Floating Isle

Part 2


Sect 1: Guardian Story


            One week, one week. This week was different from before. What is different about it? Oh yeah, Aleu. She’s been acting sort of random. Sometimes she’s being all nice to me. For example, she was helping me guard the Grand Star a few days ago. And sometimes she acts like the most innocent creature alive. Like when she acted like a little pup yesterday, making me do everything for her, and she even forced me to play hide-and-seek. My God, I have a responsibility, a job to do, and she’s making me play hide-and-seek. Jeez. I don’t know how long this will last. But It’s only been a week, seemed longer than a week. Today is a new day, time to make the best of it. I woke up in my new usual spot next to Aleu on the north side of the altar. DON’T GET THE WRONG IDEA! We were 2 feet apart! Anyway, I do feel a little better knowing I have someone who enjoys being with me, unlike everyone else who was afraid of me and my spikes. If wasn’t for them, I would be no different from everyone else. Well except for the “running at high speeds” thing. I’m glad Aleu is here comforting me, she can sometimes be a pain in the tail but hey it worth it.

Sect 2: Aleu’s Story

            Apaulo’s a nice guy once you get to know him. He isn’t all bad and over protective. He has a very caring side and gentle as well. I don’t see why everyone at Wolf Ridge hated him. But it doesn’t matter, all I know is that my plan is working. He’s getting nicer and he has gotten sort of used to me. Even though I have to admit the pranks I pull on him are pretty funny. Like when act innocent and stalk him every time he goes for a run, and I make him think that he is hearing voices. He’s quick and smart but not super clever. He once told me of a time when he was on the island by himself, a group of foxes kept tricking him into taking a swim or going on different path while running. What I have learned about him, he can’t swim that well and he doesn’t like going leaving the altar unguarded for longer than 3 minutes. Some more pranks I pulled on him, based off what the foxes did, I asked him to swim with me in the nearby lake.

            “Apaulo! You want to come with me into the lake? It’s a good day to take a swim!”

            “Uh no thanks, I’m good.” he said to me. Of course I just walked up to the top of the altar, gabbed him by the ear and dragged him to the lake side. “OOOHH! Please Aleu don’t do this to me!! I can’t I won’t. I .. I-“ Then I just threw him in jumped in after him and circled him like a shark. He was shivering a lot, the water wasn’t that cold so it was either because he was that afraid of the water, or because he never swam with a girl before. I could tell he was annoyed when we got out and it was so funny.

            I was being mean yes but, hey he needs to learn to loosen up. Any way it’s been a week since I first started living with Apaulo, and what I’ve told you is all I know about him. I wanted to get to know him better so  whenever I got the chance I would ask him as many questions as I could. So today I woke up and looked for him. He was in the shallow part of the lake bathing, I decided to scare him again and pop out of the bushes when he got close enough to the shore, which I did. When he saw me he fell backwards all surprised and fell into the deeper area of the lake. It took him 7 seconds to resurface and when he did he ran on the lake bottom as fast as he could out of the lake. “DON’T DO THAT!!! Are you TRYING to drown me.” He yelled at me with so much frustration.

            “I- I- I’m sorry I didn’t… uh….” I tried to come up with an excuse but h e was soooo mad.

            “Don’t act innocent with ME! You’ve been doing this to me all week! Would you stop!”

            “Fine, I’m sorry. Could I ask you some more questions?” I asked him.

            About what? He asked as he walked back toward the Altar.

            “We’ll did you really used to live in Wolf Ridge?” I asked.

            “For five months yeah.”

            “Did you know Nava?”

            “You know who Nava is?”

            “Yeah, I took is place as alpha when the pack had to cross over the sea.”

            “YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK NAVA’S PLACE?!” He asked in amazement.


            “Oh forgive me Alphess, I had no idea, I didn’t now. I wouldn’t have scolded you if I knew….”

            “Hey Hey. It’s okay. I, myself am sorry for having treated you with such disrespect mighty guardian wolf.” I reassured him.

            “ I am once again sorry for keeping you on the island. As of now you are free to leave and enter the island as you wish.”

            “You’re allowing me to go….. (GASP) HOME!” I forgot! My father didn’t even know I was here, nobody knew! They must be so worried.

Sect 3: Kodi’s story.

            I am so worried about my sister! She’s been gone for a week! My mothers having a heart attack and my father spends ten hours everyday looking for her, but I have a good idea on where she may be. Possibly on the floating island with that crazy wolf. I wonder if he kidnapped her. If he did, I don’t care what he does I am gonna kick his tail side off that island. THAT’S IT! I AM GOING TO THAT ISLAND AND FINDING OUT FOR MYSELF. But my dads still out and my mom is resting. Guess I am going there myself. I walked to the hills and found the cave with the flashing crystal and teleported myself to the island. “Finally! Now to find Aleu.” I ran off into the forest.

Sect 4: Aleu’s story

            It was getting pretty late and I was still looking around for Apaulo. All I knew was, was that he is still on the island somewhere. Then I heard some sort of singing. It sounded so wonderful, it couldn’t have been Apaulo, but I soon found out it was. He was sitting on the edge of the stone altar looking up at the sky….. SINGING! I couldn’t hear the lyrics to it, so I moved in closer. And amazingly I heard the words “Aleu” and “deserve to know” along with some other word which, I didn’t hear correctly. He seemed so dreamy at that moment, I got so excited I forced myself to venture to the top of the altar, where the song became crystal clear. Bad thing is, is that I think I got too close.

            “AAHHH! Oh Alphess it’s just you. Amazingly you were able to startle me…. Impressive.” He sort of complemented me, I guess.

            “So what was all that about? I mean with the singing…?’ I asked him.

“Um, uh nu-nothing….. P-PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! OR I’LL…”

“Please stop!” I pushed him against his chest and he fell backwards. Now he was on his back and really worried.

“P-please I really want to be alone. Go to the lake or something…”

“Apaulo, please, I already most of the song, and I” now I tried act alluring towards which was really funny. “I know you like me you handsome devil you.”

“AAAAHHHHH!” You should’ve seen him squirming. “Fine just stop acting all weird.” 

“You’re really shy aren’t you.” I went back to using my usual tone. “Apaulo I’ve been here for over a week and you still find me…..” Then I remembered what he told me about his past. “You’ve been alone on the island for most of your life huh? So you aren’t used to others…..” He nodded. “Well I’m sorry, but if you ever need a friend….. remember, I’m here for you.” He looked at me and smiled.

            “Thank you Alphess.” He said to me.


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