Aleu and the Guardian of the Floating Isle

part 1

Sect-1:Guardian Story


            My name is Apaulo. I am a wolf and I have a mutation. I have spikes on my back which represent that of a certain blue hedgehog’s. Tis because of this mutation that I was banished from my pack when was five months old. My parents were killed in a raid of our cave and the wolf shaman took me in. You all probably know him. his name is Nava. Anyway Nava allowed me to live in his cave till I was a year old. In that time I had learned martial arts, speech, hunting, and much more. On my 1st birthday he took me to a cave where some light was originating from. he told me to walk closer to the light and eventually I walked into a room where a single, very large crystal was located in the center of the room. “Go ahead, touch it.” He said. So I did and at the exact moment a flash appeared around me. It encircled me for a few moments, then when it finished, I looked around and noticed I was on the edge of a cliff. I was a bit confused yet intrigued. “Hm Hm.” Nava chuckled, “You are curious where we are, aren’t you?” I nodded in response. “This is Heaven on Earth Island.” he told me, “a tropical paradise in the sky, above anyone’s reach.” he added.

            “Wha-WHAT! IN THE SKY!” I yelled out in surprise. “So this is not a cliff.”

            “Follow me” he commanded. He took me to the center part of the island where a stone altar was located. At it’s top a bronze star was hovering. Nava and I went up to the top and I stared at the star the whole time. “This is the Grand Star,” he told me, “An object with immense power, it’s what’s keeping the island airborne. This is your birthday present Apaulo, tis your destiny to guard this magnificent object and protect it.” I stood their confused.

            “This doesn’t make any sense,” I objected “where is this island located? why am I here? and WHO THE HECK IS GOING TO STEAL A PIECE OF METAL THAT’S LOCATED HUNDREDS OF FEET IN THE AIR!?”

            “Trust me Apaulo, wait and see what will happen. You have those spikes for a reason, this is where you will put those spikes and your martial arts to use.” he tried to explain. “We are on a tropical paradise, and all you have to do is sit their infront of the star. If you wish to bathe there is a small lake located north of here, if you wish to find food, there is a clearing to the west behind those pine trees.” I was starting to see where he was going with all this so I willingly accepted this quest. “Good and don’t worry you won’t be alone for long.” The last words he had said before he walked south and disappeared behind some plants.

            “Alright,” I said to myself, “maybe it is better up here, no body back at Wolf Ridge like me anyway. I am the King of Heaven on Earth Island, Guardian of the Grand Star! HA HA!” I sighed and looked around once more and said “Maybe Iwill like it here after all.” Then I walked back to the top of the Altar and sat down, thinking of my future.

            Sect 2 – Aleu’s Story

            I was now a year and a half old, I had returned to Nome with my family. The reason why is because the land my pack and I have lived became unbearable and we had no choice to return to Alaska, and by that time we had realized that there was much more game to hunt back at our home at Wolf Ridge.  When we returned Nava resumed his role as leader and Niju had become a more gentle wolf, but I could tell he still thirsted for power and dominance.

            When Nava officially took role as alpha, I returned to Nome, where I reunited with my father. He was so excited he and I decided to take a walk outside of Nome so we can talk and catch up and other things. One of my brothers, Kodi, decided to join us.

            The next morning we left towards the hills north west of Nome. While we were walking there we came across a cave that had a strange glow in it. “Let’s go in!” I said.

            “Alright let’s go in.” my father agreed. Being the adventurer I am I decided to go in first. When we all made it to the bottom I saw a large glowing crystal “Careful Aleu, it looks dangerous.” My father warned me. Then Kodi came up next to me and we were both about to touch it simultaneously when my father attempted to pull us away. Unfortunately he instead pushed us toward it, and afterwards a flash encircled us and we covered our eyes hoping we didn’t get hurt in the process. The flashes and dust disappeared and we found ourselves in the middle of a clearing .

            “I don’t remember this place.” Kodi said breaking the silence.

            “Me neither.” My father added. I haven’t really explored Alaska that much but even I knew we weren’t in Alaska any more.

            “Let’s go and see if we can find someone who lives near here.” I suggested.

            “Good idea Aleu. C’mon!” Then with outthinking my father ran towards the entry to a nearby forest.

            “ I don’t know if we should head in there sis. The entry to that forest looks like someone actually cleared it out and made it look like a hall way!” My brother warned.

            “Who cares! Let’s go in!” I commanded. And we started walking into the lush green forest.

Sect-3:Guardian Story

                        The severs are the seven crystals, The cosmos contains power, power conceivable within the mind, the dimmest of stars can also be the brightest, tis with this brightness that light reins over darkness.

            “What does thin mean?” I asked myself. It was something that Aniu had told me in a dream. I am never to forget it. “ There are seven crystal stars, but is that even relevant? And what is the dimmest can also be the brightest?” I thought about this, but my concentration was broken when I heard voices. “Nava was right! There would be intruders!” After saying this I jumped to the bottom of the altar and prepared to ounce the intruders. When I sensed that they were close enough I leapt out and trampled a female wolf/dog hybrid, she was very beautiful, it was because of this I was tempted to release her but I couldn’t take any chanses.

            “HEY! RELEASE MY SISTER!” another wolf/dog hybrid yelled out.

            “Wolf-Dogs….. How many of you are there? TELL ME!!” I forced the female to tell me but I can tell she was getting scared.  Lucky for them I am a considerate person so I let her go and she ran towards her brother. Then the oldest hybrid came out of the bushes.

            “Who do you think you are doing this to her?” he asked.

            “My name is Apaulo, Apaulo the guardian wolf of the Grand Star. Now may I ask you what you are doing on my island? and how you got here?!”

            “Oh okay, this is your territory, we understand we will just be leaving.” the elder one said.

            “Fine then, LEAVE NOW!” I commanded

            “Um how do we get back?” The red hybrid asked.

            “-sigh- Follow me.” I told them. We went to a cave nearby the altar. I didn’t want to show them the way off the island because then they would know where the entrance AND exit were. But I needed them off the island now. “In this cave there is another crystal similar to the one you used to get on the island, touch it and you will return to the cave where you came from. Now go.” I commanded them. The males walked in without hesitating, but the girl walked slowly and when she was half way in she looked back at me and smiled then continued walking. I was shocked at this, and I gained a strange feeling…. one I had never felt before. Sort of like the combination of happiness, nervousness and regret. I returned to the altar and tried to

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