"Kodi,its 10:00 pm you know what that means."Jenna said."coming!"Kodi went inside the house and went to sleep.Kodi didn't go to sleep,he thought to himself..is he going to have the same dream hes been having for 5 days.He did.He was struggling,trying to get out of the dream.Kodi was dreaming about a  black raven leading him to a very strange place.He was very curious about the place so he wanted to check it out.It was difficult to figure out how to get through,until "I will set a bridge of ice to get you pass."A wolf said.Then set a bridge.Kodi was afraid to pass and thought the mysterious creature would attack him.Then he asked nervously "May I address you by your first name?" "Ofcourse."the wolf said."What is your first name?"Forgetting to mention it in the first place."Aniu."replied the gentle wolf.Now that Kodi felt reassured that he was safe,he went across the ice bridge.After he crossed the ice bridge,he saw a beautiful landscape.There were flowers,butterflies and birds soaring through the sky.He was very interested,until something caught the corner of his eye,it was a grey wolf,with eyes the color of the sea,Kodi thought she was very beautiful."What are you doing here?"the wolf asked.Kodi was speechless."Wake up,wake up,

*Out Of Dream*

"WAKE UP!"Kirby shouted."What?"Kodi said."What!Well,duh,your JOB,your late and everyones looking for you!"Kirby explained.Kodi peeked out the window and saw that Balto,Ralph and Dusty were out there.Kodi quickly ate and then ran outside and put on the collar."Whats wrong,son?"Balto asked."Nothing,why?"Kodi asked suspiciously.Kodi's team went off to pick up the mail.It was a few letters,bills and job opprutunities.When they arrived back at Nome they were late again,but it didn't matter to Kodi he was still wondering who the beautiful grey wolf was.He thought about telling his dad,but he was afraid that his dad might think that he was crazy,so he chose to keep it to himself,until that night.

Kodi was getting ready for bed,but first he had to tell his dad,But when he went inside something caught the corner of his eye.He saw a patch of grey fur that looked like the same fur that belong to the beautiful wolf in his dream yesterday.The patch of fur was next to a picture of him and a grey wolf with blue eyes.So Kodi took the fur and sneaked in the boiler room."Kirby,Ralph,Dusty come here."Kodi whispered."Look, can we go on a trip somewhere tommorrow?"Kodi asked."Sure."Kirby said."Thanks,i'll see you later."Kodi said going back to bed.Kodi was struggling again,and continued the dream.Kodi was still in the beautiful landscape and saw the grey wolf sitting by the lake cleaning herself.Kodi felt more confident and is going to talk to her, while he was walking toward her he was practicing what to say to her,"Lets see now,your the most georgeous,most beautiful,uh,I never seen anyone anywhere,i'll say....Kodi didn't have any more time he was face to face with the wolf.Kodi was real nervous,he was speechless again,so he just said "Hi." "Hello"the wolf answered back."May I call you ..by your....first name." Kodi asked."Oh sure,why not."Kodi realized that he should of asked her that in the first place,Kodi cursed at him self,but he had to keep it together.So then Kodi asked "What is your first name?" "Aleu."she answered."Aleu,...wait a minute,ALEU!!!!!!!! "Kodi,Kodi


KODI!" {splash}"What is it this time Kirby?!" "Well hello?We were going on a trip,remember?! "OH YEAH!!"Kodi was about to walk out the door but he went back to sneek the grey patch of fur.He was allowed to be lead dog he didn't need a human following him so he detatched the sled from the dogs."Okay you guys,MUSH!Kodi said quikly.They were on the way.Kodi constantly was sniffing the patch of grey fur.Leading him in so many different directions.The dogs in the back were confused and worried,and Kodi could see that by the look on their faces he knew that in their heads they were asking themselves "Are we lost?"Kodi didn't care in fact in one place a black raven appeared in front of him."Did you see that?!"Kodi shouted."No" the dogs said.Kodi was very confused and thought to himself "Wasn't that the same black raven in my dream?"He heard the dogs shrieking and when Kodi looked in front of him.It was a lake! Kodi struck his paws in the snow to stop,Kodi was at the edge already,but then a wolf gasped,it was Aniu! A bridge appeared made of ice like the same bridge that was in Kodi's dream.Kodi opened his eyes and glared at the ice bridge,he thanked Aniu for saving his life.He saw that his team was shaking,Kodi sighed "We gotta' cross it." "Are you crazy we can't go on there!"Dusty said."Fine i'll go on my own."Kodi crossed the bridge and just like in his dream he saw the landscape.

Kodi was actually looking for Aleu.He found her.Wandering around."Aleu?" Aleu was disturbed. That was the day Kodi met Aleu.......FOR REAL.


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