"No...MOOOOOMMMM!!!!" Kalishka looked around trying to think of what to do then jumped off of the cliff along with her mother, "I wont' leave you!!"

Serina gasped, "No, Kalishka don't!!"

They both then landed. Kalishka fell into water but Serina missed the water and thudded onto the land and cracked her ribs. Kalishka didn't realize that she was in the rapid waters though, the water pulled her away from her mother a far ways in a short amount of time. She hurridly grabbed onto a rock and held on for her life. Dingo darted to the rescue and pulled her to shore, "Kal, are you ok?!!" Dingo asked. "Yes, but I don't know about mom. And why did you have to break up with her?!!" Kalishka snarled. "No need for that, if you fell with her and was pulled by the river, then she must be quite a ways away." Dingo replied. "Go back to your den, it's not too far away." Kalishka nodded and walked to her den. Dingo sighed and ran back to Nome. When he arrived there it was morning and he ran into Dusty who had the same troubles as he did. They talked for quite a bit about what happened.

"Dingo, if you help me get Kodi back from when he was hanging out with that other female, and hurt him emotionally, I will do anything in return."



"Well, Serina has cheated on me, and I was wanting to know. Maybe could you help me hurt Serina so much that she will be depressed for months and will leave a scar on her life forever?"

"Sure, no problem."

"Then it's a deal."

"Ok, thanks."

"No problem."

Dusty nodded.

"Then it's done."

"Yep." Dusty smiled at Dingo and Dingo smiled back. They both walked off happily.




Hope you enjoyed this. More to come, the rest of the series will have more pages and will be longer. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!


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