The moon hovered over the silent earth, no sound or movement was found. All the sudden a majestic howl broke out the silence and other howls joined in making a graceful sound. Where it all was coming from was a place somewhere in Alaska in a town known as Nome. The hero of this small town was Balto, his mate was a female husky named Jenna. The wolf who had started all of this beautiful howling was a wolfdog named Serina, and along with her mate Dingo, the son of Balto and Jenna, they started a moon howl with all dogs, wolves, and wolfdogs. Serina and Dingo stopped and so did all of the other howling, Serina looked up at Dingo.

"I love you.." She said.

Dingo smiled, "I love you too..." He replied.

Serina wiped her smile off and so did Dingo, they leaned in slowly. Dingo blushed when their noses touched, Serina cocked her head a bit to the side as her heart was racing, this was the closest they had been in life together and she had never kissed anybody in her life besides her mom and dad that had died years ago. When their lips touched a weird feeling raced through Serina's body, what was she doing? Her head was filled with what ifs. What if he gets angry with me? What if this isn't such a good idea? What if he gets so embarassed that he runs away? What if I get too nervous and freak out? What if? What if? Dingo's eyes closed and he put his paw onto her neck and pulled away slowly, he then licked her lips. This was love.

The next day Dingo and Serina had truly fell in love, right now they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Serina was walking around the town of Nome when Steele showed up, he growled furociously at her.

"You mongrel!!" He howled.

"What?!!" Serina yelped confused.

"Why would you ever kiss the male who has bullied my son?!!!" Steele snarled.

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about, but you will not change my mind in who I am in love with, I love Dingo, and if you insult him or hurt him I will tear out every single organ out of your body!!" Serina howled with rage.

Steele's eyes widened, "Ooookkkkk???" He walked off confused and angry, but decided Serina was only a waste of time.

Serina watched him walk away and barked startling Balto when he was walking by.

"Oh, hello Serina! How are you? Dingo has been talking about you ever since that kiss." Balto winked at her.

"I'm angry. Steele again. And how does everybody know about that kiss? Gahh!!!" Serina snapped.

Balto looked confused, "I'm sorry, did I say something??" He asked as he saw Serina walk away. "Oh well..."

Dusk came fast and Serina started developing a stronger hatred towards Steele and his son, "Why, why do they have to bother me?!" Serina asked to herself. Tears came as she felt guilt, remembering the time when her parents died. "I miss them so much!!" She said. The cave that she was in now felt darker, cowering her in, she haunched her back in fright and sorrow, "Who am I?" She asked herself. The night took over the sky so fast she didn't realize until Dingo walked in, "What are you doing Serina?" He asked.

"Dingo?" Serina asked, tears were flowing down her chek.

"Yes?" Dingo asked.

"Oh nevermind." She said.

"Are you alright?" Dingo asked.

"Not really..." Serina sobbed.

Dingo sighed and layed down beside her and rested his chin on her head, "No need to worry, whoever bothered you won't bother you again."

"It's Steele..." Serina replied.

"Oh, that jerk. Sheesh, he needs to take a break." Dingo growled.

"Don't be protective over me, I don't deserve any of this."

"Oh please, I love you. Why wouldn't I be protective over you. You're my love..."

Serina sighed and pawed the ground and then started clawing it. "I just want to rip the guts outta' ---"

Dingo walked in front of her and layed down making them touch noses, that sure did shut Serina up. "Shhhh...." Dingo leaned in and kissed her. Serina blushed. It was only a 4 second kiss though, "Go to sleep Serina, tomorrow will be much more better." Dingo said. Serina nodded, "Alright..."



A year later Serina and Dingo had became mates and had pups, they all were beautiful and loving. Dingo and Serina cared for them and when they moved out of the den Serina and Dingo continued on with their life. One day Serina was walking in the forest on her daily moonlight walk. And when she didn't expect a thing, a male toppled onto her making her roll and roll. "What the heck?!!" Serina yelped, "Who?" The male walked towards her, "Hello babe..." The male flirted. Serina growled, "Stay back!!"

"Oh why? You know, Dingo isn't meant for you...he's just not your type. I think that me and you would be great together though!" The male howled.

"Uh...excuse me. I love Dingo!" Serina snapped.

"You shouldn't....eheheh." The male snickered.

Serina snarled and darted towards her and Dingo's den when she arrived there she looked back and saw the male right behind her.

"No where to hide. You can run, but you can't hide...." The male licked his chops and licked her lips.

"Uh...get outta' my den!!" Serina howled with anger.

"It's our den now." The male snapped.

Then Dingo walked into the cave the next morning just to see a male licking Serina's cheek.

"Uh...what's going on?!!!!" Dingo growled.

"! It isn't what you think!!" Serina whined.

"Oh, but I think it is!" Dingo snarled.

"Is this Dingo? Well Dingo, me and Serina are mates now. You're just a blank page now." The male chuckled.

"Oh you shuddup!!!" Serina snapped.

Dingo growled and stomped out in rage, "We're done Serina..."

"No! Dingo!!!" Serina sobbed.

"C'mon hon." The male snickered.

Serina looked back at the male and swapped him in the cheek knocking him down, "Find another life, cus this women is about to rip your guts out!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Serina lunged towards the male and sunk her teeth into his neck. The male gacked and coughed out blood. He pushed her off and pinned her down, "I don't think so!" He then jumped up in the air and lunged towards her stomach. Dingo ran in and while the male was still in the air he sunk his teeth into the male's leg and swung him out of the den, making the male skid down the hill and disappear. Then he reappered lunging towards Dingo in rage, but this time, the male had demon eyes and wings. Dingo dodged his attempt and grabbed Serina's scruff dragging her out until she knew what he was doing and followed Dingo. The male howled in rage and darted towards the two, but didn't find them. So, he just gave up and left, but he was sure as sure that when he next saw them, that he would attempt killing them both.

Dingo and Serina jumped out of the bushes they were hiding in. Serina attempted to nuzzle Dingo, but before she reached his fur he pinned her down. "You think that if I save you that we're still together?" He snapped. Serina felt tears coming, " don't understand!!" "Oh, but I think I do....we're done!!!" Dingo howled. "NO!!! Dingo!!" Serina cried. Dingo walked off ignoring her, "Forget about it, let it go!!" He snapped.

The next morning the male before found Serina and forced her to mate.

"Serina?!!! Really?!!"

The male jumped off, "Yes..."

Serina snarled at Dingo and the male. "You both are dimwits!!"

Dingo looked surprised, "Well, wait till you see the way I live!!" He started crying, but he hid it, then ran off.

The male snickered, "That's all I want...mission done. Wait...I forgot." He chuckled evily and stalked towards Dingo then pinned him down, "I forgot...ehehehe." He slashed Dingo's throat and left Dingo bleeding in the grass, "NOW the work has been done!" The male walked off laughing.

Serina was sitting down on a cliff at moonlight then heard yelling and screeching. She looked behind her and saw Dingo squirming around, but did not realize that he was hurt, "Pranker, not falling for it jerkface...!" She sighed and started crying harshly, "I don't deserve to live, I am nothing." She sighed and looked over the cliff seeing how far down it was, "Well this I guess is deep down enough." Serina breathed deeply in and then backed up and bumped into Kodi.

"Serina?" Kodi asked.

"Yes it's me. Goodbye Kodi." She sobbed.


"My life has no meaning no longer..."

"What about your pups?!!" Kodi yelped.

"They have their own lives now!!"

Kalishka then appeared out of the dark, "But you are still part of it..." She said.

"Ignore me..." Serina sighed, "Live with dad, he's the one you should be more worried about, we...broke up."

"WHAT?!!" Kalishka howled. "Why?!!"

"A stupid male bothered me and flirted with me."

Kalishka growled.

"Well, goodbye, I love you honey." She then darted towards the cliff and jumped off.


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