Steele Redesign

Steele Redesign


Obviously I didn’t change Steele much. Why would I? His design is probably the most solid out of everybody’s. I only added two things: 1) heterochromia (which was debated on early in his design process and is I believe mentioned in the film’s novelization) and 2) a stripe down his face because I wanted his mask to be different from Jenna’s. I like his eyes like this; it makes him look a little creepier.

Also um hi why on Earth was Steele allowed to live?? The original plan was to kill him off at the end, why didn’t they have the guts to do it? It woulda been justified. He was a bigot, a bully, and was willing to let an entire town’s population of children die because he had an obsession with being in the spotlight. Dead Disney villians have suffered worse for doing less. Steele is much more evil then most people acknowledge and got off way too easy. “Oh you intentionally almost let sick kids drop dead? YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US ANYMORE” g u r l

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